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slide show for networking presentation at westerville library 9-24-09

slide show for networking presentation at westerville library 9-24-09

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  • 1. Utilize Networking in Your Job Search Facilitator: Karin Combs Source One Career Coaching September 24, 2009
  • 2. Networking What Is It? Should You? Could You?
  • 3. Networking - What Is It? Webster’s Dictionary: 1967 Definition: 1. The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions ; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. 2. The establishment or use of a computer network.
  • 4. Networking – What it is NOT! All About You Collecting Business Cards Collecting the most Names on LinkedIn
  • 5. Should You? 90% of jobs are NOT Advertised! (Forbes Magazine April 13, 2009) 75% of GOOD jobs are obtained through networking! (2007 Harvard University Poll) The unemployment rate only tells “part of the story”.
  • 6. Should You? July, 2009 Unemployment Rate US Avg. 9.6% Ohio 11.1% Franklin County 9.2% Columbus 9.3%
  • 7. High Prospect Industries for Ohio Top 10 25% Projected Growth over next 10 years: Individual and family service – 25,200 new jobs Home health care services – 22,800 new jobs Management and technical consulting services – 13,800 new jobs Community care facilities for the elderly – 13,400 new jobs Computer systems design and related services – 13,300 new jobs Offices of other health care providers – 7,100 new jobs Residential mental health facilities – 6,400 new jobs Outpatient care centers – 6,100 new jobs Activities related to real estate – 5,400 new jobs Activities related to credit intermediation – 4,600 new jobs
  • 8. Declining Industries The manufacturing industry – nationally 10.6% In Ohio, manufacturing industries projected to decline more than 25%: Iron and steel mills and ferroalloy manufacturing Rubber product manufacturing Other nonferrous metal production Foundries Motor vehicle parts manufacturing Household appliance manufacturing Glass and glass product manufacturing
  • 9. Good News! Companies ARE hiring! We just need to find them and be available for them to find US!
  • 10. Networking TODAY In-Person In- Telephone Internet
  • 11. GET IN THE KNOW! Networking Events Business First Career Fairs Newspaper – Unemployment Section & Articles Success Magazine(s)
  • 12. In-Person Networking In- Family Friends Professional Services YOU Use Business Associates Industry Associations Networking Events
  • 13. Tell Them You’re Available! Elevator Speech Resume Value Statement Accomplishments Success Stories Cup of Coffee GIVE FIRST!!!!
  • 14. GIVE FIRST!!! Listen Ask what they need Who do you know? Who do you know that is hiring? Trade Information!
  • 15. Elevator Speech FULL Name Title or Industry Who do you serve? How? Where?
  • 16. Funnel Down To Bite Size Pieces HR Generalist In Central, Ohio Company less than 500 people Specializing in Senior Living Facilities
  • 17. SO WHAT?!
  • 18. What is your Brand?
  • 19. Side Note Career Coaches are telling their clients: Go to the library! Ask how to use Reference USA Ask for the Corporation Manuals Review Business First - Book of Lists Search for books on Career Passion Ask for a list of classes – for everything!
  • 20. Telephone Pick it up Ask for time Leave voicemails -short, but informative Pest / Predator Educate them Your message on your phone – upbeat!
  • 21. Internet 42% - Employers use social networking sites for candidate search. 35% - Employers research social networking sites when considering a candidate for hire.
  • 22. LinkedIn Electronic Business Card File Invite People Into Your Network Extensive Career History Current Activity Join Groups Search Companies Search Jobs Ask for Introductions Ask for Recommendations A Must for professionals!
  • 23. Twitter Short, bite-sized updates of your life. bite- What are your doing? 140 Characters Max. “Preparing for Networking Presentation at Westerville, Ohio Library, Thursday, September 24 at 2PM. See you there! ” (124)
  • 24. Facebook Personal Information Connection with friends/family Unique/fun information Original users – ages 18-25 18- 52% of users are now over age 40 Job seekers are posting questions Keep it CLEAN!
  • 25. Could You? OF COURSE! Job Market Today – Be Realistic Ask for Help Build Your Industrial Rolodex – Be Active! www.recruiter-
  • 26. Could You? If you know you SHOULD Then ask yourself, “If I had most of the answers, WOULD I?” COULD comes from knowledge, desire and knowledge, the passion to make a change.
  • 27. Karin Combs 614-568-7750 614-568-