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Logliscidesign 0511

  1. 1. logliscidesign Bring your brand into the world. Karin Loglisci Branding, Identity and Design karin@logliscidesign.com http://www.logliscidesign.com +1 203 517 7450
  2. 2. Identity + Print The BBC NokiaWebsites + Mobile Apps Big Tin Can/Blackberry Osteria ApplausiBrand Implementation + Guidelines Blue Sky Hospitality Roy Hamilton III, MusicianBranded Environments British Telecoms (BT.com) Saluté RestaurantsDesign Management Global Entertainment Management Shell.com FIG & OLIVE Sony Bravia Heather Pierce, Nutrionist Siegel + Gale Heathrow Terminal 5 Tarantino Restaurant The Hoxton Pony 3rd8 Digital/Film Production Hoxton Gin Vivo Jessica Simpson Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Newbridge Properties White & Case LLP
  3. 3. FIG & OLIVELaurent Halasz, founder of FIG & OLIVE Restaurant Group, was looking to strengthen the FIG & OLIVE brand. With threerestaurants in NYC and new openings in Westchester and Los Angeles in 2011, FIG & OLIVE’s exposure had increasedthree-fold. Its Mediterranean cuisine and artisan approach as a core message needed to be translated across allcommunications in a way that appeared down-to-earth and not over-marketed. Each restaurant had to stand on its ownas well as be part of a larger offer. Working with Halasz, I began with a new strategy and design of the corporatewebsite and created a brand book that told the FIG & OLIVE story. New brand messaging, clean design and enticingphotography created a warm, inviting and professional look and feel and resonated the interior architecture to create anoverall consistent experience. To follow were marketing and PR materials, a menu template system, an ecommerce siteand designs for the retail collection. In addition, brand guidelines were established to understand how to work with theFIG & OLIVE brand elements.www.figandolive.comwww.bestoliveoilstore.com
  4. 4. FIG & OLIVEwww.figandolive.com logliscidesign
  5. 5. FIG & OLIVEwww.figandolive.com logliscidesign
  6. 6. FIG & OLIVEBrand Book logliscidesign
  7. 7. FIG & OLIVEBrand Book logliscidesign
  8. 8. FIG & OLIVEBrand Book logliscidesign
  9. 9. FIG & OLIVEwww.bestoliveoilstore.com logliscidesign
  10. 10. FIG & OLIVEwww.bestoliveoilstore.com logliscidesign
  11. 11. NokiaWhile employed at Fitch Design in London, I led the global account for Nokia Eseries, the business segment of Nokia.Nokia Eseries had a strong logo but an unestablished brand. It was also unclear to customers what the benefits of Eserieswere versus Nokia Nseries and outside competitors. Given a starting project of designing retail displays, our team at Fitchsoon convinced Nokia that they were missing a brand story and experience not only for retail but for all customertouchpoints. The packaging design for a new series of phones led to an entire brand identity system to create an overallcustomer experience – use of logo, tone of voice, messaging, photography, retail design, advertising, digital interfaces,online and event spaces to reach consumer and B2B audiences. This was established over two years and implemented onan ongoing basis across the globe working primarily with Nokia Helsinki and NY teams as well as teams of WPP agencies.This also included a lengthy brand guidelines document and global workshops to educate Nokia marketing teams.
  12. 12. Nokia logliscidesign
  13. 13. NokiaRetail Display logliscidesign
  14. 14. NokiaRetail Point-of-Sales logliscidesign
  15. 15. NokiaAdvertising logliscidesign
  16. 16. NokiaNokia for Business logliscidesign
  17. 17. NokiaOnline logliscidesign
  18. 18. NokiaBrand Architecture logliscidesign
  19. 19. The Hoxton Pony + Hoxton GinVoted Best Cocktail Bar in London, 2009The Hoxton Pony is a popular club in London’s East End and London’s largest gin bar,owned by Gerry Calabrese,celebrated mixologist. Working with a brand identity designed by The Partners, I was hired by The Hoxton Pony to extendthe brand across promotional materials, customer communications, a recording label and an employee training manual.In addition, I created a name and brand identity for Calabrese’s gin, Hoxton Gin, launched in 2011 in the UK and Europe.www.thehoxtonpony.comwww.hoxtongin.com
  20. 20. The Hoxton PonyPromotional Materials logliscidesign
  21. 21. The Hoxton PonyBrand Identity for Brake Horse Records logliscidesign
  22. 22. The Hoxton PonyEmployee Training + Brand Manual logliscidesign
  23. 23. Hoxton GinBrand Identity and Naming for a New Gin logliscidesign
  24. 24. Hoxton GinBrand Identity and Naming for a New Gin logliscidesign
  25. 25. Identity + PrintBrand identity and design for:• Newbridge Properties; a US real estate agency• 3rd8; a film/digital production company in London• Vivo; producer of hydroponically grown herbs in the US
  26. 26. Newbridge PropertiesBrand Identity and Business Cards logliscidesign
  27. 27. 3RD8Brand Identity and Business Cards logliscidesign
  28. 28. VivoBrand Identity, Business Cards and Packaging Labels logliscidesign
  29. 29. Global Entertainment Management (GEM)Big Tin Can (Sydney-based Blackberry App Development Agency)Jerry Blair (ex Columbia Records and top international music producer) is founder/owner of Global EntertainmentManagement (GEM). GEM manages pop artists’ careers to create global superstars. During 2009/10, I worked with GEMto create a corporate website that features GEM’s artists. In addition, I was hired to create a design strategy anddirection for GEM’s client, Jessica Simpson, who was in the process of re-creating her image in tandem with her newreality TV show, Pure Beauty. To enhance this further, myself, GEM and Big Tin Can out of Sydney, created an iPhoneapp for Jessica Simpson that promoted her in “real time”. The most recent project completed has been a Blackberry appcalled BuzzMe Beats, featuring hip hop artist, Roy Hamilton III. This app is currently being sold on Blackberry App World.www.globalentertainmentmanagement.com
  30. 30. Global Entertainment ManagementJessica Simpson “In Real Time”iPhone App logliscidesign
  31. 31. Global Entertainment ManagementJessica Simpson “In Real Time”iPhone App logliscidesign
  32. 32. Global Entertainment Managementwww.jessicasimpson.com logliscidesign
  33. 33. Global Entertainment Managementwww.globalentertainmentmanagement.com logliscidesign
  34. 34. Global Entertainment Management/Big Tin CanBuzzMe Beats Featuring Roy Hamilton IIIBlackberry App logliscidesign
  35. 35. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLPThe international law firm, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, launched their new brand in 2010. Shortened to “Weil”, thebrand encompassed a new identity, contemporary typography, a vibrant and inviting green palette, powerful black &white photography and a clean grid structure. To help launch and teach the brand to employees, I worked with Weil tocreate a brand book that would tell the overall story of the new brand and the meaning behind its creation and use.Responsibilities included liaising with brand strategy team, design of the book and managing the print quality andprocess.
  36. 36. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLPBrand Book logliscidesign
  37. 37. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLPBrand Book logliscidesign
  38. 38. Osteria ApplausiA well-established, traditional Italian restaurant in Old Greenwich, CT was seeking a renovation and interior design of itsspace. Its 1980s interiors no longer stood the test of time or gave justice to its reputable menu. The owners were seekinga fresh, contemporary and warm look to give the feeling of a NYC establishment to attract new clientele whilemaintaining its neighborhood charm and tradition to retain current clientele. The biggest challenge was to create a “bararea” since the town would not allow a full bar in the space. This was achieved by opening up the wait station to createa small bar and replacing the tables in the corner with high top bar tables where people can mingle while waiting to beseated. I developed a color and materials palette, sourced all materials, furnishings and resources and managed theimplementation of the design, working with the contractor’s team. The restaurant re-opened in September 2010 and hasincreased its business by 40%.
  39. 39. Osteria Applausi“Before” logliscidesign
  40. 40. Osteria Applausi“After” logliscidesign
  41. 41. Osteria Applausi“After” logliscidesign
  42. 42. Osteria Applausi“After” logliscidesign
  43. 43. Sony BraviaWhile employed at Fitch Design in London, I led the design process for a VIP space for the launch event of Sony Braviaplasma screens. The event was held in a piazza in a small town in Italy. Co-ordinating with Grey Advertising and aproduction company, we created an event space in a corner of the piazza that promoted Sony’s main product message,“Believe in the smoothest picture ever.” Rough and smooth textured materials, graphics, use of the space, food anddrink all communicated the Sony message to create a brand experience. Zoned areas of the space allowed for a stage; aproduct display gallery; a “play” area where visitors could sit on a swing and see their movement from a “rough tosmooth” picture on a plasma screen connected to a video cam; a DJ booth and a bar. The space was used for the eventparty and kept open for a few days following the event for visitors to view the product display.
  44. 44. Sony Bravia VIP Space for Sony Bravia Launch Event in Italy logliscidesign
  45. 45. Sony Bravia VIP Space for Sony Bravia Launch Event in Italy logliscidesign
  46. 46. Sony Bravia VIP Space for Sony Bravia Launch Event in Italy logliscidesign
  47. 47. Karin LoglisciAs a designer, design manager and brand consultant, I create, translate and manage brands across visualcommunications, from printed materials to online and digital spaces to interior spaces, taking a 360-degree approach. Ihave over 10 years experience working with a range of international and local brands within agencies and independently.I am passionate about enriching people’s lives through the use of good design, as well as developing what a brandstands for and how it is communicated in an effective way.I started my career as an information designer at Siegel + Gale in NYC when the Web was just kicking off. In 1999, Ipacked my bags for London to work for MetaDesign, a top design agency out of Berlin where I developed and managedbrands and design strategies for UBS, the City of Bristol, Heathrow T5, Orange and LBI Digital.Later, I joined Fitch Design to lead the global account for Nokia. I ran a creative team of ten people and liaised with theclient and agency teams in the US, Europe and Asia to grow the account from a £250k project to a £1.5 million globalprogram. While in London, I also freelanced and had the opportunity to work with the BBC, British Telecoms; White &Case LLP and The Hoxton Pony.Since moving back to New York in 2009, I’ve established a consulting and design business. Latest clients include FIG &OLIVE restaurant group; Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLP and Jessica Simpson. I often collaborate with a network ofcolleagues around the globe. I have a dual citizenship from the European Union. When I can get there, I enjoy spendingtime at my townhouse in Todi, Italy, www.casaborgonuovo.com. logliscidesign
  48. 48. logliscidesign Bring your brand into the world. Karin Christine Loglisci karin@logliscidesign.com www.logliscidesign.com +1 203 517 7450