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Bared to you nook edition

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Bared to you nook edition

  1. 1. Bared to You nook editionTo download now please click the link below. Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness…He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to himas I’d never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch likea drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged,and he opened those cracks in me so easily…
  2. 2. Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become themirrors that reflected each other’s most private wounds…and desires.Thebonds of his love transformed me, even as i prayed that the torment ofour pasts didnt tear us apart...ReviewsThis book was absolute perfection for me!! It had me swooning, drooling andpanting over Gideon Cross and had me reading for the better part of it with theworlds biggest grin on my face. It was the perfect blend of heart warming,HOTNESS , and seriously tortured Alpha hero (and heroine).The story is told from the perspective of Eva Hammel, a 24 year old girl whocomes from money but wants to make it on her own in the world. She choosesto start at the bottom and work her way to the top and gets a job in anadvertising agency where she meets the guy who owns the company she worksfor (and pretty much everything in NYC) Gideon Cross and its just an instantconnection between then. Sparks fly from the first glance. And things go fromthere.Gideon Cross is just pure perfection in my eyes! He is tortured, passionate,controlling, but isnt afraid to admit he f*cked up, tender, possessive, gorgeous ,absolutely and utterly in LOVE with his girl... <3 <3 Gah! my heart is burstinghere! <3Hes so messed up but hes trying his absolute best to be everything his girlneeds him to be. I love how on the outside hes this unobtainable larger-than-lifegod but on the inside, hes just a man who wants to be loved by his girl."Oh, Eva." He rubbed his cheek against my damp face. "I mustve wished foryou so hard and so often you had no choice but to come true.""What do you want, Gideon?" I asked softly.He caught me to him and cupped my cheek in one hand. "I want to keep feelingthe way I feel when Im with you. Just tell me what I have to do. And give mesome room to screw up. Ive never done this before. Theres a learning curve."
  3. 3. There are a lot of wonderful book couples out there but the thing that made mejust LOVE this book was how fuctional Gideon and Eva were. Despite bothhaving very messed up pasts, and both having their fair share of f*ck ups, theyworked through everything functional and passionately in a way that deeplywarmed me heart. I loved how open and honest they learned to be with eachother. They both made mistakes but they were understandable mistakes,nothing that make me want to throw my Kindle at the wall, nothing where Icouldnt understand the reaction they had, and they always talked everythingthrough after. I loved how their love for each other made them stronger thanany problems that came their way. It was so refreshing and heart warming.[This relationship] is going to be a lot of work, Gideon." I warned him."Im not afraid of work." He was touching me restlessly, his hands sliding overmy thighs and buttocks as if caressing my bare skin was as necessary to him asbreathing. "Im only afraid of losing you."I pressed my cheek to his. We completed each other. Even now, as his handsroamed possessively over me, I felt a thawing in my soul, the desperate relief ofbeing held - finally - by the man who understood and satisfied my deepest, mostintimate desires."I loved how neither of them were man-whores or virgins before meeting eachother. Not that I have a problem with either one. But it was refreshing andrealistic that they had both been in a normal amount of relationships for acouple of mid-twenty year olds.I also LOVED the side characters. Evas boss Mark and his partner Steven weredelightful and fun. Her bi-sexual room-mate and best friend Cary was just solovable. He was the ultimate big brother character with his own set of problems -I really really hope he gets a HEA. He so deserves one! We dont get to seemuch of his past, but you can tell its really heart-breaking. I loved how he knewEva so well, he just knew when something was wrong just by looking at her."I want there to be happily-ever-afters for the f*cked up crowd. Show me theway, Eva honey. Make me believe." ~Cary
  4. 4. And did I mention how utterly HOT this book was?? I swear I was fanning myselffrom the moment they met (which was pretty much right at the beginning) tillthe very last page.For those of you wondering about the connection between this book and FiftyShades, Id say they have about as much in common as Fifty Shades does withTwilight. Sure the basics are similar, mega-billionaire hero who is possessive ofhis girl... wait, no, thats it actually. The BDSM element is utterly UNlike Fifty.There is no contract or anything like that, and it only comes up about 70% ofthe way through the book, and only briefly at that. Its more about the sexualcontrol, but even then, its not about the kinky f*ckery the same way that Fiftywas. But dont let that deter you, this book is HOT, SEXY, deeply emotional, anda serious page turner.... I found this book more deeply emotional than Fifty andI loved Gideon even more than Christian which is saying a lot cuz all of the Fiftybooks are on my 6 star list."You forget who submits, Eva,” he said gruffly. “I’ve given up control for you.I’ve bent and adjusted for you. I’ll do anything to keep you and make youhappy. But I can’t be tamed or topped. Don’t mistake indulgence for weakness.”… and gah, the library scene!!! *dies* seriously HOTTTTTI just loved seeing these two people from such tortured and broken pastscoming together, finding peace in each other, making things work… its abeautiful story!!“I love you, Gideon.”“God.” He looked at me with something that resembled disgust. Whether it wasdirected at me or himself, I didn’t know. “How can you say that?”“Because it’s the truth.”“You just see this”—he gestured at himself with a wave of his hand. “You’re notseeing the fucked-up, broken mess inside.”I inhaled sharply. “You can say that to me? When you know I’m fucked up andbroken, too?”
  5. 5. The ending was in a perfect place. Happy, resolved but leaving me biting mynails waiting for October to pleeeeease get here faster!!Well never be over, Eva. ~GideonThis is a MUST read!! I’m buying it in hard copy to put on my favorites shelf andknow for sure that I’ll be rereading it many times!! *swoon*Hot, passionate and totally addictive read.The chemistry between Eva and Gideon, explodes on the page. They are madefor each other. Theyre not perfect, as they have their own issues to deal with.But as they work themselves through it, youll be taken on an emotional ride likeno other. Wow, what a ride!Firstly, I need to say. Sylvia Day, I blame you completely for the dark circlesunder my eyes today. And for all of the readers out there, a warning: DO NOTstart reading this book late at night. You will not be able to put it down. You willnot be able to stop thinking about the characters, and it will interrupt your sleep.I started this book last night and dropped everything else to finish it thismorning. What a great novel! And for all of the fans of Fifty Shades of Grey outthere, you especially will love this book. It’s similar to Fifty Shades, but stilldifferent enough to love it.Similarities:A male character who tries to negotiate a relationship: There is no contract butGideon’s approach to Eva is very Fifty-ish. I loved it though. I was postingquotes from this book at 10% in, 12% in, 15% in, and finally I decided to stopbefore I drove people crazy.Stubborn heroine: Eva’s reaction to Gideon was very Ana-ish as well, but no lessamusing. Quote: “Are you kidding?” I scowled. “Listen to yourself. Why even callit a fuck? Why not be clear and call it a seminal emission in a preapprovedorifice?” She is equally affronted and intrigued by Gideon’s approach. Thenegotiations kept me on the edge of my seat.
  6. 6. Tortured Hero: Move over Christian Grey, Gideon Cross has just taken over therole of favorite, bad boy tortured hero. And did I mention he’s smokin’ hot? Still,I love that Sylvia Day evens the playing field by having a troubled past for Evaas well. They are both survivors fighting to find a way to have a normalrelationship, even though neither of them has the first clue how to go about it.HOT, HOT, HOT: as much as I hate the dreaded “Mommy Porn” label Fifty hasbeen given, the book is hot. And if you think Fifty Shades is hot you will findBared to You positively scorching.Still, with all of the similarities I didn’t feel in any way that the book was a copy.It is a great book with its own plot. The characters are well developed andengaging. Sometimes they make you mad, but their faults make them all themore endearing. Gideon’s and Eva’s relationship was consuming, I was suckedright it. It was just the right amount of dysfunctionWhere to start with this book?First off Im suffering major sleep deprivation today after only getting 2 hourssleep due not being able to put this book down.What an addictive, emotional and extremely hot read this was, it consumed me.Gideon and Eva both have a lot of past demons. Can two dysfunctional peoplehave a functional relationship? These two characters absolutely sizzle. They aresexy, passionate, troubled oh and HOT! They are possibly one of the hottestcouples on paper! (in my opinion!).Loved Eva for her backbone. She has guts this girl and she calls it as she sees it.She admits her weaknesses but also knows her strenghts. Gideon.....omg!where to start with him. He is just divine. A truly tortured soul. The therelationship unfolding between them is troubled yet beautiful. These two havelots of baggage that has to be worked through.This is a very sensual, romantic erotic book.
  7. 7. I am hanging out for book 2 - it cant come quick enough for me. I need moreGideon and Eva.To download now please click the link below.