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F1 Cookies & Cream EMEA Launch Plan

F1 Cookies & Cream EMEA Launch Plan






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    F1 Cookies & Cream EMEA Launch Plan F1 Cookies & Cream EMEA Launch Plan Document Transcript

    • EMEA Launch Plan August 2009 Formula 1 Cookies & Cream Flavour
    • The Story For over 25 years Formula 1 remains Herbalife’s number one selling product and can be credited for Herbalife’s great success in the market today. Herbalife prides itself on it’s team of respected scientific experts who direct the development of products through research and product testing so that Herbalife’s quality meets the highest industry standards. It’s important that this investment in R&D continually meets and exceeds the expectations and demands of consumers so Herbalife is perceived as an innovative company continually offering new and exciting products. In 2003, Formula 1 Cookies & Cream was launched in the US. The flavour is positioned as a premium flavoured, guilt-free meal replacement for those consumers searching for something different. Since Cookies & Cream’s success in the US, the demand from EMEA Distributors has been strong. In response, Fine Foods have adapted the US version of Cookies & Cream and created a variation of the flavour to suit the European market which is scheduled to be launched at the World Team School in November. The launch of Cookies & Cream will not only will follow Herblife's long term product strategy of diversifying existing core products, this new flavour will be the first Formula 1 flavour to display the new re-branded packaging which is to be rolled out across the ShapeWorks range.
    • Contents
      • Cookies & Cream Overview
      • What is Formula 1 Cookies & Cream ?
        • Features & Benefits
        • Target Market
        • SWOT Analysis
        • Competitor Analysis
        • Positioning
        • Packaging
        • 3 R’s
      • Launch Plan
        • Suggested Events
        • Suggested DS Communication
        • Suggested Employee Communication
        • Suggested PR
        • Suggested Brand Awareness
        • Suggested DS Promotions
    • Overview – Cookies & Cream WHAT is it? WHY launch it? Distributors have demanded Cookies & Cream since it was launched in the US in 2003. For Herbalife to remain innovative and exciting it’s necessary to launch new and appealing variants of Formula 1. Cappuccino was the last flavour launched in 2003. OBJECTIVE STRATEGY To drive retail, retain and excite existing consumers and attract old customers who suffer ‘shake fatigue’. Diversify Herbalife’s core meal replacement products by expanding on Formula1 flavours. POSITIONING Premium flavoured meal replacement for Weight Control and Healthy Nutrition FEATURES/BENEFITS
      • Contains soy protein. When combined with 250mL of semi-skimmed milk and a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol.
      • Healthy Meal/Healthy Breakfast. Each shake provides an excellent balance of protein and key nutrients for lasting energy and good nutrition.
      • Meal Replacement for weight control. May assist with weight loss when a 2 shake plan is the foundation of a calorie controlled diet.
      • New and exciting Premium flavour. Provides the consumer with variety and a distinctively sweet and creamy flavoured shake.
      USP THE PITCH Meal replacement for weight control and healthy nutrition - now in the premium new flavour of Cookies & Cream! Formula 1: Cookies and Cream is a premium extension to the current Formula 1 line which includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cappuccino and Tropical Fruit.
      • Meal Replacement for weight control
      • Healthy Meal for good nutrition
      • Premium flavour suitable for those requiring variation in their current Formula 1 meal plan
    • What is Formula 1 Cookies & Cream?
      • Market category: Meal Replacements
      • Herbalife product category: Weight Management
      • Soy protein isolate
      • Cookies and Cream flavour (including cookie crumbs)
      • 22 vitamins & minerals
      • Antioxidants
      • Herbs
      • Fibre
      • Packaging – 550g cannisters as per existing Formula 1
          • Retail: as per current Formula 1
          • SKU: 0146
          • Volume Points: 23.95
      A premium flavour extension to the Formula 1 range. A delicious and creamy flavour of Cookies and Cream with the same nutritional benefits of the existing Formula 1flavours. DESCRIPTION CATEGORY KEY INGREDIANTS PACKAGING/PRICING
    • What are the key features & benefits? Is particularly useful for sports people, people on weight loss programs, people on-the-go demanding a healthy and convenient meal and people with a reduced appetite. Versatile – can be beneficial for a wide range of people One shake provides 18-155% of EU RDA of key nutrients providing a nutritionally balanced meal. Contains 22 vitamins & minerals May assist with weight loss when a 2 shake plan is used in conjunction with an energy restricted diet, regular physical activity and adequate fluid intake Low calorie, high protein formulation Can be consumed anywhere, anytime, anyway. An inexpensive alternative to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Convenient, portable, inexpensive & easy to prepare Deliciously creamy and satisfying. A perfect guilt-free alternative to those with a sweet tooth. Premium Cookies and Cream flavour Can be enjoyed as a healthy replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner providing key nutrients for health and nutrition. Provides an excellent balance of protein and key nutrients for lasting energy. The inclusion of at least 25 grams of soya protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol. One Formula 1 shake provides 41% of this. Each shake provides 10.25 grams of soy protein Benefits Features
    • Target Market
      • Busy Professionals, students and active mothers.
      • Active sports people
      • People on weight loss programs
      • Over 50s
      • Health conscious people
      • Appreciates healthy and nutritious products
      • Makes health and well-being a priority
      • Believes-in “the body is the temple” philosophy
      • Europe, Middle East & Africa
      • Wave 1 - AU, BE, CZ, DA, UK/EI, LG, LT, ES, FI, FR, GE, GR, HU, IC, IT, NO, NL, PL, PO, SF, SK, SP, SW, SZ;
      • Wave 2- CY, HR, IS, RS, RU, TU, UP
      WHO WHY
      • Often skip meals or resort to unhealthy fast food because of busy schedules
      • Body requires additional macro and micro nutrients for fuel and recovery
      • When dieting the body is often deprived of essential nutrients & energy
      • As the body ages there are increased demands of various vitamins & minerals
      • High awareness of health & well being. Conscious of following a highly nutritious meal plan.
    • SWOT
      • Strengths:
        • Convenient and portable. Can be enjoyed anywhere, anyhow at anytime.
        • The high amount of Soy Protein creates a feeling of satiety and provides lasting energy
        • Nutritious meal replacement that benefits health-conscious adults, not just those seeking weight-loss.
        • Formula 1 has a strong reputation and has remained Herbalife’s number 1 selling product for over 25 years.
        • Cookies & Cream flavour is very popular in the US where it contributes to 28% of US sales and is the second highest selling Formula 1 SKU.
        • Only premium flavoured shake available in the Formula 1 range.
        • Enhances the Formula 1 portfolio giving customers & DS more choice
      • Weaknesses:
        • Potentially may cannibalise sales of other Formula 1 flavours
        • Addition of artificial sweeteners may deter some consumers
        • Some uneducated consumers may perceive the Cookies & Cream flavour to be high in fat (as per the popular ice cream flavour)
        • Consumers don’t perceive Cookies & Cream as a complete meal, rather a sweet snack
      • Opportunities:
        • May attract new users (recruit), particularly those suffering ‘shake fatigue’
        • Opportunity to position Cookies & Cream flavour as the ultimate alternative to a sweet meal.
        • Create awareness of Herbalife’s wide variety of flavours available to suit every mood.
      • Threats:
        • Slow to the market. Possibility that competitors may launch similar flavour
        • Highly competitive category making it difficult to differentiate products
        • Strict regulatory requirements
        • Healthy and convenient meals available in supermarkets and convenience stores are growing in popularity
    • Competition £2.50 £30 for 12 bars Strawberry, Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Designed specifically to offer a minimal impact carbohydrate bar for those who wish to avoid taking in excess carbohydrate” 70g Bar Major Sports stores & Gyms, Supermarkets Myoplex Carb Sense Bar (EAS) £1.20 £36 for 24 bars Apple & Cinnamon, Wild berry, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Banana • The original energy bar • 16 essential vitamins and minerals • B complex vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E • Branched chain amino acids and electrolytes 65g Bar Major Sports stores & Gyms Power Bar £2.08 £25 for 12 bars Cookies & Cream Whey protein bar, 25g protein, Supoorts increase in muscle size, strength, vitamins & minerals, gain lean muscle mass, supports fat loss, contains glutamine 85g Bar Internet Meso Tech £1.20 £2.23 - Cost per serving £25.15 £133 £19 Retail Price
      • Strawberry
      • Chocolate
      • Cappuccino
      • Tropical Fruit
      • Vanilla
      • Cookies & Cream
      Flavour enhancers: Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream, Glazed Cinnamon Roll, Banana Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream Flavours
      • Meal Replacement for weight control and healthy nutrition
      • Healthy Meal
      Meal replacement, healthy nutritious formula. Doesn’t contain hydolynated oils, fructose or aspartame. To recover from strenous exercise & sustain energy levels MEGA MILK™ is the perfect blend of high quality proteins, “Good” Fats, L-Carnitine, Vitamins, Minerals, Creatine Precursors and much more. This amazing combination creates the ultimate fuel for muscle growth, fat burning and muscle recovery . . . for men and women. Claims 550g 900g Cannister 1.125 kg Cannister Size Multi Level Marketing Internet Major Sports stores & Gyms Channel Herbalife Eat Smart/Isatori Mega Milk Brand Image
    • Positioning
      • Complete nutritionally balanced meal replacement
      • Premium Cookies & Cream flavour with a smooth texture and ‘cookie crumbs’
      • Contains high quality Soy Protein, a healthy source of fibre and 22 key vitamins and minerals.
      • Herbalife’s team of respected scientific experts direct the development of Herbalife products through research and product testing, so that Herbalife quality meets the highest industry standards.
      • The inclusion of at least 25 grams of Soya protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol
      • Meal Replacement for Weight control and Healthy Nutrition
      • ‘ Healthy Meal’ when supported with the following claims:
        • ‘ Health-protecting antioxidants’ - supported by the presence of Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium; all of which have individual antioxidant claims endorsed by JHCI and are likely to be adopted in the upcoming EU Nutrition & Health Claims.
        • ‘ Provides B vitamins which are important to support the normal metabolism of nutrients’ - supported by the presence of Niacin, Vitamin B6 & Biotin; all of which have individual metabolic claims endorsed by JHCI and are likely to be adopted in the upcoming EU Nutrition & Health Claims.
    • Positioning
      • Clinical research
        • Consuming two Formula 1 shakes per day provides 82% of the suggested 25g intake of soy protein which, in conjunction with a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol.
        • One Formula 1 shake provides over half the EU RDA of Vitamin D, E, Riboflavin, B12, Calcium and Phosphorus as well as providing 16 other key vitamins and minerals.
        • Can help control weight when two Formula 1 shakes replace two meals per day in conjunction with one healthy meal, regular physical activity and adequate fluid intake.
      • Consumer research (Mega Trends)
        • Convenience is one of the top 10 mega trends that determine consumer behavior and hence predict consumption of food, drinks and personal care. (DataMonitor 2008). Formula 1 Cookies & Cream is portable, quick and easy to prepare and convenient making it an ideal on-the-go meal
        • Health awareness. Typical behavior trends include being appearance conscious, dieting, seeking quick health fixes and consuming convenient food. Formula 1 Cookies & Cream is the perfect low calorie and nutritious meal replacement ideal for those health conscious individuals.
      • Distributor Research
        • Sampled with 20k and staff testing panel. Overall feedback was that the majority of the 20k and testing panel enjoyed the flavour and are eagerly anticipating it’s launch.
      • Tested/Tried/Proven
        • 2 nd biggest selling Formula 1 flavour in the US. Contributes to 28% of total Formula 1 sales.
        • Cookies & Cream is a top selling flavour in the premium ice cream market.
    • Packaging – Draft Template Formula 1 Nutritional Shake is a delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of protein and key nutrients for sustained energy. When mixed with 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk, each shake provides 208 calories, high quality proteins from milk and soy, health-protecting antioxidants, fibre and herbs. Formula 1 contains 22 vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins which are important to support the normal metabolism of nutrients. Enjoy as a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner for your good health and effective weight control. The inclusion of at least 25 grams soya protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help reduce blood cholesterol. Each 250 ml shake provide 10,25 grams soy protein (41% of the suggested intake of 25 grams). Two shakes provide 20,5 grams soya protein (82% of the suggested intake of 25 grams). An additional 4,5 grams of soya protein may be obtained from other foods, such as soy beans (11,1 g soya protein/90 g serving), soya tofu (23,5 g soya protein/100 g serving) or Herbalife’s Personalized Protein Powder (4,5 g soya protein/6 g serving). DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Enjoy a Formula 1 Shake every day as a healthy meal. Mix two tablespoons (26g) of powder with 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk (1,5% fat). May be used in conjunction with Herbalife Formula 2 (Multivitamin Complex) and Herbalife Formula 3 (Personalized Protein Powder). For weight control: Replace two meals per day with a delicious shake and eat one nutritious meal. For healthy nutrition: Replace one meal per day with a delicious shake and eat two nutritious meals. Store with lid closed in a cool, dry place. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. (where applicable) This exclusively formulated product is only available through Herbalife Independent Distributors. (where permitted) This product is intended for use as part of an energy restricted diet and with other foodstuffs, in conjunction with regular physical activity. It is important to maintain adequate fluid intake. It is important to follow these directions as indicated. NOTICE: Before using this product or beginning any weight control program it is advisable to consult a physician. This is especially important for individuals with chronic kidney problems or insulin-dependent diabetes. LxxxxEU-19-00
      • Healthy Meal
      • Nutritional Shake Mix
      • Meal Replacement for Weight Control and Healthy Nutrition
      • cookies & cream flavor
      • With Sugars and Sweetener
      • Lot Number and Best Before End: See Base of Container
      • NET WEIGHT: 550 g e
      • Serving size: 26 g Servings per container: 21
      • per 100 g per 26 g serving
        • with 250 ml semi-
      • skimmed milk (1,5% fat)
      • Energy 340 kcal (1425 kJ) 208 kcal (878 kJ)
      • Protein 39,7 g 18,9 g
      • Carbohydrates 19,8 g 18,1 g
      • of which: sugars 12,7 g 16,3 g
      • Fat 11,3 g 7,1 g
      • of which:
      • saturated fatty acids 1,,82 g 3,07 g
      • mono-unsaturated fatty acids 1,65 g 1,73 g
      • poly-unsaturated fatty acids 5,33 g 1,39 g
      • linoleic acid 4,93 g 1,28 g
      • Fiber 20,1 g 5,23 g
      • Sodium 0,52 g 0,28 g
      • VITAMINS %R.D.A*
      • Vitamin A 1212 mcg 374 mcg 47 %
      • Vitamin D 9,6 mcg 2,52 mcg 50 %
      • Vitamin E 19,2 mg 5,07 mg 51 %
      • Vitamin C 57,7 mg 17,6 mg 29 %
      • Vitamin B1 1,08 mg 0,38 mg 27 %
      • Vitamin B2 1,62 mg 0,89 mg 56 %
      • Niacin 20,8 mg 5,64 mg 31 %
      • Vitamin B6 1,92 mg 0,66 mg 33 %
      • Folic Acid 231 mcg 75,7 mcg 38 %
      • Vitamin B12 1,92 mcg 1,54 mcg 154 %
      • Biotin 96 mcg 30,2 mcg 20 %
      • Pantothenic Acid 6,5 mg 2,52 mg 42 %
      • MINERALS
      • Calcium 385 mg 412 mg 52 %
      • Iron 20 mg 5,33 mg 38 %
      • Phosphorous 658 mg 418 mg 52 %
      • Magnesium 92,3 mg 52,6 mg 18 %
      • Zinc 14,2 mg 4,73 mg 32 %
      • Iodine 154 mcg 40 mcg 27 %
      • Potassium 500 mg 520 mg
      • Copper 1,92 mg 0,5 mg
      • Selenium 76,9 mcg 20 mcg
      • Manganese 1,88 mg 0,49 mg
      • *EU Recommended Daily Allowance per shake.
      • INGREDIENTS : Soy protein isolate, cookie crumbs, soy lecithin, fructose, oat fiber, oligofiber, polydextrose powder, soybean oil, thickeners (guar gum powder, xanthan gum, carrageenan, citrus pectin), milk protein, flavours, calcium citrate, rapeseed oil, dextrose, potassium phosphate, salt, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), magnesium oxide, ginger root, vitamin C, ferrous fumarate, sweetener (sucralose), DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate, sweetener (acesulfame K), antioxidants (D-alpha tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate), licorice root, niacin, papaya powder, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, vitamin A palmitate, pineapple powder, D-calcium pantothenate, vitamin D3, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, manganese carbonate, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, folic acid, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, biotin.
      ShapeWorks® FORMULA 1 IMAGE
    • How will it Drive the 3 R’s?
      • Formula 1 Cookies & Cream is a nutrient-rich meal replacement for both health and convenience which are 2 significant ‘mega trends’ which have been identified by Euromonitor.
      • Gives Distributors the opportunity to excite existing customers who are becoming tired and bored of Formula 1’s current offerings.
      • Provides motivation and variety to customers who suffer ‘shake fatigue’ and potentially looking for alternatives to the current Formula 1 flavours
      Retailing Recruiting Retention
      • Cookies & Cream builds on Herbalife’s foundational product - Formula 1, the major gateway that attracts people into the business.
      • A sweet and creamy flavour based on the premium ice cream flavour that may attract and appeal to new users.
    • Tagline, Pitch and Key Messages Taglines
      • “ New Premium Flavour”
      Key Messages Pitch
      • Meal replacement for weight control and healthy nutrition, now in new Cookies & Cream flavour!
      • Can be used as a meal replacement for weight control or healthy nutrition
      • Contains Soy Protein with cholesterol-reducing properties
      • Provides 22 key vitamins and minerals
    • Launch Plan
      • Cookies & Cream will be introduced at World Team School in November 2006.
      • Wave 1 - AU, BE, CZ, DA, UK/EI, LG, LT, ES, FI, FR, GE, GR, HU, IC, IT, NO, NL, PL, PO, SF, SK, SP, SW, SZ;
      • Wave 2 - CY, HR, IS, RS, RU, TU, UP
      Markets & Timing Strategy
      • The launch of Cookies & Cream will be a ‘soft’ launch in EMEA meaning it is not an innovative product new to Herbalife’s range, more an extension to the current Formula 1 line. It is important that DS are educated on this line extension however a major above-the-line campaign is not necessary. DS simply need to be reminded about Formula 1’s features and benefits and educated as to how Cookies & Cream will boost their sales.
      • Because of timing issues, it is unlikely that Cookies & Cream will be included in November’s issue of the product brochure. In the interim, a temporary ‘New Product Flyer’ will be printed until the re-print of the product brochure in February/March.
    • Events DS Communication Launch Plan - Examples Internal Communication
      • WTS Nov 09.
      • Pre-orders & sales at event
      • Cookies & Cream party
      • STS’s and supervisor training workshops – how a new flavour will boost your sales
      • Walk-in centres – Cookies & Cream Day
      • Today Magazine – November & December issues
      • DS flyer/fact sheets, FAQ’s, flyers in new product orders
      • Product demonstrations as part of Total Plan
      • My Herbalife websites
      • Feature in IBP
      • Pres team & Chairman's club giveaway
      • Hotmails/Exact Target
      • Herbalife news email communication to all employees
      • Cookies & Cream ‘reminder’ training for call centre's
      • Cookies & Cream Staff Break – free shake
      • Cookies & Cream up-selling phone campaign
      • Walk-in centers – t-shirts, posters, displays
      • Inside magazine
      • Give away Cookies & Cream shakes at DC and walk-in centre's
    • PR Brand Awareness DS/Consumer Promotions
      • Launch press release kit and mailing to key editors
      • WTS event magazine
      • Advertorials
      • Sampling at corporate sponsored events
      • Cookies & Cream banners on websites
      • Merchandise to support at events – samples, posters, displays, booths, table cloths, car stickers, baloons etc.
      • Branded clothing – hats, t-shirts etc
      • Product Brochure feature on front cover
      • Feature in IBP
      • WTS pre-orders
      • .
      Launch Plan - Examples