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Hansonic North America Company Overview

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Company Overview Short Ver3 20100526

  1. 1. «Your Professional Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer» Welcome!
  2. 2. Contact Addresses Canada Office: #155 – 11880 Hammersmith Way, y, (NA Headquarters) Richmond, BC V7A 5C8 US Office: 685 S S e USA O ce 1685 H St - Ste 665, Blaine, WA 98 30 a e, 98230 China Factory: 101 Huangshan Rd, Southeast Economic Develop Zone Changshu City Jiangsu City, Taiwan Factory: 271 Chang Hsin Rd, Sec 4 Lu Chu Hsiang Taoyuan Shien
  3. 3. Factories in China and Taiwan Hansonic China Number of Employees: 600 Plant Area in China: 33,400 m² (359,517 ft² ) Production Capacity: 31,586 m²/month (340,000 ft²/month) of PCBs Hansonic Taiwan Number of Employees: 70 Plant Area in Taiwan: 24,100 m² (259,412 ft² ) Production Capacity: 4,500 m /month m²/month (48,438 ft²/month) of PCBs ft /month Quality Certifications (both): ISO 9001 (14001 pending), UL Approved File# E131242 Approved, RoHS Compliant (both)
  4. 4. Factories in China and Taiwan Lots of room for your Organization to grow !!!! Capital: $8 million USD Employees: 700 Worldwide Established: Established 1983 (Tai an) and 2007 (China) (Taiwan) Sales Revenue: $25 million USD Quality Certifications: ISO 9001 (14001 and TS16949 pending), pending) UL Approved File# E131242 Approved, RoHS Compliant NEW May/June August 2010 2010
  5. 5. Strategically Positioned ASIA Europe North America Africa South America
  6. 6. Why Hansonic? Known for our Excellent Quality! More than 26 Years in the PCB Business! Prices directly from our factories = Saves Your Company Time & Money! Passion for Growth Proud to announce we are Eco Friendly RFQs accurate response within 24hrs!
  7. 7. Some of Our Clients at a Glance LED SMART Inc. CANADA UNITED STATES MEXICO OF AMERICA EUROPE Reynosa Guadalajara
  8. 8. Product Application Telecommunications - Cell phone and Accessories - Phone Set, Exchanger, Communication Supplies , g , pp - IC Card, Industrial and Network equipment Security Systems - Monitoring, Forewarning Display - Alarm Systems Pre caution Facilities, UPS Systems, Pre-caution Facilities - Receivers/Transmitters, LCDs Home Appliances - TV Set, AV Supplies - E-Toys, E Toys Control Panels - Audio, Video equipment, Card Readers And Many Other Applications… - Automobile, Motorbike/Vehicle Starter, Apparatus Indicator - Switching Power Supplies, Converters, Transformers - Gas Detection Monitors - Testing Instruments, Military, Medical, Sport and Instruments Military Medical Space Industries
  9. 9. Production Capabilities Single and Double Sided PC Boards (Prototype: 5 days ; Production: 5 to7 days) Multi-Layer 4-12 layers (Prototype: 8 days ; Production: 7 to 14 days) Rigid & Aluminum Single Sided PCB Min. Trace: 4 mil Min. Space:4 mil Min. Hole Via:8 mil Hole Via Tol.:± 2 mil Board Thickness:18 mil~120 mil Board Thickness Tol.:Double Sides:± 5% Multilayer:± 5% Max. Board Shape:18” x 24” ( d h (457㎜ x 609㎜) - Single/Double sided ) i l / bl id d 21” x 24” (533㎜ x 609㎜) – Multi-Layer Shape Size Tol.: NC Routing:± 4 mil Mold Forming:± 8 mil Min. Mi SMT T t Pitch:4 mil Test Pit h:4 il Inspection Spec.:IPC-A600-E HANSONIC SOP-001 Spec. Return Ratio: ± 0.05% Electrical Test (100%)
  10. 10. Type of Boards Immersion Gold with Gold Fingers Punching Piece Routed Piece Gold Finger Plated Hot Air Solder Leveling Immersion Tin Immersion Silver Immersion Gold Up to 12 Layers OSP Organic Flux g Break Apart Buried Via Hole V-Cut Panel Nickel Plated Multicolor Solder Push Back Panel Mask Aluminum Board
  11. 11. Production Process Flow
  12. 12. Committed to Making a Better World! Exhaust Gas Purifying Facilities to help control the pollution Polluted Water Purifying F iliti P ll t d W t P if i Facilities Waste Material Recycle System