Using Social Media to Engage Kids in Fitness
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Using Social Media to Engage Kids in Fitness



How do you get kids to not only get kids to exercise today but actually get them to lead healthier LIFESTYLES? Learn how to connect with kids by using social media and tap into their lifestyles. For ...

How do you get kids to not only get kids to exercise today but actually get them to lead healthier LIFESTYLES? Learn how to connect with kids by using social media and tap into their lifestyles. For many teens prom is often the catalyst of interest to get them to exercise and eat properly.



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  • Practice what you preach - lead by example - my passion - my mission is to empower youth to live healthier lives while connecting with them and making a lasting difference
  • Strted my career in fitness as a trainer – most of my clients were parents who had kids…strted learning about pe being cut, getting qs like-what diet should I do? Atheletes that were injured and didn’t know how to stay active, kids that wanted to go to the gym but didn’t know what to do. At the same time I new that the internet had to play a big part….over the years I have learned how to market and create programs specific to diff demos and age groups as well as how to more effectively work e\\w the industry at large – and it isnt a one size fits all model
  • We target kids of diff ages based on what is going on in their lives. We create partnerships with clubs, the community, and brands. then we use social media to implement and deliver the programs, marketing and user experience
  • These kids all have the same thing in common - they all want to be fit - it means different things to all of them..They all want to fit in. they faster, stronger, fit in their dress, get the boy to ask them out - at the end of the day-they want the same thing we do - to look good.Maybe they tried weight loss programs, exergaming, tween programs at clubs, etc.It is not about the 1 hour workout any more- it is about connecting with them all the time and understanding what is important in their lives
  • Technology – Cell phones, texts, facebook/myspaceStress – overscheduled, collegeRole Models – both parents working, the trainer, trainer on the internetLindsey LohanAnorexic modelPre developed girl with an awkward boyIphone with facebookTo summarize – one of the things we tell our prom clients – it’s a lifestyle for long term results – so 15 years later you can still fit in your prom dress. A little anecdote – one of our prom ambassadors shared with us who her role model is….SATs – scantron sheetSilhoutte with a question mark
  • My goal today is to get you excited about the youth market. There is a way to make money and make a difeerence.
  • To be able to connect with the psyche you have to Understand where people are in their lives. SHARE MY BIKE ACCIDENTDifferent needs and priorities at different stages in our lives. Babys/younger kids - just make them move right?Girls as young as 10 are complaining about their thighs and stomach being too flabby….And then you’ve got teens - they want to look at hot at prom, they want the boys to like them. And the boys-they want the girls to like them too College kids - time management, late night eatingWorking professional - new schedule, dating, Married w kids…..looking for childcare options….Need to understand where the person is in life and how to connect with them…Teens – not being addressed,client kids as examples…and then my bike accident –where it all clicked for me when I had nothing but time to thnk-I remembered how I got so into fitness and how it helped me cope thru the stressful time of SATS and college apps. Andf then I took this w me to college. - I didn’t gain the f15.Husband gains weight when moms do. As a trainer with clients that were profesdionals and parents w kids……was obvious there were holes in wht was available
  • after wwII people are found unfit to be drafted – test for endurance, strength and flexbiility were created.1980s group exercise came to be…..As an industry - we havent gotten very far…..Fjirst Ray Krock mcdonalds franchise 19551956 – LaLanne opened one of the nation’s first gyms in oakland, CA which became protype of dozens of gyms using his name1982 – group exSports Illustrated, 1960 pres kennedy ‘The soft American’ - ‘We are under exercised as a nation. We look instead of play, we ride instead of walk’Sport illustrated bikini models 1960s1956 - President's Council on Youth Fitness founded & Presidential Physical Fitness Award1972 – The Presidential Sports Award Program was created1983 – May is the "National Physical Fitness and Sports Month”1996 - Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health was released2000 – Obesity epidemic2010 – President Barack Obama renamed the agency the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, with a new emphasis on nutrition as an element of fitness1980s - Step Aerobics, home video, group exercise impacted fitness clubs as we know them today Catered to adults, drop off with fitness programs and standards in schoolsWHEN DID PE LOSE FUNDING
  • So much emphasis on obesity… but what about the kids that arent obese but still need help?
  • But what about the non athletes? The kids that don’t want to play sports, are bad at sports or don’t do well in competitive groups? Or the kids that don’t have time to paly sports and need help fitting it in?Non Athlete 65%, Athlete 45%Options – if cant or don’t want to play sports. Prepuscent and teens not a lot of options at the gym.Kids as young as 5 are being put into team sports-what is happening is that they maybe cant keep up with their peers, they lack core and upper body strength, balance, coordination..they are getting picked on by their peers.If there are options, how do we get them excited?The fitness industry is starting to integrate different types of programs for kids.In school, if they don’t play sports, there are not a lot of alternatives.Afterschool alternatives – this is where the fitness industry comes in.Excited once they had a bad experience to what they consider exercise? Kids had balls thrown at face, or are uncordinated, or can’t make the basketball shotIdenitfy the kids early? its not going to be the PE teacher, the parents may not be able to recongize what is happening. If they do, they may not know where to turn.How can we as a fitness industry get involved?
  • Identyf – speak to incoming class of freshmen in high school girls, fill out fitrness questionnaire – what celeb body do they admire workout for 5 year olds, use balls and balanceto idenitfy the kids who lack core strenght Clubs can implement workouts similar to this to give feedback to the parents with this information Family work out days at the facillity to engage with their kid but also see where other children’s fitness levels are How to talk to themEmpower Confidence that they can achieve goals. Modify the exercise if the child is having diffiuclty Kids without cell phones – give information to parent, parent must be invovled especially if you cannot keep connected with the child after they leave the facility.
  • Lifestyle Family Fitness offers program for teens allowing them to use clubs free during the summer breakExpanded from ~2000 teens in 2004 to more than 11,000 last yearExample of specific program - swim program for children of all agesLifestyle Family FitnessClub One
  • Ex of how to bring all these pple together into 1 workout - family events, holidays, get kids excited but don’t make it just about the event,…..
  • Primp for Prom: This is just one example of how we are blending media with fitness – right now its prom. this is our first promo piece for prom, to serve as educational, but fun and cuteADD ViDEOJack LaLanne understood the power of the media. If it weren't for TV, we never would have heard of Jack. Jack used access to the media to earn trust and to teach. And most of what Jack had to offer he offered for free. He understood the value of attention.
  • 1 – market not being served -youth-but they are not all the same as ive learned2-trainers/marketers - -being able to connect w your client base. Need to be able to identify w this age group. Need to speak the same language. Need to be role models/mentors - that’s what kids want. 3-don’t g discoi\\uraged-pple would say teens are underserved but too difficult to figreu out4-started as private training – now sell primp for prom, college, tour de fitness, repeated events, 1 off events and daily lifestyle programs5-companies trying to sell me stuff to sell products to them – I don’t want to become affilaited w afad or soemthign that is controversial to make sure we can get recs and referrals6prom as an example – girls want a short term solution – its finding a balance of being cool but providing a reputable solution that is more about a lifestlye7-pple said you cant make money on teens/kids – I was determined to figure out how. There was a need-and a will-as I dug deeper and learned from health club owners they wanted to target the youth market4-
  • Karen updated logos, karen contacy infoFitness clubs, studios and personal trainers can participate.

Using Social Media to Engage Kids in Fitness Using Social Media to Engage Kids in Fitness Presentation Transcript

    The Catalyst for a Lifetime of Fitness
    in today's Social Media World
    Karen Jashinsky
    Founder / CEO of 02 MAX
    March 13, 2011
    Karen Jashinsky
    Founder / CEO of 02 MAX
    March 17, 2011
  • Karen Jashinsky, Founder & CEO - O2 MAX
    • 1 of 26 most influential young people in the
    fitness industry in January ‘07 by IHRSA
    • 1st Recipient of the IHRSA Emerging Female
    Business Leader award in ’09
    • MBA from USC
    • Certified Fitness Trainer
    Lead by Example…
  • What is O2 MAX ?
    Youth Fitness & Media Company Focusing on Lifestyle & Transition Programs
  • Revolutionary ConceptFitness Programs that Enable Youths to Get Fit Anywhere
    Target Market
    High School
    Social Media
    Proprietary Programs
  • What do they have in common?
  • Kids Today
    • Pop Culture
    • Eating Disorders
    • Body Awareness
    • Social Media
    • Stress
    • Role Models
  • Agenda
    • Issues
    • Understanding the Life Stages
    • Evolution of Fitness
    • What About the Non Athlete?
    • How to Engage & Excite Kids
    • How Can the Fitness Industry Play a Large Role?
    • READY…SET...GO!!
  • Different Lifestyles
    • Running at yard
    • Playing at computer
    • Family dinner
    • TV dinners
    • Physical Education at school
    • Physical Education cut from school curriculum
    • Walk home
    • Driving to/from school
  • Understanding the Life Transitions
    Married with Children
    Working Professional
    College Student
  • Fitness Milestones…or not?
    National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • What About the Non Athlete?
    Non Athlete
    • What are their options?
    • How to get them excited?
    • How to identify these kids early?
  • Ambassadors
    * From Different Schools
    Inspiring Others Along the Way
  • Prom as an example…
  • How it Works?
  • 3 Options…
    Do at Home
    Workouts :
    * At home
    * At studios
    * Fitness Club
    * Online
    Group Workouts
    Private Training
  • At Clubs…
  • At Schools
    • Fundraise for prom & programs
    • Educate on proper eating & exercise
    • Support School Papers
    • Workshops
    • Awareness
    • Publicity
    • Parent Support
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Why it Helps?
    • New leads
    • Timely
    • Positive
    • No Risk
    • Revenue
    • Events
    • Publicity
    • Online Exposure
  • How can YOU get Involved???
    • Ambassadors
    • Fundraisers
    • Contests
    • Classes
    • Events
  • Some Clubs in Action
    Club One
    Lifestyle Family Fitness
  • How Can the Fitness Industry Play a Larger Role?
    Programs for Different Age Groups
    Matching the Right People and Programs
  • How to Engage Youth
  • Plans In Action
    • Industry changing from babysitting to entertainment & education
    • From childcare as a convenience to more targeted programs
    • Creating attractive, targeted offerings
    • Developing bigger and betterfacilities and programs
    • Childcare as a criticalcomponent to attracting families
    • Proving successful for the teens,their parents and your members
    • PR has been incredibly positive
  • www.
  • Karen Jashinsky 310 927 7526
  • 7 Things Howard Stern Can Teach You About Business *
    Target customers you can serve
    Leverage employee skills
    Stay true to your vision
    Create multiple streams of revenue
    …but never at the expense of long-term results
    …and never at the expense of your core business
    NO means… MAYBE… or YES
    * Haden, Jeff (02-09-2011). "7 Things Howard Stern Can Teach You About Business" BNET
  • Questions
    Karen Jashinsky
    Founder / CEO O2 MAX
    Click ‘Primp for Prom ‘ to view the video