Internet Sales 20 Group Keynote


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Internet Sales 20 Group Keynote

  1. 1. Los  Angeles,  CA   Keynote  Address   Presented  by  Sean  V.  Bradley   Pages:  13,  14  
  2. 2. The  EvoluAon  &  Natural  SelecAon   of  the  AutomoAve  Industry  
  3. 3. Based  on  the  recent     arAcle  in  On  The  Move:   The  EvoluAon  &  Natural   SelecAon  of   AutomoAve  Sales  
  4. 4. NADA  is  predicAng  the     AutomoAve  Industry  will  have     sold  15  million  units  in  2013!  
  5. 5. This  conference  personifies   the  highest  state  of:     THINKING,  EXECUTION  &  SUCCESS    
  6. 6. All  of  You     –  every  person  right  here  in  this  room  –     personifies  the  evolved  dealership.  
  7. 7. Maturity  ConAnuum  
  8. 8. The  most  successful   dealerships  are  those   who  pracAce   interdependence.  
  9. 9.   Zig  Ziglar  once  said:   “There’s  only  one  thing  worse   than  training  your  staff  and  having   them  leave,  and  that’s  not  training   them  and  having  them  stay.”  
  10. 10.   Because  of  evoluAon,  dealerships   need  to  provide  their  sales  teams   with  new  strategies  and  tacAcs.   You  can’t  just  rely  on   the  “Road  to  the  Sale”  
  11. 11.   To  be  evolved,  you  have  to  change.   Jim  Ziegler  
  12. 12.   So  how  do  you  evolve?   By  changing  how  you  operate.  
  13. 13.   TradiAonal  Methods  Are  No   Longer  EffecAve.     Radio,  Print,  Basic  MarkeAng  Materials   aren’t  enough  anymore.   We  live  in  a  digital  world  and  you  have   to  change  your  strategy  to  reflect  that.   Incorporate  social  media,  videos,   opAmize  your  website,  put  yourself  out   where  your  prospects  are!  
  14. 14. What  makes  a  modern   Dealership  Or  Sales  Consultant?   Modern  stores  &  consultants  are   immersed  in  Internet  Sales,  BDC  and   Digital  MarkeAng   Modern  stores  &  consultants  are   buying  and  generaAng  leads   proacAvely,  instead  of  reacAvely     Modern  stores  &  consultants    seek  to   find  prospects  where  they  are  –   online!  
  15. 15. ProacAve  ProspecAng   Capture  prospects  at  the   Instead  of  at  their   Point  of   Interest   Point  of   Sale   If  you  can  reach  your  prospects  before  they  enter  the  Sales   Pipeline,  you’ll  have  the  ability  to  influence  them  more  directly.  
  16. 16.   ZMOT:  Zero  Moment  of  Truth   Google   ZMOT  Video  
  17. 17.   Powerful  &  Important  Internet  StaAsAcs   92-­‐99%  of  Americans  go  online   before  stepping  foot  inside  a   dealership.   The  average  buying  cycle  is  45-­‐90   days  –  much  longer  than  the  72   hours  of  15  years  ago   Car  buyers  typically  spend  over   11  hours  searching  online   According  to  NADA,  tradiAonal   adverAsing  costs  $640/car;  But   internet  adverAsing  costs  $200/ car   Car  buyers  on  average  research   5-­‐8  different  dealerships  and  car   brands  before  making  a  decision   Digital  MarkeAng  makes  it  easy  to   track  ROI;  tradiAonal  adverAsing  is   very  difficult  to  track.  
  18. 18. Sales  Professionals  of  the   Future  Are  Here  Now!  
  19. 19.   How  Can  You  PosiAon  Yourself,  as  a   Sales  Person,  for  Modern  Times?   Post  Videos  (tesAmonials,  walk-­‐arounds,  how-­‐tos)     Create  Your  own  website   Be  AcAve  on  Social  Media  Networks   Manage  Your  Online  ReputaAon   Engage  in  Cross  PromoAonal  MarkeAng  
  20. 20.   TesAmonial  Videos   1.  Film  Videos   2.  OpAmize  Videos   3.  Deploy  Videos   •  New  car  sale   •  Used  car  sale   •  Service  customer   •  Female  shopper   •  VPP   •  How-­‐to  Videos   •  Geo  target  the  Atle  and  descripAon   •  Use  powerful  key  words   •  Post  to  all  social  media  pages   •  Email  to  your  customers  
  21. 21.   TesAmonial  Videos   Service  TesAmonial   Cherry  Hill  Porsche   Purchase  TesAmonial   2014  Honda  Odyssey  
  22. 22.   Powerful  &  Important     Social  Media  StaAsAcs   84%  of  US  Vehicle  Shoppers  use  Facebook   41%  said  they  saw  a  post  that  caused  them  to  add   or  remove  a  brand  from  their  list  of  choices   38%  said  they  saw  a  post  that  caused  them  to  add   or  remove  a  dealership  from  their  list  of  choices   45%  of  users  asked  their  friends/family  for   recommendaAons   25%  of  users  said  that  social  media  significantly   influenced  their  purchase  decision  
  23. 23.   Social  Media   Engage  your  customers  and  prospects  and  encourage   them  to  engage  with  you.  The  more  back  and  forth  you   have  between  your  customers  the  more  relevancy  and   credibility  you  have  online.   Sales  Consultants:   Don’t  expect  your  dealership  to  take  on  this  role  alone!     Be  proacAve  by  posAng  comments  and  feedback  to  your   social  media  pages  and  share  some  of  the  dealership’s   news  and  events  with  fans.    
  24. 24.   Social  Media   Suggested:   Facebook   Must   Haves:   YouTube   Flickr   Twiuer   Google+   LinkedIn   Review  Blog   Pinterest   Instagram   Tumblr  
  25. 25.   Facebook  Examples  
  26. 26.   Online  ReputaAon   At   Delivery   Survey   • Rate  Experience  –  1-­‐5   • What  did  you  like  best,  why?   • Would  you  recommend  us?   • Would  you  allow  us  to  use   your  review  in  the  future?   Email  Your   Contacts   • Send  them  this  survey   • Ask  for  feedback  periodically   • Encourage  your  customers  to  leave   feedback  on  review  sites  
  27. 27.   The  Importance  of  Videos   The  average  buyer  spends  11  hours  researching   –  three  hours  of  it  watching  videos  and  two   hours  using  search  engines   More  than  three  billion  Google  searches  are   completed  daily   Videos  show  up  in  50  percent  of  Google  searches   Video  is  53  Ames  more  likely  to  be  clicked  over  a   staAc-­‐text  link  
  29. 29.   The  Internet  &  Video
  30. 30.   The  Next  EvoluAon  of  the   AutomoAve  Sales  Consultant!   Robert  Wiesman   VSEO/Product  Review   Elise  Kephart   Video  Responses   Joe  Argento   Salesman  Video/Branding  
  31. 31. Evolved  Sales   Techniques   for  the   Modern  AutomoAve   Sales  Consultant  
  32. 32.   Start  with  a  Plan:   1   Methodical  Road  Map   •  Create  a  Business  Plan  with   a  clear  end  goal  in  mind   •  Plan  and  prepare   accordingly  to  make  sure   you  meet  those  goals   END  GOAL   30           UNITS    
  33. 33.   Start  with  a  Plan:   2   Diversify  how  you  sell  cars   •  There  are  8  ways  to  meet  prospects   •  Make  sure  you  do  not  rely  on  only  one  area   •  Create  a  plan  that  reaches  out  to  prospects   in  all  8  of  these  categories   •  Be  aware  of  closing  raAos  when  calculaAng   your  goals  
  34. 34.   Start  with  a  Plan:   2   Diversify  how  you  sell  cars   Be-­‐Backs  (50%)   Walk-­‐Ins  (20%)   Phone-­‐Ups  (50%)   Internet-­‐ups   (50%)   Service   Customers  (10%)   Previous   Customers  (65%)   Referrals  (50%)   ProspecAng   (50%)   (Closing  RaAos  in     Parentheses)  
  35. 35.   Start  with  a  Plan:   3   Internet  Is  Key   •  In  order  to  maximize  the  other  areas,  you  need  to   focus  more  online   •  With  posiAve,  relevant  and  content  filled  pages,  you   will  auract  more  prospects  from  online  sources   Videos  Index  higher   than  staAc  websites   Use  Geo-­‐ targeAng   to  make   your  info   relevant   Update  your   informaAon   regularly  to   keep  it   current   Encourage   customers  to   add  their   own  content   to  your  social   media  pages  
  36. 36.   Start  with  a  Plan:   4   Emulate  Successful  Strategies   •  Dealerships  should  emulate  the  OEM  strategies  with  regards   to  social  media  and  online  acAviAes   •  Sales  Consultants  should  emulate  the  dealership  strategies   with  regards  to  social  media  and  online  acAviAes   SEO/SEM   VSEO/Video   ProducAon   Social  Media   RetargeAng   Online   ReputaAon   Website   Development   Focus  Sites/ Micro  Sites   Blogs  
  37. 37.   Start  with  a  Plan:   5   PracAce  a  ProacAve  Mindset   •  You  can  not  afford  to  wait  for  magic  to  happen   •  Be  creaAve  about  where  you  find  your   prospects   •  The  way  you  view  the  sales  process  will   determine  your  behavior  which  will  determine   your  results  
  38. 38.   Start  with  a  Plan:   6   Methodical  Follow  Up   •  Become  an  expert  in  inbound  and  outbound   phone  process  (including  voicemails)   •  Become  an  expert  on  inbound  and  outbound   email  process   •  Become  an  expert  in  Social  Media   CommunicaAon  and  ReputaAon  Management   •  Become  an  expert  in  Video  Messaging  –  uAlizing   Skype,  Face  Time,  Go  To  MeeAng,  etc.    
  39. 39.   Start  with  a  Plan:   7   Time  Management  Skills   •  Determine  how  you’re  going  to  look  for  prospects   •  How  many  of  them  are  in  dealership?   •  How  many  of  them  do  you  need  to  call?   •  How  many  of  them  do  you  need  to  email?   Tip:   Be  careful  of  distracAons  disguised  as   opportuniAes!  
  40. 40.   Start  with  a  Plan:   8   Accountability   •  Track  and  test  your   progress  throughout  the   month   •  The  right  number  of   conversaAons  will  result   in  the  right  number  of   dealership  visits  which   will  result  in  the  right   number  of  units  sold.   60  Calls  a  day   X  .14   14%   ConnecAon   RaAo   8.3   ConnecAons  Daily  
  41. 41.  
  42. 42.   Start  with  a  Plan:   9   Master  Your  Crax   •  Master  the  “Road  to  the  Sale”   •  Master  your  Product  Knowledge   •  Master  the  art  of  passionately  explaining  the  features  and   benefits  of  your  brand  over  your  compeAtors   •  Master  your  arAculaAon  of  why  your  dealership’s  VPP  is  beuer   than  any  other   •  Become  a  master  at  qualifying  a  prospect  and  determining   their  wants,  needs  and  expectaAons   •  Master  an  arsenal  of  5-­‐7  rebuuals  for  each  one  of  the  top  10   objecAons  
  43. 43. The  Dealership  of  the   Future  Is  Here  Now!  
  44. 44.   How  Can  You  PosiAon  Yourself,  as   a  Dealership,  for  Modern  Times?   Focus  on  the  Four  P’s   Create  Internet  Department  or  BDC   Create  a  Comprehensive  Digital  MarkeAng  Strategy   Manage  Your  Online  ReputaAon   Invest  in  your  greatest  asset  –  by  training  your  people   Get  Connected  –  AIS/AutoSuccess/IS20G   P P   P P  
  45. 45.   “I  am  sick  and  Ared  of  listening  to  you  talk  about   how  we  can  get  bigger.  If  we  get  BETTER,  our   customers  will  demand  we  get  BIGGER.”          –  Trueu  Cathy   Founder  and  Chairman,  Chick-­‐fil-­‐A  
  46. 46. Working  each  individual  profit  center  is     not  the  best  way  to  succeed  anymore.       None  of  the  profit  centers  will  thrive  if  they’re  not  working  together.     Showroom   F&I   ABC   Motors Internet   Dept.     Service   Center  
  47. 47.   Maximize  Your  4  P’s   You’re  only  as  strong   as  your  weakest  link.  
  48. 48.   People   Products   4  P’s   Process   PromoAons  
  49. 49.   Typical  Dealership   Structure   F&I   Manger   GM/GSM   Sales   Manager   Sales   Person   Sales   Manager   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person   Sales   Person  
  50. 50.   sells  96  units  per  month.   On  average,  a  typical  dealership   96  units  per  month   10  Sales  People     9.6  units  per  person  
  51. 51. Evolved  dealerships     hat  are  running  their   t Internet  Department  properly  can  sell   119  units  a  month   with  half  as  many  people!   Here’s  How………  
  52. 52.  
  53. 53. All  these  people  have   succeeded  using  this  method!  
  54. 54. Digital  MarkeAng  
  55. 55. Digital  MarkeAng  
  56. 56. Online  ReputaAon  
  57. 57. Invest  in  your  Assets  
  58. 58. Gezng  Connected   AutoSuccess  Online!!  
  59. 59. There  isn’t   just  a   Showroom   anymore.     There  is  a   dealership.     There  isn’t   just  an   Internet   Department   anymore.  
  60. 60.   A  modern,  successful  dealership  realizes  the   impact  the  internet  has  on  all  of  their  profit   centers.     A  modern  dealership  knocks  down  the  silos.     A  modern  dealership  is  a  cohesive  blend  of  all   the  profit  centers.   The  future  is  full  immersion  of  the  internet  and   showroom  enAAes.  
  61. 61.   be   The  only  way  to   successful  in  the  automoAve   industry  today  is  to:   •  Acknowledge  that  the  internet  is   powerful   •  OpAmize  the  internet’s  capabiliAes     •  PracAce  interdependence     •  Fully  immerse  all  profit  centers  so   they  work  cohesively  
  62. 62.      “If  you  are  not  in  a  state  of   constant  evoluAon,  you  are  in  a   perpetual  state  of  transgression.”   -­‐  Sean  V.  Bradley  
  63. 63.   For  More  Resources: