Kareo - 3 Ways to Cultivate Rapid Growth Through Referrals


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Referrals are the lifeblood of any practice. Securing patient, physician, and other professional referrals is crucial to building a strong, thriving practice—but not everyone knows how. Healthcare marketing and image development consultant Cheryl Bisera has years of experience helping her clients expand their practices, build relationships, and increase visibility in their communities. In this webinar she will explain why it’s so important to cultivate your referral sources and how to do so.

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Kareo - 3 Ways to Cultivate Rapid Growth Through Referrals

  1. 1. PAGE 1 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip
  2. 2. PAGE 2 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Your Hosts Today… Cheryl Bisera Cheryl Bisera Consulting Lea Chatham Content Marketing Manager, Kareo
  3. 3. PAGE 3 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Our Schedule for Today… 1 Introduction & Welcome Cheryl 2 3 Ways to Cultivate Rapid Growth through Referrals 3 Discover Kareo’s Role 4 Answer Questions
  4. 4. PAGE 4 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Participate via Social Facebook.com/GoKareo Twitter.com/GoKareo Linkedin.com/company/Kareo We’ll be live tweeting during today’s webinar! How to participate: 1. Follow @GoKareo on Twitter 2. Follow @LeaChatham on Twitter 3. Search for #KareoTip 4. Join the conversation using #KareoTip 5. Join Building Best Practices group on LinkedIn
  5. 5. PAGE 5 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Cheryl Bisera Over 10 years as a consultant, author and speaker Written for publications and websites, including KevinMD, Physician Magazine, and Journal of Medical Practice Management Specializes in practice marketing, image management, business promotion, and staff resources. Cheryl Bisera Consulting www.cherylbiseraconsulting.com 805.276.2828
  6. 6. PAGE 6 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Our Schedule for Today… 1 Introduction & Welcome Cheryl 2 3 Ways to Cultivate Rapid Growth through Referrals 3 Discover Kareo’s Role 4 Answer Questions
  7. 7. PAGE 7 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Course Objectives 1.Identify ways to expand physician referrals 2.Learn strategies that strengthen patient referrals 3.Find out how to increase referrals from existing referrers 4.Discover often-overlooked referral sources
  8. 8. PAGE 8 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Three Ways to Cultivate Referrals 1. Forge Alliances 2. Build Allegiance 3. Express Appreciation
  9. 9. Forge Alliances
  10. 10. PAGE 10 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Why Forge Alliances?  Strengthens your position in the market  Builds relationships that feed your practice  An opportunity others miss (takes time and effort)  Has exponential growth potential
  11. 11. PAGE 11 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Forging Alliances  Professional networking  Community opportunities  Your own patients
  12. 12. PAGE 12 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Professional Networking  Medical Affiliations – County associations – Specialty associations – Hospital events, trainings, leadership opportunities
  13. 13. PAGE 13 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Professional Networking  Potential Referring Physicians – Lunch-n-learns  Third party expert  Your physician, your specialty – Introduce the practice  Managers or physicians  Marketing specialist—hire or train – Refer first—specialists and PCP
  14. 14. PAGE 14 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Professional Networking Your competition – Align as a colleague – Refer for unique services – Share information, resources – Explore opportunities of sharing costs, resources, responsibility, and access for patients
  15. 15. PAGE 15 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Professional Networking  New Providers – New physician or mid-level in an existing referring practice  A welcome goes a long way  Educate on your services – New physicians in town  Offer assistance, introduce, educate, welcome  Introduce, follow up with an invitation
  16. 16. PAGE 16 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Professional Networking  Clinical and administrative staff – Hospital – Diagnostic Centers – ASC (ambulatory surgery centers) Getting to know them, treating them with respect and educating them positions you as someone they will likely refer to and consider for future opportunities.
  17. 17. PAGE 17 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Community Opportunities  Look for alliances in community partnerships – Health/fitness organizations – Clubs, groups, centers that attract your target  Position yourself as their go-to – Your offering, their need or mission  Educational talks, screenings, advisory board, sponsorship of an event, host a booth at event  Create an event for mutual benefit  You gain exposure, endorsement and credibility
  18. 18. PAGE 18 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Your Own Patients You align with patients when they sense you are in a partnership with them, working together for their health goals.  Conversations are two directional and honest  Their input, values, goals and abilities are part of the treatment plan  They feel known and valued by your practice
  19. 19. Build Allegiance
  20. 20. PAGE 20 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Why Build Allegiance?  Patients and referral sources have choices  You want them to choose you repeatedly  Allegiance fortifies your practice; patients and practices can’t easily be wooed by the latest shiny thing that rolls into town  The strategies keep you in the loop on their needs and changes in the medical community so you can respond appropriately
  21. 21. PAGE 21 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip How Do We Build Allegiance? We do it with the not-so-secret, but oh-so- powerful and doable strategy of giving them service that is so stellar it doesn’t feel like service, it feels like a special relationship they have with you that they think no one else has!
  22. 22. PAGE 22 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Building Allegiance with Patients  Use their names  Personal facts in chart  Eye contact  Stellar customer service  Low wait times, great access  Phone coverage  Value-ads—those ‘something extras’  Exceed their expectations
  23. 23. PAGE 23 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Building Allegiance with Physicians “The number one thing for me is their ability to communicate. They could be the best specialist in their field, but if they can’t communicate with first my patient, and then with me, than I’m out.”  Clear communication – With patients  Diagnosis, treatment plan, next steps – Physician  Copy of treatment plan and assessment is written clearly and sent to referring physician  Make yourself available if they call
  24. 24. PAGE 24 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Building Allegiance with Physicians  Respectful and Courteous – Patients – Staff – Physician “If my patient tells me they were not friendly, I’m unlikely to refer again. I’m aware of personality clashes but if there is a pattern, it’s obvious. The same goes if I or my staff calls them or their office directly. If they act put out or annoyed, I’m out for good. If they treat me professionally and cordially, it’s HUGE for me.”
  25. 25. PAGE 25 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Building Allegiance with Physicians  Access  Your staff – Helpful, friendly, flexible with referring practice  Office environment – Clean, up-to-date, comfortable – Culture, attitude toward patient “I want to be associated with quality, organized, up-to-date practices”
  26. 26. PAGE 26 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Building Allegiance Among Staff  Colleagues practice staff  Hospital clinical and admin staff  ASCs, diagnostic centers, etc.  Community allies’ staff Rarely do physicians think of these staff members as referral sources, but people are going to ask them about you, they have power in your community and their opinion is powerful!
  27. 27. PAGE 27 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Express Appreciation
  28. 28. PAGE 28 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip The Power of Thank You It is a basic desire of every human being to be recognized, thanked and praised. Saying “thank you” doesn’t just acknowledge that person’s effort, intent or action—it acknowledges the person himself.
  29. 29. PAGE 29 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Why Express Appreciation?  Their name is on the line – Highest compliment – Endorsement – Extension of their practice  You have the power to meet a basic desire – “There are two things people want more than sex and money: recognition and praise” – Mary Kay Ash  It will be remembered, appreciated
  30. 30. PAGE 30 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Why Express Appreciation?  They don’t have to refer to you  Past referral patterns are no guarantee  The human instinct for reciprocity: “thank you” completes the exchange The Bottom line: Expressing appreciation influences referrers to continue to refer to you
  31. 31. PAGE 31 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Why Express Appreciation? “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou
  32. 32. PAGE 32 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip How Do We Express Appreciation Effectively? To leave a truly positive impression, we must express appreciation that is:  Sincere  Thoughtful  Regular (consistent, on-going)  Surprising
  33. 33. PAGE 33 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Sincere Appreciation  Recognize the influence of referrals on your bottom line – Run the numbers  Make sure staff understand the importance – Show staff the reports, what it means to the practice when you gain or loose a referral source
  34. 34. PAGE 34 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Sincere Appreciation  Regular, genuine appreciation trumps elaborate formal appreciation programs – Sincerity is felt even if accompanying a token gift  Warm and personal – A hand-written note of thanks – Eye contact – Using the person’s name – A phone call  Not manipulative or suggestive, no hidden agenda
  35. 35. PAGE 35 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Thoughtful Appreciation  Find out their ‘currency’ – What does their office enjoy, need, value? – Look for clues, then just ask  Be creative – A donation to a cause that is meaningful to them – Hosting an event – Sharing an educational or other valuable experience
  36. 36. PAGE 36 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Thoughtful Appreciation  What matters to them, matters – Are they trying to eat healthy in the New Year – Food restrictions – Can you help them solve a problem – Are they time strapped (can you go to them) – Do they have a favorite non- profit
  37. 37. PAGE 37 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Thoughtful Appreciation  Bring value – Lunch-n-Learn – Workshop, training – Sharing resources, knowledge, recommendations, networks
  38. 38. PAGE 38 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Regular Appreciation Appreciation isn’t something you check off once unless you only want them to refer once  Organized approach  Consistent, on-going, repetitive
  39. 39. PAGE 39 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Taking an Organized Approach  Will you train someone in house or hire a professional? – This person represents your practice – Must have the skillset Organization, communication, personality, professionalism, basic knowledge of the practice/services you want to promote, passion, time – Hire vs. train Time zapper/silent need; will it get done?
  40. 40. PAGE 40 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Taking an Organized Approach  Determine who will be responsible to: – Identify target practices/physicians – Track and plan interactions, deliveries – Make contact and be “the face of the practice” Thanking those who refer Thanking potential referrers for “considering” or for “keeping us in mind” (deliver practice info, gifts, etc.) – Track referral patterns over time
  41. 41. PAGE 41 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Taking an Organized Approach  Develop a referral program that includes: – A budget per target practice—per year/outreach – Setting a schedule for all interactions: Calls, dropping off practice info/cards, scheduling lunches, notes of thanks, deliveries or events How will patients that refer be thanked? A chart note, a thank you in the mail, a token gift card?
  42. 42. PAGE 42 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Consistent, On-going, Repetitive  The marketing rule of 7  A clear message, branding, personalization  Each interaction moves toward developing alliances and allegiance by accomplishing: – Awareness – Value – Trust – REFERRALS!
  43. 43. PAGE 43 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip The Element of Surprise  How will your expression be remembered?  Takes some creativity but gets attention  Doesn’t have to be expensive  Make an impact!
  44. 44. PAGE 44 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip The Element of Surprise  Expressing appreciation to potential and existing referral sources SURPRISINGLY means: – Unexpected times of year – Not the typical gift – Remembering something important to them – Meeting a need that no one else does
  45. 45. PAGE 45 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Your practice can rise as a preferred practice among referrers by forging alliances, building allegiance through stellar service, and expressing appreciation with sincerity, thoughtfulness and the element of surprise!
  46. 46. PAGE 46 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Our Schedule for Today… 1 Introduction & Welcome Cheryl 2 3 Ways to Cultivate Rapid Growth through Referrals 3 Discover Kareo’s Role 4 Answer Questions
  47. 47. PAGE 47 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Discover Kareo’s Role “…Make Your Practice a Best Practice!”
  48. 48. PAGE 48 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Discover Kareo’s Role Cloud-based Medical Billing Patient Payment Services Insurance Billing & Remittance Scheduling & Practice Management Electronic Health Records Medical Billing Services Education, Training, & Support Included 20,000 Providers Nationwide
  49. 49. PAGE 49 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Discover Kareo’s Role
  50. 50. PAGE 50 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Educational Resources Kareo.com/meaningful-use Kareo.com/ICD-10
  51. 51. PAGE 51 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Kareo Marketplace • Kareo Partners • Online appt. scheduling • Text reminders • Recalls • Phone visits • Reputation Management
  52. 52. PAGE 52 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Discover Kareo’s Role • Kareo Partners • Online appt. scheduling • Text reminders • Recalls • Phone visits • Reputation management • Kareo EHR • Manage referrals
  53. 53. PAGE 53 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Discover Kareo’s Role • Kareo Partners • Online appt. scheduling • Text reminders • Recalls • Phone visits • Reputation Management • Kareo EHR • Manage referrals • Patient Portal
  54. 54. PAGE 54 KAREO | @GoKareo; #KareoTip Let’s Answer Your Questions 888-775-2736 sales@kareo.com Kareo.com/chat Facebook.com/GoKareo Twitter.com/GoKareo Linkedin.com/company/Kareo Follow us!