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The decadence of Chocolate--for LiveWell, a 1-800-FLOWERS niche publication.

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  1. 1. gift-giving&cuisine BY KAREN PASACRETA CHOCOMANIA. IT’S MADNESS. Ooh la la…it’s chocolat! What is it about this sinfully delicious dessert that makes even the sanest of people irrational? Some say it’s the taste. It is a Picture this. A creamy milk chocolate feel-good food. But there’s something fondue fountain spilling over the sides creating more. Typically referred to as the “Love a waterfall of decadence. C’mon, admit it. Chemical,” chocolate is said to stimulate the Your mouth is watering already, right? The secretion of endorphins in our brains shown mere idea of it is sending your senses into a to have mood-lifting effects. Ok, try not to tailspin. In just a few minutes you’ll be get all giddy while snarfing down that “to- running to the local store—or at least the die-for” chocolate bar. There really are actual vending machine. You need your chocolate! experts out there who believe this to be true! Forget free will. Hello chocomania. Dark chocolate, with its high cocoa Chocolate is hard to resist. Entire holidays content, is also a rich source of flavonoids, revolve around it. Movies have been named which are said to be helpful in the for it. Spa treatments have been created reduction of blood pressure. Call it using it. There are even chocolate museums! “chocolate reasoning,” this could be the There’s Swiss chocolate, Belgian chocolate, permission you need to eat all the chocolate Italian chocolate, American chocolate. In you want! But keep in mind, chocolate is a case you aren’t getting it—chocolate is high-fat, calorie-rich food, so you may a huge global business. It’s been referred want to think about reducing your caloric to as an aphrodisiac, a healer, an addiction, intake of other foods before you embark on and a downright delicious guilty pleasure. the Chocoholic Diet.12 1-800-793-2318 1-800-793-2318 13
  2. 2. gift-giving&cuisine The Act of Gift-Giving is an Art Form. Our Members Benefit From... Deciding what to buy someone you love can be overwhelming to say the least! Chocolate serves so many purposes, especially as a wonderful gift—and not just on Valentine’s Day! It is the absolute perfect treat Monday through Friday and everything in between. If delicious treats are what you crave, Fannie May has many premium chocolates to choose from, for any occasion. Maybe you would like to send a beautiful floral gift basket instead? What a wonderful way of saying “Thanks,” “Happy Birthday,” or “Happy Mother’s Day.” You’ll find an array of bouquets, gift baskets, and savings at For even more gift-giving rewards, go to for downloadable coupon savings1 on popcorn, flowers, even fresh-baked desserts—you’re sure to find something special for someone you love. Chocolate bars, ice creams, cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate mousse, and more—Americans consume about 10 pounds of For many, chocolate may very well be the perfect food group, or at chocolate in one year; the Swiss eat about 22 pounds a year! Chocolate, known to some as the “Love Chemical,” least a delicious dessert while dining out. Whether making dinner releases endorphins in the brain and gives us reservations at one of the best restaurants in town or running out for mood-lifting effects, making its luscious taste a quick bite, you’ll be able to save 10% to 50% instantly on your entire even harder for us to resist! bill at participating restaurants—both locally and nationwide!1 Give the gift of dining by getting 10% off already reduced prices for $25 gift certificates at over 4,000 restaurants.1 Go to Bon appetit! Chocolate 101 Truffles, bonbons, chocolate bars, chocolate lava cake, mud pie, See the Welcome Letter on the outside of this magazine for special chocolate ice cream… Chocolate commonly comes in different forms offers, or go to You may also request printed that are used to produce these rich concoctions we crave. savings guides using the reply card in your fulfillment materials. DARK CHOCOLATE A more bitter tasting chocolate. Also known as the healthy chocolate due to the antioxidants it contains, which are said toHistory of Chocolate aid in the reduction of blood pressure.Chocolate is thought to have become mainstream in the MILK CHOCOLATE Chocolate liquor with extra cocoa butter, sugar, milk14th century by the Aztecs, who used cacao beans to produce and vanilla added. By far, the most popular form of chocolate. It is fora hot, frothy drink known today as hot chocolate—the the most part an eating chocolate.delicious drink with the desirable flavor. Chocolate is madefrom the fermented, roasted, and ground beans taken from WHITE CHOCOLATE Technically isn’t really chocolate, according to thethe pod of the tropical cacao tree, first cultivated by the Food and Drug Administration, and has no real guidelines for itsOlmec Indians in 1500 B.C. composition. It is primarily made of cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and vanilla.FAMOUS CHOCOLATE MAKERS: UNSWEETENED OR BAKING CHOCOLATE This is simply cooled, hardened1852 - Italian chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli founded chocolate liquor. This is primarily used as an ingredient in recipes. You his chocolate company in San Francisco. would never want to eat this like a candy bar! Semi-sweet chocolate is1868 - John Cadbury mass-marketed the first boxes of chocolate candies. also used mostly in recipes, like chocolate chip cookies. It has extra Go online and get significant cocoa butter and sugar added.1879 - Daniel Peter and Henri Nestlé joined together to savings on hundreds form the Nestlé Company. CHOCOLATE LIQUOR All chocolate is derived from the liquid form of of your favorite brands.1879 - Rodolphe Lindt of Berne, Switzerland, produced chocolate. It’s what is added to or taken from the liquor that produces a more smooth and creamy chocolate that melted the different forms. on the tongue.1920 - H. Teller Archibald opened the first Fannie May shop on 11 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago.1922 - Harry London founded Harry London Candies in Canton, Ohio.1926 - Belgian chocolatier Joseph Draps starts the Godiva Company to compete with Hershey’s and Nestle’s in the American market. 1 Printed online coupons may be required at some locations. Printed online coupons are not transferable and are valid once per visit. Coupons offers are not valid with any other special or promotion. Some offers may exclude gift certificates, alcohol, tax, and gratuity.14 1-800-793-2318 1-800-793-2318 15