Starkey Hearing Aids - What You Need To KnowStarkey Laboratories is one of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers. F...
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Starkey hearing aids


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Starkey offers a huge variety of hearing products to fit the personal needs and preferences of customers. Whether you are purchasing your first hearing aid and are still trying to get used to wearing one or if you are looking to upgrade your hearing device, then Starkey has something for you.

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Starkey hearing aids

  1. 1. Starkey Hearing Aids - What You Need To KnowStarkey Laboratories is one of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers. Focused on customerservice, they were the first company to provide a warranty and free trial period for hearing aid buyers.Starkey has locations in more than 24 countries and works with hearing specialists to determine the needsof each customer. Starkey makes a variety of different types of hearing aids to cater to all hearing aidwearers needs. All current Starkey hearing aid models are digital.Starkey offers the Destiny line of hearing aids. These come in a wide range of models and styles to fit anybudget and hearing need. The Destiny 400 is an entry-level model, which works best in quietenvironments. It eliminates feedback and offers a good digital option at an affordable price. It adjustsautomatically for telephone communication and provides indicator tones when attention is needed such asbattery replacement. The Destiny 400 adapts easily for each environment. It can be highly customizedusing a hearing specialist.The Destiny 800 has all the features of the 400 plus more easily adapts to different environments. It isable to detect and identify different sounds as well as quiet and adjusts automatically.The Destiny 1200 is well-suited to active wearers who often switch between different types of acousticenvironments. It works well at sporting events as well as at home. It is designed to virtually eliminatefeedback and enables the user to hear even subtle sounds.The Destiny 1600 is the top of the line Starkey hearing aid. It uses Starkey-specific technology callednFusion, which is loaded with every state of the art feature possible. It has voice indicators to helpunderstand tones. A built-in self-check provides diagnostic reports. It has immediate environmentaladaptation, which allows the user to transition seamlessly between different types of environments.New wireless solution products are also available to provide wireless connectivity with your hearing aidand your wireless or Bluetooth enabled electronic device such as cell phone or computer.Starkey hearing aids come in styles to suit any hearing need. The type of device you need is determinedby the type and level of your hearing loss. BTE - Behind the ear style sits just behind the ear. ITE - In theear style sits just inside the ear. ITC - In the ear canal style is made to sit lower into the ear. CIC -Completely in the ear canal style slides deeper into the ear canal.Before buying a hearing aid, consult with a hearing specialist who can determine the best type of hearingaid for your hearing loss. Of all the hearing aid styles, BTE is the most versatile and usually offer betterhearing results. This style is making a big comeback, particularly in light of all the new technology thatuses similar looking earpieces.Besides Starkey, the other major manufacturers of hearing aids include Siemens, Beltone, Phonak, Widexand Oticon. It is good to shop around in order to find the hearing aid that suits your hearing needs,comfort, lifestyle and budget.For more Info: