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Case study

  1. 1. A CASE STUDY
  2. 2. BACKGROUNDDETAILS• Quincy Jones launched VIBE in 1993. He is in partnership with Time Inc.• The publication mainly features RnB and Hip Hop artists, actors and other entertainers.• The magazine’s target audience are predominantly youth, who have an interest in the hip hop culture.• VIBE was known for their front covers and how creative they were.• Due to VIBE becoming such a well known brand, they began to publish books on the hip hop culture. In addition to this on the magazine’s 10th anniversary it published ‘VX: Ten Years of Vibe Photography’ which
  3. 3. BACKGROUND DETAILS• The name ‘Vibe’ is something which connotes RnB/ Hip Hop music. Many of its readers will know this, as the target demographic will understand a vibe to be a particular sound from music.• The magazine had a huge success, however it stopped selling paperback issues in 2009 for unknown reasons. This has not in anyway stopped the magazine from spreading urban news as it has a website which keeps readers up to date. Quincy Jones stated that he would like to keep it alive online. However they have started to make magazines again. As InterMedia Partners, LP bought the magazine.• Vibe itself has had a range of artists who have been in the industry for several years as well as upcoming and new musicians. They wish to raise attention to the readers of who
  4. 4. The clothing which Janet This is the very first photoJackson is wearing a edition of VIBE. The fact that asuit, this is again seen as female artist is featuredmasculine tells the enhances the statement thatreader that women have women have made their markjust as much on music. Hip Hop /RnB is seenstrength, power and as predominantlydetermination as masculine, which is contradictedmen, these are all by the very first photo printedconnoted by the copy of VIBE.stereotype of ‘masculinemen’. By Ms Jackson The background shows the streets appearing on the cover which is where most Hip Hop/RnB even though the videos are filmed. caption is ‘Off The Wall’ which is the name of her brother Michael’s The colours yellow can connote album indicates that it summer, which is when many was a surprise for her to artists are touring. The black and be featured as some white are basic colours which readers may not have artists within these genres noticed due to her mainly stick too. As the colours looking similar to are not too vibrant it allows the Michael. Could this be a sole focus to be on the featured recurring theme? artist. This is echoed in each Possibly. issue. The first edition!
  5. 5. • Issued Monthly.• Consists of approximately 75 pages. With coloured and glossy pages.• Vibe’s subscription package costs monthly $9.99 (£6.29) and for 2 years it costs $16.99 (£10.70)• Vibe, as well as giving their readers a large amount of information for a reasonable price also give take donations from customers to the American Red Cross. As of now Vibe are selling their magazine and giving 100% of the proceeds to American Red Cross to help Hurricane Sandy victims.• They do not have a standard magazine layout as their ratio for images to articles is 60:40. They also do not have many sell lines on the front cover as the readers attention is aimed to be for the featured artist.
  6. 6. Inside The basic colours are used to show that these are common for these particular genre. The pictures are the main focus for both pieces however there is still an article. This is not unusual for the magazine as it continues this way for each and every issue.
  7. 7. TARGET AUDIENCE• 16-25 year olds.• Both male and female both 50%.• Individuals who take a great interest tomusic, fashion, movies and television.• Loyal fans, passionate about music. They enjoy fashionand express this through their clothing choices howeverdo not change their looks extremely.• They see BEATS as a real insight into celebritieslives, without any gossip. Leading them to also feel amore personal attachment with these artists.
  8. 8. CONTENT• Vibe is devoted to Urban music, whether this being interviews with artists, tour dates or latest information with their music. However it does also include information about African American movies, with interviews from actors.• Regular featured celebrities are T.I, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj.• The celebrities who are featured show who their readership will be, for example fans on hardcore Rock will not be reading the magazine due to bands such as SlipKnot never being featured.
  9. 9. STYLE• VIBE features a lot of iconography from the RnB/Hip Hop genre, these being items such as jewellery, topless men, ‘sexy’/ beautiful women, cars etc.• The magazine has a fair amount of both images and articles.• The fonts used within are mainly lower case projecting a calmer tone.• Black and white are the basic colours which are predominantly used, portraying again an easy going tone.
  10. 10. Black and white are shown mainly, even on the artist showing him to be a laid back and easy character. Yellow is a vibrant colour which the readers can relate back to hip hop being loud with the beats. This can also show that perhaps the artist has an edge. Drake is unlike other rappers as he shows emotion unlike the stereotypical rapper. Yellow is a statement, which he therefore is making.This was also the re launch ofVIBE, which interestingly choseDrake to be on the cover to beiconic in addition to showingthe re launch of hip hop he hasnow mastered, or created.
  11. 11. MODE OF ADDRESSCasual, quotes are featured with the words that the targetaudience may use.The tone used is friendly, as there is no sense of aaggressive tone.The overall tone is friendly, suggesting that the reader andmagazine have a good relation.The language portrays that the reader understands urbanmusic, and can relate to it. That they know about theiconography within these genres.The audience of the magazine enjoy what it has tooffer, due to the tone it is written in, making them want tocontinue purchasing it.
  12. 12. MODE OF ADDRESS The language is colloquial making the tone casual. The readers instantly understand. Involving the reader creating a more personal tone. Allowing the target audience to establish a relationship with the magazine. There are no exclamations of emotions, keeping the tone as calm and relaxed much like music within the genre.
  13. 13. OWNERSHIP• VIBE was launched by Quincy Jones, a successful musician. He had partnered with Time Inc. Who were successful in the magazine business as they also shared ownership within well known magazines such as NME, Marie Claire, Fortune, InStyle etc.• Miller Publishing brought the magazine in 1996 and shortly after this purchased Spin another magazine.• Ron Burkle and Magic Johnson later invested in the company and merged with Blackbook Media which then formed Vibe Media in 2012.• The owners both have experience in the athletic fields but not musical.• The pair have created one of the most memorable Hip Hop magazines.• The company is successful and experienced, as they know how to go about making the greatest articles.• Magic Johnson is a great owner of Vibe as he enjoys the music that the magazine represent, leading himself to be able to view the magazine as the intended target audience.