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Stanford M.D. Program Brouchure 2009


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Stanford M.D. Program Brouchure 2009

  1. 1. Student Life The Environment For Prospective Students Located between San Francisco and San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford Universi- Our mission at Stanford University School of ty is part of a vibrant, metropolitan area which Medicine is to be a premier research- boasts world-renown, innovative organizations intensive medical school that improves health such as Hewlett Packard and Google. through leadership and a collaborative approach to discovery and innovation in Known for its cutting-edge technology and patient care, education and research. wealth of opportunities, the region attracts “In choosing a college I wanted a place people from virtually every continent and where I would feel comfortable. I wanted culture. the same in medical school. I felt In order to best serve this community, the welcome here as a student coming from Stanford University Medical Center and Lucille a small liberal-arts college.” Packard Children's are undergoing a —Jane Whitney, First Year state-of-the-art, multi-billion dollar expan- sion. Medical staff and students dedicate their The typical entering class has: service to a population representing the San Francisco Bay Area's global diversity. • More than 40 undergraduate institutions • 50% distribution of men and women • Over 20% underrepresented minorities • 15% with advanced degrees “The different types of diversity at Stanford is great; it's not just diversity of ethnicity but backgrounds and experiences too.” Read more about opportunities —Adeoti Oshinowo, Fifth Year available to students of all interests and backgrounds “The atmosphere is very warm and personalized. I not only know my classmates well, but also everyone else here. It's a collaborative, cooperative Office of Student Services “We see all types of patients from different environment.” walks of life here. It's very real.” M.D. Admissions —Matthew Goldstein, Fourth Year —Emily Tsai, Second Year
  2. 2. Medical Education Scholarly Concentrations Opportunities The MD curriculum at Stanford is supported by Scholarly Concentrations. This enables students to build on their basic sciences and clinical experience by conducting in-depth study plus individually directed research and clinical practice in their selected area. • Scholarly Concentrations include: The school provides unparalleled • Bioengineering opportunities for students to engage in • Biomedical Ethics & Medical Humanities clinical practice, research and innovation, • Biomedical Informatives international health, and intellectual • Cancer Biology development within the broader university Stanford School of Medicine provides • Cardiovascular Pulmonary context and in a large, diverse urban world class opportunities in academics, • Clinical Research community. research, and clinical practice for students • Community Health who are passionate about learning in • Health Services and Policy Facts at a glance on Class of 2009: both clinical and research settings. • Immunology • 47% residencies in primary care fields • International Health The two major goals of the medical • 30% graduate with dual degree • Molecular Basis of Medicine curriculum are: • 75% match residencies at their top choice • Neuroscience, Behavior, and Cognition • 93% match residencies at their top 3 • Women's Health • Integrate the most modern biomedical • Independent Design “At Stanford we can initiate fun and and clinical sciences, and innovative things. One exciting project was developing and teaching a medical • Develop skills through individual leadership course. It's wonderful having student exploration in their area of Basic Science the school invest in us this way.” ns personal, scholarly interest. tio tra Undergraduate Residency en Education and beyond —Tiffany Castillo, Third Year nc Co “S tanford is outstanding at facilitating ly “ Having Wednesday's 'off' from medical lar ho student involvement in the community Clinical Science school means time to explore. I took Sc with the flexible curriculum and 'Cost Effectiveness of Healthcare' at the individualized faculty support.” business school and want to take more.” Years in Medical School —Joaquin Camara-Quintana, Second Year —Joslyn Woodard, First Year