Freedom Of Expression in Egypt


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Freedom Of Expression in Egypt

  1. 1. Name: Karim Ashraf Gamal Abo El Azayem Freedom of Expression The freedom of expression is one of the most important tools which must be use for the boom of the growing countries. And also it must be use in the develop countries so as to maintain its level. So it is obvious that the freedom of expression in whole world is very important to achieve the development or to maintain it. There are a lot of philosophers talked about the freedom of expression and the rights of the individual to say what they want without being punished or jailed. But in this essay we will talk only one philosopher and talk about his view in the freedom of expression this one is called “Thomas Scantlon”. In Scantlon view in the freedom of speech that anyone has the right to say anything he wants even what he says is forbidden to do it. As long as the listener that you talk with is an adult one and have a complete brain which could distinguish the right thing from the wrong and what could be done and what shouldn’t be done. Until this one who says those forbidden acts didn’t provide you or supplement you with any special plan to do this act or arguments for the place if he advised you to rob a bank for example. So as long as he didn’t give you any help except the advice, he will not be responsible for what you have done. But this advisor will be charged with this crime if he participates or helped you by any special thing for this crime. Or he will also be charged with it if he was giving those advises to a person who have got a weak mind to think about this act if it right or wrong, or to a child who still his mind small to think about those things.
  2. 2. What do you think of freedom of speech in Egypt and its level? I think that the Scantlon view of the freedom of speech is much deeper for the Egyptian government because in Egypt I think that we didn’t reach the bases of the freedom of speech and expression. And this all because if the freedom of expression appeared a little more the Egyptian government will expose and all of the stealing will appear to the whole country. The freedom of expression –as we say in the beginning – the tool for the growing country which want to achieve development, but the reason of not using the freedom of speech in Egypt that the government need survive more in the regime. What do you think will happen if we took Scantlon view and try to experiment it in Egypt? Please follow me in what I will say (now I am following the view of Scantlon that I am not responsible for your act if you follow my advice) ok now go and stand with a state security officer and tell him that “Egypt will not develop until a coup done on the whole regime and change all the men of the government”. By the way you are not intending to do this coup, this only your view for the development of Egypt. Please when you get out from the prison if they release you tell me how fun you feel when you use the smaller simple of the freedom of expression. And what you will say will be the answer for if there is freedom of speech or not.