Make your elearning more visual


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If you're ready to create eLearning courses that learners crave, read on! This presentation will give you insight into 6 ideas that will keep your learners coming back for more.

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Make your elearning more visual

  1. 1. 1. A lot of eLearning courses use passiveinformation presentation (just a coursewith a dump of text about a particularsubject with a few short exercises in it.)2. Many eLearning courses look at lot likethe stereo-typical PowerPoint slide. Theydon’t always come with a dashing,stylized or a very user friendly design.
  2. 2. You need to create adesign that’s visuallyinviting as possible.Seek opportunitieswhere you caninclude visuals.eLearning needs to have visualappeal, or it risks getting ignored
  3. 3. You have just a few secondsto try and impress yourlearner, so you better havean attractive course that’svisually appealing. Thevisuals of a course will shapethe users’ impressions andattitudes when approachingit, and if the course lookscheap, outdated, orunprofessional, learnerswon’t trust the quality of thecontent.
  4. 4. If you feel lost when it comes tothe visual design of eLearning courses,why not take a thematicapproach? Theme-based coursesmake your content stand out. Theconcept, color palette, fonts, designelements and images you usecontribute to your course theme.
  5. 5. Consider including infographics as part ofyour eLearning course. They pack a tonof content in a visual and refreshing way.They are definitely more concise than atextual representation can be.They make datamore meaningfuland beautifuland, mostimportantly, theymake learning morefun and less boring.
  6. 6. Pictures are nice but moving imagesare nicer. They can be a great visualway to support your information, andthere are several circumstances thatlend themselves to this type ofvisualization:Need to explain how todo somethingtechnical? Avoid a textexplanation, andinstead considercreating a how-to videoWant learners to hearfrom multipleperspectives? Includean interview.Want to demonstratehow a product works?Make it morecompelling with video!
  7. 7. eLearning courses that lack or includevery few and irrelevant visual elementsare extremely uninviting to the eye. Atthe very least, include some kind ofrelevant and engaging photo orimage on every screen of your course.Please, just pick something that lookshigh quality and professional
  8. 8. The usual menu is a text-only list or set oftopics. While there’s nothing wrong withthis approach, you can improve yourmenu to benefit students by using visuals.Click here for some ideas:
  9. 9. Learners dont want to read a coursethats full of dense text, and nothingelse to break it up, right?Add some bullet points, somenumbers, some bold headers, andsome images to make your contentlook much more attractive.
  10. 10. What other ways canyou make yourcourses more visuallystimulating?
  11. 11. Learn more about SHIFT
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