What is social media marketing


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Social media marketing in a nutshell

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What is social media marketing

  1. 1. What isSocial Media Marketing? http://thedemystifier.com
  2. 2. Traditional Marketing ToolsBefore the internet we had one-way communication methods - or‘push’ marketing as it’s sometimesknown• television & radio programmesinterrupted by adverts• adverts stuck in the middle ofmagazine articles• direct mail through our doors• companies ringing us up http://thedemystifier.com
  3. 3. The InternetThe internet brought uswebsites ... and with them camemore ‘push’ marketingmethods!• banner advertising http://thedemystifier.com
  4. 4. Internet marketing was different to traditional marketing – websites had tobe found.Along came Search Engine Optimisation (seo) – placing words &phrases, that customers were typing into search engines, into website text.But websites were still mostly brochure sites ... advertising products orservices.Because of the internet consumers now had a lot more choice, they didn’thave to buy from high street shops or local business suppliers, they had awhole world of shops and companies to choose from.Businesses started to get wise to this – they realised that internetmarketing needed more of a ‘pull’ strategy. http://thedemystifier.com
  5. 5. Businesses realised that getting people to their website was only half the battle – itwas keeping them there that was proving difficult.I mean who would deliberately watch a television channel that was only adverts.Websites then were all about ‘this is us ... been around 100 years ... we do this ...blah, blah. It was all about the company.Consumers wanted to know what was in it for them. http://thedemystifier.com
  6. 6. Along Came BlogsBlogs are a page within the websitebut not a sales page. Companiescould post short articles whichincluded words & phrases for seopurposes. But instead of being salesoriented they gave customers addedvalue ... by giving tips and freeinformation that helped.Blogs allowed prospective customersto get to know, like and trust acompany and were consequentlymore likely to buy from them. http://thedemystifier.com
  7. 7. But at the time, companies were still relying on search engineoptimisation, online directories and pure chance for their websites and blogsbeing found. http://thedemystifier.com
  8. 8. Enter Social Media Sites http://thedemystifier.com
  9. 9. Because people are social in nature, when sites like My Space and Bebocame out practically everyone under the age of 25 wanted be on them –talking to their friends, meeting new people and sharing photographs andinfo about concerts, bars and restaurants they were going to.It took a while for businesses to realise that more and more people werespending their time on the internet, on social media sites, and less timewatching television and reading magazines & newspapers ... In fact theywere actually watching television and reading the news on social mediasites!Businesses realised that they needed to be where their customers were, sothey jumped on the social media bandwagon. http://thedemystifier.com
  10. 10. Facebook replaced My Space and Bebo, Twitter came along and YouTubepopped up. Older people started to join in and now the largest age group onFacebook is 18 to 34, the fastest growing age group 65+As well as general social sites, business social sites started to pop up ....ecademy.com was very popular in the noughties (and I was proud to be apart of their Customer Service Team back in 2004) ... now Linkedin is thenumber one professional business networking site with over 150m users.Businesses started to realise that social media sites were very effectivemarketing channels.But they’re not advertising channels. http://thedemystifier.com
  11. 11. Push v Pull MarketingSocial media marketing is very much a ‘pull’ marketing strategy.People have to click a Like button, click a Follow button, or accept a requestto connect ... customers have to allow you to put your messages in front ofthem. http://thedemystifier.com
  12. 12. So your messages need to beuseful, entertaining, educational, informative ... basically helpful to yourcustomer. UsefulSocial media sites are ideal places to putlinks back to your blog pages, links to Entertainingevent registration pages, links to formswhere you can capture names & emailaddresses ... Educationaland especially ideal places to get to Informativeknow your customers and let them getto know you. http://thedemystifier.com
  13. 13. Social media is not only a great way to move people over to your blog, butthe sharing capability of Facebook, Twitter etc. helps you reach a much wideraudience than was ever possible.You tell a friend offline that you really enjoyed that meal in a restaurant lastnight and you’ve told one person.Post that same comment on Facebook or Twitter and you’re potentiallytelling millions of people! http://thedemystifier.com
  14. 14. If you’d like more information on how to use social media marketing to helpyour business find new customers & keep existing customers coming back formore come and connect with me at: www.twitter.com/kljsocialmedia www.facebook.com/kljsocialmedia www.linkedin.com/in/kljsocialmedia You can also read my blog at: http://thedemystifier.com Hope to see you soon  Karen L James Demystifying social media for small businesses http://thedemystifier.com