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eReader Boot Camp
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eReader Boot Camp


Published on

The Evanston Public Library's eReader Boot Camp program presentation.

The Evanston Public Library's eReader Boot Camp program presentation.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Program Summary
    • Part I
    • What is an eReader?
    • A Short History
    • Why use them?
    • Types
    • Part II
    • My Media Mall
    • Searching for eBooks
    • Checking Out and Downloading
    • Transferring to a Device
    • Part III
    • Tech Petting Zoo
    • Q&A
  • 3. A Blast from the Past “ Picture this on a steamy day: You turn the AC down to sub-Arctic, curl up in your favorite chair and spend the evening reading […] on a nifty, handheld electronic book-reading machine about the size of a paperback. To turn a page, you press a button […] If a passage inspires you, you can highlight it, or electronically dog-ear the page for later return. If a word stumps you, tap it with your finger, and an instant definition appears on the screen.” “ REVOLUTION E-books could change the way we publish and read .” Charleston Gazette , 5/30/1999
  • 4. What is an eReader? Also called an eBook reader, an eReader is a handheld device specialized for reading electronic books. Unlike tablet computers, one of the major advantages of eReaders is their extremely long battery life.,2542,t=e-reader&i=58851,00.asp
  • 5. eReaders & eBooks: A Timeline 1998 Softbook, Gemstar 2003 Setbacks 2000 Ride the Bullet 2004 E-Ink 2008 iPhone 2007 Kindle 2005 Library 2009 eBooks outsell print
  • 6. Why eReaders?
    • E-Ink vs. Backlighting
  • 7. Why eReaders?
    • Which do you treasure in print?
  • 8. Why eReaders?
    • Convenience & Portability
  • 9. Can it be tossed in a purse?
  • 10. Consumer Reports , 12/2010, pp. 40-41
  • 11. Types of eReaders nook, nook color Sony Touch kobo Kindle
  • 12. Types of eReaders Alex Pandigital BeBook VEB620
  • 13. Wi-Fi vs. 3G: Which to Choose
    • Wi-Fi: Must have access to a wireless hotspot to get your books
    • 3G: Get your eBooks anywhere. No need for a hotspot
    • Consider $$$
    • You can always transfer eBooks to your eReader via your computer
  • 14. My Media Mall: What is it?
    • The Evanston Public Library uses a service called My Media Mall to provide you with a selection of nearly 3,000 Adobe PDF and Adobe EPUB eBooks.
    • Benefits:
    • Consortium-based
    • No late fees
    • Custom loan period
  • 15. How to Find, Download, & Transfer Library eBooks to Your eReader
    • What you need
    • A valid Evanston Public Library Card
    • A computer with Internet access
    • Software: Adobe Digital Editions
  • 16. How to Find, Download, & Transfer Library eBooks to Your eReader
    • Start at
    • or
    • Go directly to
    • Instructional videos accessible at .
  • 17.
  • 18.