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  1. 1. THE GARDENS SCHOOL BULLETIN ISSUE NO. 33! DATE: 31 October 2013 HELLO FROM THE PRINCIPAL! Dear Parents, FORTHCOMING EVENTS Monday 4th November Y5-8 Athletics, Jellicoe Park Wednesday 6th November Diwali Festival Day Dress up in your traditional clothes! Book Fair Opens Friday 8th November Y0-4 Athletics, Jellicoe Park Monday 11th November GST Meeting 7.30pm Wednesday 13th November Book Fair Finishes Wednesday 20th November BOT Meeting 7pm This week you should have received your Golden Ticket and I thank the parents who have returned this to school, filled out correctly. (If you have not returned your Golden Ticket, please get it back to us as soon as possible). We are full steam ahead to the event on the 22nd November and there are some very exciting sculptures starting to come together. There will be food stalls open on the night as well as some other items on sale by each team. We also have a small space available for community stalls, so if you would like to put up a stall, please contact the school office. We ask for a $15 donation to secure your place. Birdhouses and Scarecrows should arrive at school by 12pm on Wednesday 20th November, so that we can prepare their display area. As the sculptures go up around our school, we ask that our neighbours and people using the school grounds keep an eye out for their protection and please contact the police if you see anyone damaging the art works. Calendar Art: It’s not too late to put your order in! We are extending the time for ordering until Friday 8th November. See your child’s class teacher if you want to have a look at the art that will be used on their calendar. These make great Christmas gifts for grandparents, or order yourself a diary or pack of cards with your child’s beautiful artwork on the front. If you are submitting a photo you must do this online yourself (see the information page for more details.) SUSANNAH FOWLER, PRINCIPAL PEOPLE OF THE WEEK: At our Monday morning assemblies, we acknowledge six students who have stood out for showing great Gardens School behaviour, making Cool Choices, helping their peers or teachers or for some other achievement that deserves recognition. This week we acknowledge: ! ! ! ! ! ! Andrew Raman - Weka 3! ! Rachel Sipeni! - Kiwi 4! ! Muskaan Jagayat - Kereru 4! ! Tala Petaia - Kotuku 4 Dallas Petricevich - Kotuku 3 Holly-Anne Simonds - Takahe 2! !
  2. 2. E-LEARNING AT THE GARDENS SCHOOL FOR 2014 Do you want your child to be part of The Gardens School’s E-Learning classes? This year we have had four three E- learning classes for Years 5-8 students with five highly motivated teachers, who want students to be learning in a 21st Century way, using technology to engage them and enhance their learning. To offer these classrooms, with the technology at hand when needed, comes at a cost and we are asking parents to purchase an i-Pad and pay a fee for their child to be part of this. For $150.00 a term, your child will have access to the latest technology including laptops, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards, video cameras and to wireless information to enhance their learning. A commitment to the full year is necessary, as students cannot opt in and out. E-Learning is firmly established in our school and the programme and successes are well known, so a parent meeting may not be necessary. However, if there is sufficient interest, we will have an information evening where you can find out more and ask any questions you may have. If you are interested in your child taking part in this class next year, fill out the form below. SUSANNAH FOWLER, PRINCIPAL CHRISTINE HANSEN, I.C.T ========================================================================================================================= EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR E-LEARNING, 2014 Child’s Name: Current Class/Year I would like my child to be placed in the ballot for an E-learning class for 2014 I understand and commit to the purchase of an i-Pad for my child’s use and full payment of the E-learning costs for 2014 ($600.00 for the year). I understand that the school accepts no financial liability for the loss of, or damage to, this purchased i-Pad being used at school. I would like some more information and wish to attend a parent meeting. NAME: CONTACT NO.: CONTACT EMAIL:
  3. 3. Class Work: Weka%1%and%2%have%been%wri0ng%to%persuade. This%week%%our%classes%all%think%that%you%should%come%to%the%Gardens%School%Garden%show! Here$are$some$of$our$reasons$why$…. • You$can$win$a$compe66on.$(Theo) • The$children$have$worked$very$hard$to$make$the$sculptures.$$(Theo) • You$can$buy$a$sausage.$(Simardeep) • I$think$you$should$go$to$the$Garden$Show$to$look$at$all$the$cool$work.$(Ethan$T) • You$will$get$to$see$lots$of$cool$sculptures.$(Jeffrey) • We$have$not$had$a$Garden$Show$before.$(Jeffrey) • We$can$dance$to$good$music.$(Prisha) • We$can$go$to$school$at$night$6me.$(Adeesha) Because$of$our$good$reasons$about$why$you$should$come$to$the$Garden$Show,$you$should$ return$your$Golden$6cket$to$Mrs$Fowler! We$can't$wait$to$go$to$the$Garden$Show….$See$you$there! Zachariah in Kiwi 2, making friends with one of the baby chicks in his buddy class, Kea 1. Here are our newest children, our 5 years old in Ruru 2 with Mrs Steele. Look at their lovely happy faces! Welcome to The Gardens School!
  4. 4. DIWALI FESTIVAL DAY On Wednesday 6th November we will be celebrating Diwali here at school. Dress up in your traditional costumes to celebrate this day at school. BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! Donations for Garden Show stall! We are looking for any unwanted books you may have, to sell at the 2nd Hand Book Sale stall at the school's Garden Show, so clean out your book cases & bring them into the school reception and leave in the donation boxes ! Thank you, PTA . Scholastic Book Fair Book Fair starts Wednesday 6 November in the School Library. The Book Fair is on before school at 8.30am until 3.30pm every day. Parents are welcome to drop in anytime during the school day, come and do some Christmas shopping. Look out for the Book Fair brochure coming home this week with all the details. AFTER SCHOOL CARE: Great Times Out Of School Care is run before and after school and also runs holiday programmes. Brochures are available at the school office or contact Trish Le Prou directly on 09-2350357 or mobile 0275180077 email SPORTS NOTICES: TGS$ATHLETICS The$Senior$Athle-cs$(Y538)$is$on$THIS$Monday$4th$November$and$the$Junior$Athle-cs$(Y034)$is$NEXT$Friday$8th$ November,$both$at$Jellicoe$Park.$$$If$you$haven't$already,$can$you$please$return$permission$slips$asap$with$payment$ to$cover$bus$costs.$$Thank$you$to$those$parents$who$have$offered$to$help,$you$should$receive$a$no-ce$today$(Y538)$ and$early$next$week$for$(Y034),$on$what$you$will$be$doing.$$If$you$have$any$problems$or$ques-ons$please$contact$ Miss$Griffin$ Interschool$Athle-cs CC$Y7/8$Wed$13th$November$at$Massey$Park MPSSA$Y436$Tues$19th$November$at$Jellicoe$Park Coun0es$Y7/8$Tues$26th$November Auckland$Champs$Y7/8$Thurs$5th$December TOUCH Coun0es$Y7/8$Thursday$7th$November$at$Bruce$Pulman$Park,$Papakura.$$Trainings$will$be$next$week$Wed$1.30$–$ 2.30. SOFTBALL Unfortunately$we$have$had$to$withdraw$this$team$from$the$tournament$due$to$a$lack$of$children$turning$up$to$ trainings.$$A$big$thanks$to$Shane$McGurk$for$the$-me$he$has$given. WEETBIX$TRYATHLON Is$back$in$Manukau$on$Wednesday$4th$December$at$Mouncort$Park,$Manurewa.$$Informa-on$and$registra-on$can$ be$obtained$from$the$school$recep-on.$$It$would$be$great$to$beat$last$years$effort$of$60$children$par-cipa-ng! AUCKLAND$KIDS$MARATHON Is$coming$up$THIS$Sunday$November$3rd.$$Race$Packs$will$come$home$today$for$those$who$gave$me$their$e3-ckets,$ or$advised$me$they$needed$me$to$print$them$out.$$See$you$there$at$10am! WATERPOLO Our$waterpolo$team$is$playing$in$the$Intermediate$schools$tournament$on$Tuesday$next$week.$$Please$be$advised$ the$date$has$changed$from$Wednesday$as$we$have$been$allowed$to$play$in$the$development$league.$$Lehers$about$ the$day$will$come$home$with$your$children$today.