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  • 1. 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 1
  • 2. 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 2 1974 1975 1976 19771972 1978 1972 Art Worth and several members, were affiliated with the Jacksonville Chapter 1975 Shirley Colmenares 1977 Shannon Johnson 1974 The chapter became an official affiliate of the National Association in November with Bob Chilton as our first President. We had __ total members. 1976 Alex Tice 1978 Alex Tice/Carol Prevaux Maier ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 2
  • 3. 1980 1981 1982 19831979 1984 1979 Carol Prevaux Maier 1981 Gloria James 1983 Art Worth 1980 Joanne (Timmer) Zabaldo At my first meeting as president, we had a new high for attendance, 60 people…and a new topic: Stress Management. We met monthly at different hotels. 1982 Beth Klement 1984 Margene Kramer ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 3 ASTD Ethel Erickson Membership Award In 1983, we won the first national Chapter Excellence award
  • 4. 1986 1987 1988 19891985 1990 1985 LaDonna Hansen 1987 Brigit Berry/Bob Kerns 1989 Mike Candield 1986 Cindy Potts Served as treasurer before becoming president. At that time, they had betwee 500- 600 members and would get 100-150 members at each meeting. 1988 Jane Gschwender -- Sr. HRD was formed as the first SIG, there were 520+ members of the Chapter at that time. In the 80’s we were known as the “Award Winning” Suncoast Chapter throughout the country because we were always winning the top awards for chapter recognition. 1990 Mike Shahnasarian Meetings were held at the Rusty Pelican, with 80+ members at each meeting. Locke Haney was the National Coach at the time. The benefits of being a member were learning new developments in the field, a diverse network of professionals, and a congenial environment. ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 4 In 1987, Art Worth won the national ASTD Contribution to employer award for his work at Lakeland Electric.
  • 5. 1992 1993 1994 19951991 1996 1991 Todd Grubb We had some 550 members at the time and over 600 members in 1992. Publications included: The ASTD Suncoast Chapter Newsletter, The Vision, Emerald Pages, and the Suncoast Training and Development Journal. 1993 Joan Zukowski/Judy Morris-Hardy 1995 Chuck Copeland 1992 Arlene Newman 1994 Judy Morris-Hardy 1996 Pat Smolen Membership was about 350 at this time. We moved our meetings to the Radisson and started discussing implementation of a website for the chapter. ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 5 Distinguished Service to ASTD: Jane A. Rose Distinguished Corporate Contribution: Pride of Florida – Charles Copeland Distinguished Service to ASTD: Dr. Edwin J. Nolan.
  • 6. 1998 1999 2000 20011997 2002 1997 Joe Jones If there is one personal insight gleaned from my year as president of the Suncoast chapter it's " don't sweat the small stuff, and keep looking forward because better times are on the horizon"! 1999 Joy Fletcher 2001 Joy Fletcher 1998 Anne Marie Campbell Membership was about 350 in 1998, meeting attendance was high, 40-60 on average. The IRS had selected our chapter for an audit. The “Tech SIG” was brand new with a mission to design our first Web page! 2000 Joy Fletcher. 2002 Elvis Keith Lester ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 6
  • 7. 2004 2005 2006 20072003 2008 2003 Rod Jurado 2005 Daniel Birch/Jennifer Seavey 2007 Pat Smolen Membership was very low. Meetings were poorly attended (6). The board decided to work on meeting topics to bring more members to the meetings (average 25 by the end of the year). 2004 Peter Sprague 2006 Jennifer Seavey/Pat Smolen 2008 Ed Nolan ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 7
  • 8. 2010 2012 2013 20142009 2015 2009 Gina Haberman 2012 Jean Seplecky 2014 Steve Cascone 2011 Jean Slepecky 2013 Vicky Allen -- Our Suncoast Chapter is so lucky to have talented members who give so much of their time and expertise to continuing to improve the Chapter. We added an online orientation program, started an E-SIG, strengthened the Sarasota SIG and moved closer to the SrHRD SIG. We are active in Social Media. We increased membership and attendance at our meetings. 2015 Clara Rose ASTD Suncoast 1972 through 2014 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 8
  • 9. 5/21/2014 40th Anniversary Celebration! 9