AKAMAS - Victoria Climbie Conference feb 2011

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  • 1. Karen Walkden [email_address]
  • 2. Pan London Safeguarding Faith and Culture Project Barnet Contribution
    • Best practice: engaging effectively with community groups and voluntary organisations
  • 3. Background…
    • 1.6m children in London
    • 40% BME
    • Disproportionality - SCRs
    • Parenting practices vs UK legislation on child rearing and safeguarding
    • Community knowledge of legislation and resources
    • Professionals understanding and weighting of family culture and sensitivities
    • Trust needs to be built between statutory services and faith and cultural groups – so that protection of children is prioritised.
    • Beliefs
    • Drive
    • Behaviour
  • 4. … Background
    • New Migrant Fund
    • Pan London Steering Group
    • All boroughs deliver focus groups (adult variations)
    • Identify and disseminate best practice
    • 8 Local Authorities with projects
    • July 2010 to December 2011
  • 5. Outputs
    • Guidance on culture and faith issues to accompany the London Child Protection Procedures
    • A Strategy Toolkit to assist LSCBs engage with local communities whose culture and faith distinguishes them from the host nation
    • A Training Toolkit to assist professionals to better safeguard children whose circumstances include culture and faith issues
    • Conference held jointly with Trust for London on May 13 th 2011
    • London Councils conference in November 2011
  • 6. Best practice – local authority audit
    • Ethnic monitoring
    • Policies in place, processes for updating
    • Equalities impact assessment
    • Designated BME/Faith safeguarding person
    • Process for views of BME/Faith to influence service provision
    • Publications to promote safeguarding of BME/Faith
    • Prevention - Parent support programmes for BME/Faith
    • Training courses for professionals working with BME/Faith
    • Outreach services
    • Faith and culture sub-groups for LSCB
    • Voluntary sector BME networks
    • Universal services – reaching parents through primary schools
    • Culturally specific safeguarding advisors from the voluntary sector.
  • 7. Focus group questions for faith and cultural community groups
    • What do you think are the priority safeguarding children issues in your community and/or faith group?
    • What is your experience of the statutory and voluntary services for supporting families and keeping children safe in your area?
    • What do you think statutory services professionals need to know and do (in relation to your culture and/or faith) that would help keep children safe?
  • 8. Focus group questions for professionals
    • What do you feel least confident about when acting to safeguard children/support families from minority ethnic cultures and faiths?
    • Do you have easy access to expert advisers for the minority ethnic communities and faith groups that you deal with in your area?
    • What training would you like to improve your confidence and competence to safeguard children/support families from minority ethnic cultures and faiths?
    • What do you think your LSCB could do to assist you in your task of safeguarding children in different culture and faith communities and groups?
  • 9. On-line survey
      • www.surveymonkey.com/s/faithandculture
      • Still open:
      • 400+ responses to date
  • 10. Borough projects…
    • Bexley – community parenting support groups for BME, managing inter-generational tensions
    • Brent – community needs assessment, creating a community lead sub-group for the local SCB. – focus on BME ( Victoria Climbe Foundation). Links to work in Harrow.
    • Enfield – training for professionals, church and community leaders and parents to promote early intervention and prevention in African communities. (AFRUCA)
    • Harringey – group work with Pentecostal pastors
    • Hackney – Community group work with Turkish/Kurdish families to address domestic violence and intergenerational conflict.
    • Merton – Investigating the extent and causes of disproportionality in child protection interventions for minority ethnic and faith communities. Links to AFRUCA work in Southwark.
    • Newham – sexual abuse and spirit possession in relation to Muslim teenage girls.
    • Tower Hamlets – Piloting a multi-agency cultural competence training programme
  • 11. Barnet’s contribution
    • Increase knowledge and uptake of safeguarding resources by faith and BME communities through advice service.
      • Faith and safeguarding conference 2009
      • Safeguarding surgery on-the-road
      • Safeguarding Matters
      • www.thefaithbook.co.uk
      • Safeguarding resources mapped and details passed on
      • Barnet Multi-faith Forum
      • Equality and Diversity training
      • Network of Jewish organisations working with children and young people – safeguarding group
      • Respecting professionals in the voluntary sector
  • 12. Barnet’s contribution
    • Involve young people through Youth Shield
      • Newly formed in October 2010
      • Part of youth participation programme
      • Working with young people – teenage parents, drug and alcohol abuse, youth justice, disabled young people – report back April 2011
      • Conference with SACRE on 15 th March 2011
      • www.thefaithbook.co.uk
  • 13. Barnet’s contribution
    • Focus on supplementary schools and their particular needs
      • Training through Continyou 2 nd February 2011
      • Establishing a safeguarding lead for each supplementary school
      • Develop a learning group to drive training and support
  • 14. Barnet’s contribution
    • Piloting materials, toolkits and information through focus groups and learning sets.
      • Faith leaders
      • Safeguarding leads in supplementary schools
      • BME community groups
      • Youth Shield
      • Statutory professionals
  • 15. Follow progress through updates on the following websites:
  • 16.
    • Link to on-line focus group questions:
    • www.surveymonkey.com/s/faithandculture
    • Link to project update:
    • www.londonscb.gov.uk/culture_and_faith/
    • Link to BME/Faith safeguarding resources:
    • www.slideshare.net/karenwalkden/safeguarding-resources-for-faith-and-bme-groups -5694179
    • Link to this presentation:
    • [email_address] 07941 203564 www.flourishing.me.uk