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Deliver us from evil defeating terrorism despotism   important book
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Deliver us from evil defeating terrorism despotism important book


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  • 1. Deliver Us from Evil: DefeatingTerrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism by Sean Hannity Important Book Nearly three years have passed since that tragic day in September. Sincethen, our wounds have healed, but our senses and memories have dulled. At first, the nation rallied behind its leader. But by the time theconfrontation with Iraq presented itself, our courage and moral certaintyseemed to fade in the face of partisan bickering and posturing. Now the political left and the Democratic Party are trying to use thedemanding aftermath of the war to exploit our national cause for their ownpolitical advantage.How could we allow ourselves to forget so soon?
  • 2. --from Deliver Us from Evil Sean Hannitys first blockbuster book, the NewYork Times bestseller Let Freedom Ring, cemented his place as thefreshest and most compelling conservative voice in the country. As thehost of the phenomenally successful Hannity & Colmes on the Fox NewsChannel and The Sean Hannity Show on ABC Radio, Hannity has won awildly devoted fan base. Now he brings his plainspoken, take-no-prisonersstyle to the continuing War on Terror abroad -- and liberalism at home -- inDeliver Us from Evil. Evil exists, Hannity asserts. It is real, and it means to harm us. And inthese pages he revisits the harsh lessons America has learned inconfronting evil in the past and the present, to illuminate the course wemust take in the future. Tracing a direct line from Adolf Hitler and JosephStalin through Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, he reminds us ofthe courage and moral clarity of our great leaders. And he reveals how thedisgraceful history of appeasement has reached forward from the days ofNeville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter to corrupt the unrepentant leftists ofthe modern Democratic Party -- from Howard Dean and John Kerry to Billand Hillary Clinton. As Americans face the ongoing war against terrorists and their statesponsors around the world, Sean Hannity reminds us that we must alsocope with the continuing scourge of accommodation and cowardice athome. With his trademark blend of passion and hard-hitting commentary,he urges Americans to recognize the dangers of putting our faith intoothless multilateralism when the times call for decisive action. For onlythrough strong defense of our freedoms, at home and around the world,can we preserve Americas security and liberty in the dangerous twenty-first century.Features:* ISBN13: 9780060750398* Condition: NEW* Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.* Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping PricesPersonal Review: Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism,Despotism, and Liberalism by Sean Hannity. N. members are screaming loudly, entreating anyone who will listen tosave the terrorist regime, Hamas. The organization has not only murderedJews, but Palestinians as well. The world should be outraged, yet thesilence is deafening, especially after 9/11."Give me your passport!" I smiled and said, "Little boys, you should beplaying with toys, not guns." The two boys, about nine and ten years old,clicked off the safeties on their Russian AK-47s. I suddenly realized I wasa dead man if I made one wrong move. It was on October 22, 1983 in
  • 3. Beirut, Lebanon. The following day two hundred forty-one U. S. Marineswould be murdered in their barracks.The night before I had videoed the Marines Christmas messages to theirloved ones back in the States. What a shock to see children, or as theliberal media describe them, "innocent civilians," waging Jihad. Thesechildren had been trained for years in a radical Islamic kindergarten terrorcamp.Yesterday, I met with Sderots mayor Eli Moyal just one mile from theGaza border where 7,500 Hamas-fired missiles have landed. The mayorsoffice is a bunker as are many buildings in Sderot. The childrens playareas are filled with concrete playground equipment which can double asbunkers in the event of a missile attack.Hezbollah and Hamas, Irans sub-contractors, have perfected the art ofmanipulating the media. This has been achieved despite the fact they arerabid, racist, terrorist organizations that make the Ku Klux Kla n look likemere Boy Scouts.Some time ago, I debated Al Sharpton on Hardball with Chris Matthews.The topic was Israels use of what the media labels "excessive force." Isaid to Mr. Sharpton, "Would you defend the KKK if it fired thousands ofmissiles into Harlem, and the residents of Harlem responded with what themedia perceived to be excessive force?"The media does not want to show hundreds of Israeli trucks crossing intoGaza with medicines and food. Likewise, no one wants to acknowledgethat Israeli hospitals in southern Isr ael continue to treat woundedPalestinians. Neither is it popular to acknowledge that the majority of theinjured and dead are Hamas operatives and fighters who surroundthemselves with innocent civilians, often women and children.During the Hezbollah attack on Israel in 2006, I was shocked to seeAmerican liberal reporters stage shots on the roofs of 4- and 5-star hotelsin Haifa. These reporters, attired in dress slacks and spit-shined shoes,had donned flak jackets and helmets in order to look as if they werereporting from Lebanon. Most often, their stories were about "innocentLebanese civilians" being killed. These men and women refused toacknowledge that the missiles were being fired from Hezbollah garageshidden deep in populated areas. One cannot escape the truth that aperson is just as dead whether killed by a woman or child, or an adult,male terrorist dressed in a quasi-military uniform.Americas greatest threat is from Liberal Left liars and lunatics in the mediadetermined to lull the American people into complacency. Most often, thevictims of terror are castigated while the terrorists are lionized. The war onterror cannot be won unless media terror is exposed
  • 4. Israel is again being condemned worldwide for commencing an attackagainst Hamas terrorists entrenched in Gaza. The question then becomes,"Why are the poor Palestinians being subjected to another assault?" Theanswer is quite simply one that most do not want to hear - self-defense.From January through November 2008, Hamas launched 1,212 rocketsand 1,290 mortar bombs into southern Israel. Israelis in that area havelearned to respond immediately to warning sirens that disrupt their dailyactivities over and over. In a matter of seconds, civilians must find shelterwhile hoping that the incoming rockets fail to hit a school, shopping mall, ora home. Children in the area grow up with the fear that they could be thenext target of Hamas deadly intentions. Now, the Israelis face yet anotherchallenge. Hamas has introduced the Gr ad Kaytusha rockets which have alonger range and can carry a deadlier payload. Ashkelon, a resort city onthe Mediterranean, is now within the sights of Hamas missiles and hassuffered death and destruction as a result.Israeli government leaders have reiterated that they do not wish to movemilitarily against the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants. They do, however,have the right and the obligation to protect innocent Israelis which includeboth Jews and Arabs from being held hostage by Hamas and its fellowterrorist organizations operating in Gaza.Hamas is not above using innocent Palestinians to achieve its radicalagenda. Rocket launchers are secreted in neighborhoods which increasesthe likelihood of civilian casualties. This heinous conduct exposes womenand children, and places the onus for any deaths directly on Hamas. It isobvious these leaders have no regard for the sanctity of life, and will go toany lengths to achieve their fundamentalist aims.Israeli troops have targeted Hamas command centers, training camps,rocket manufacturing and storage facilities. Casualties in Gaza are largelyterrorists affiliated with this vile and violent organization.Israel, while protecting itself, has vowed to continue to supply humanitarianaid such as food, medications and electricity to the innocent bystanders inGaza. This will be dependent on conditions in Gaza and the ability torender aid.It is vital that the international community and the Arab world turn itsattention to Hamas as the perpetrator and put pressure on it to halt attackson the civilian population of Israel.According to Defense Minister Ehud Barak the intent is to deal a cripplingblow to Hamas and bring a halt to rocket attacks against Israels citizens.Acting Prime Minister Tzipi Livni said, "This is the translation of our basicright to self- defense. The responsibility for harm to civilians lies with
  • 5. Hamas. Israel expects the support and understanding of the internationalcommunity, as it confronts terror."Surprisingly, Egy pts Foreign Minister Gheit "harshly censured Hamas,placing responsibility for the current situation on Hamas."Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed with Livni: "The lives ofIsraelis are not forfeit, and Israel will not hesitate to respond to any acts ofaggression against it."We must ask ourselves if we would allow al-Qaeda to take up residence inBrooklyn and randomly fire rockets into New York City. Israel cannot beexpected to react any differently than would the govern ment of the UnitedStates under identical circumstances.The time has come for the Christian world to sit up and take notice. Nearthe end of 2008, Hamas paved the way to make the fight against theJudeo-Christian population even bloodier and more reprehensible. ThisIran sub-contractor proposed an addition to the Shariah criminal code thatshould make Christendoms blood run cold: the legalization of crucifixion.It was radical Islams way of saying, "Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear!"This return to the barbaric method of dispatching ones enemies wasdesigned to prevent the Christian population from feeling overlooked whileHamas was occupied with lobbing rockets into schools, hospitals, childcare facilities and the homes of innocent civilians in Israel. Oh, and Hamasdidnt neglect its own; a mortar was tossed into the middle of a Israelicheckpoint as Christians from Gaza were awaiting transportation toBethlehem to celebrate the birth of the One crucified for their sake.Not to be upstaged by Hamas in the world arena, Britains own Channel 4cajoled Ira For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism by Sean Hannity 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!