21st century learning in the library


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  • What is 21st Century learning?How does this impact on the way that we teach our students? As the resources are becoming predominatently online, how is the school library relevant? How do school librries impact on student learning?What would a school library of the future look like?What would be the primary functions and responsibilities to meet the learning goals of schools?What would be the essential work of the Teacher Librarian?What will it take to get there?
  • With today’s information ever changing, students need to have the skills required to process large amounts of information and to be able to filter out the important sections.How does this relate to the school library?School libraries need to help students with their development of the 21st century fluencies.
  • It is important for the library to be able to create zones where students can explore, create, synthesize and collaborate.Changing the layout of the shelves to create more small areas for useMove furnature around to create quiet reading spaces, pods for internet connections, whilst ensuring there is still space for whole class group activities with access to IWB.
  • Take the opportunity of the new curriculum to cull the library resources and minimise space being wasted by old irrelevant resources.
  • The essential work of the Teacher librarian includes:Curriculum designInstructional leadershipTechnology innovationTeam buildingKnowledge and facilities managerThe role of the TL can differ across school contextsPeople are central to the TL’s daily practice
  • What is the school’s idea of how the library can grow into the future.Do you have a good understanding of the potential for the Teacher librarian, or are they just used for RFF and senior study supervision?How can you go about developing a collaborative culture within your school?Is there scope to budget for change – things can happen on a small budget, be creative with your ideas.Develop project-based learning for students and they will take offUse the skills of the TL to manage and resource the school through technologyDon’t forget the skills of the library technician
  • 21st century learning in the library

    1. 1. 21st Century Learning In the library
    2. 2. Overview  What is 21st Century Learning?  Looking at the library space within the school  How to entice students in  Reaching out – collaboration  Planning a course of action
    3. 3. The 21st Century Learner   Today it is essential that students have the skills to function within a rapidly changing society. The global digital citizen has 5 main fluencies:      Solution fluency Creativity fluency Information fluency Collaboration fluency Media fluency
    4. 4. Library setting  Think   about your school library: What images come to mind? What does it feel like, look like sound like?
    5. 5. The physical environment  The physical appeal of the library is critical to getting students in.  Are there spaces / zones within the library for students to complete different tasks.
    6. 6. Fluid Library Design  Have a go at designing your ideal library  Consider the current library layout:    What works? What would you change? Can current furniture be modified?
    7. 7. Signage
    8. 8. Use all the space provided within the library to attract the eye of the students.
    9. 9. Library services  How does your library reach out to students and teachers?       Opening times Book clubs / chess clubs / press clubs Competitions Mobile technologies Access to IWB Online environment
    10. 10. Culling and Weeding Too many resources can detract from the services in the library
    11. 11. Emerging Technologies  What technologies are being used by your library?  Is there a school library:  Blog (example)  Wiki  Website (example)  Edmodo  Moodle
    12. 12. Other devices  Does you library have access to:  Ipods  Ipads  Laptops  Tablets
    13. 13. Enhancing learning  Collaboration with teachers is critical  Blended learning:  project-based learning opportunities  interactive lessons  online environments  What collaborative ideas do you have?
    14. 14. Interesting websites  http://www.pinterest.com/audreynay/  http://www.slideshare.net/lhay  http://www.pinterest.com/vivianharris45/t he-essential-nsw-dec-teacher-librarian/
    15. 15. School level action  What is the big picture?  Understanding of the TL role  Develop a collaborative culture  Budget for change  Project-based learning, webquests  Technological potential  Making the most of the library technician
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