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Download Karen Clark's professional speaker onesheet.

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  • @jeffzelaya Fantastic Jeffrey - you are off to a great start! Isn't working with Wordpress fun? :) I've been using it for 10 years and we have a love/hate relationship. haha
    My main website is http://www.mybusinesspresence but maybe you'll want to check out Instant Media Kit - it's what I use for my speaker site, there's a link to it on the bottom of mine (affiliate link of course!) http://www.karenmclark.com
    Sorry for the delay - new to Slideshare and didn't realize the social aspect! Oops! Something new to work on! Take care!
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  • Great job Karen! Awesome handout. Check out my site when you get a chance I'm trying to do the same thing. http://bestpublicspeaker.com
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Karen Clark Social Media Speaker - One Sheet

  1. 1. Karen Clarkspeaker • trainer • author Taking her own direct sales business to the highest level of the compensation plan was just the start for Karen. As the Director of Consultant Development for the corporation, she created train- ing programs for the entire field before founding her online presence training company, My Business Presence. Karen has co-authored two books — Incredible Business and Direct Selling Power. Her information packed, inter- active presentations are guaranteed to inspire your audience to enhance the relationships they have with their cus- tomers by integrating person-to-person people are saying… contact with smart Internet Marketing “She trained us in a way that made it easy and fun! After her training, we saw an in- strategies. crease in the number of Consultants using social media, and an increase in our own Her wealth of practical knowledge corporate fan page.” focused on productivity, her ability to Jena Thompson, President & CEO, Daisy Blue Naturals simplify even the most advanced social media concepts and her fun, friendly “Karen brings humor to her audience while she shares her knowledge and builds the style make Karen the standout trainer skills of others in the direct selling industry. Karen Clark is a “must-have” addition to for your event. a national convention, regional conference, or leadership retreat.” Linda D. Lucas, President, Allura Designs • “If you are looking for a speaker who is knowledgeable, charming and innately human, Karen Clark is a great choice. Her amazing expertise and experience in building her own profitable online business means she has done it all before.” Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Acclaimed Author of Webify Your Business & Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed topics ▶▶ Social Media Sanity: Get on, get noticed, and get off! contac t ▶▶ Going Local Online: Get more business in your own backyard ▶▶ Fabulous Facebook: Attract, engage, enroll k aren cl ark ▶▶ the Blogosphere: Participating with purpose and presence speaker • trainer • author ▶▶ I’ve Got Leads, Now What? Use offline contacts to build online community San Francisco Bay Area ▶▶ leveraging linkedin: Demonstrate expertise to build your team 707.486.1927 ▶▶ technology for leaders: Leveraging todays communication tools karen@mybusinesspresence.com ▶▶ digital moms: Grow your business by reaching the mommy market online www.mybusinesspresence.com ▶▶ direct selling power: Elevate your professional image online
  2. 2. sav v y social media presentations fabulous facebook social media sanity In this session you’ll learn the powerful dos and donts of using Facebook Youve heard you can benefit from selling, for business, including the benefits of creating a separate business Page for sponsoring and supporting your team online, marketing. Learn exactly what to do each day in a short time on Facebook to but with a busy business and its necessary ac- achieve the greatest effect so you can focus on the rest of your business! tivities, not to mention the rest of your life, who has the time to be on the computer all learn: day? In this session youll learn how to get on, ▶▶ How to encourage interaction on Facebook and create a community online get noticed, and get off so you can be effective ▶▶ How to increase your customer base and prospects using powerful Facebook moves and efficient online. Learn exactly where and how to spend your time in social media. ▶▶ How to get more referrals to new business using the social nature of Facebook Discover: going local online ▶▶ How to use social media sites efficiently and Meeting new people exposes you to people all over the world. What if you effectively, including little-known tips and tricks want to focus on building a local team, increasing your home party bookings, ▶▶ Social Media CPR — the 3 most powerful steps or inviting people to local events? The Internet is making the world smaller every entrepreneur can take online right now and smaller every day. Use the world wide web to find and connect with local ▶▶ What to post to be of service to others and not customers and prospects right in your own backyard. turn customers and prospects off Explore: ▶▶ The quickest and simplest way to be consistently found in local searches ▶▶ How to set up your social media profiles to attract people in your own area ▶▶ Powerful online tools that open more local doorways into your business partial client lis t ▶▶ Simply Said ▶▶ Celebrating Home ▶▶ Party Gals ▶▶ Jolica ▶▶ Story Time Felts ▶▶ DSWA ▶▶ Allura Designs ▶▶ Artful Décor ▶▶ Close to My Heart ▶▶ Daisy Blue Naturals ▶▶ Initial Outfitters contac t Karen k aren cl ark Clark speaker • trainer • author San Francisco Bay Area 707.486.1927 karen@mybusinesspresence.com www.mybusinesspresence.comspeaker • trainer • author