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Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures



Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Policies and Procedures Animation Lab
  • 2. Rules 1) Food, gum, or drinks are NOT allowed in the lab. O Water is allowed with sealable top 2) When the teacher is talking, students are NOT. O If everyone is talking? Who is listening? 3) Treat others with respect. O Hateful comments towards another person’s race, gender, political views, appearance, or anything else is NOT tolerated. 4) Take Ownership. NO EXCUSES. NO LYING. O If you did something you should not have, own it and tell me.
  • 3. Consequences Three strikes and you’re out policy. O Strike 1 O Reminder about questionable behavior. O Strike 2 (one or all of the consequences below) O Conference with instructor O Classroom Detention O Parent contact O Strike 3 – You’re OUT. O Referral O Sent to your House Office O Parent contact
  • 4. Entering the Room O Backpacks go under your workspace. NOT IN THE AISLE! O When you come in each class period, check your workspace. If it is messy, fill out a Messy Workspace Report. O You do not want to be blamed for someone else’s mess.
  • 5. Computers O All computer equipment is set up the way it works best for all. O DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES! O DO NOT Change Monitor angle or height O DO NOT Change your background. O DO NOT Unplug ANYTHING! O If there is something wrong fill out a Computer Problem Report and let me know you filled it out.
  • 6. USB Drives O If you want to use your USB drive, plug it into one of the two ports located on the side of the left monitor. O Remember to Eject your drive before you take it out!!! (…only if you want to keep your data!)
  • 7. Headphones O Headphones rest on the back of the left monitor when not in use. O They are connected via an audio extension cable to the back of your computer. You do not own these so please: O DO NOT DISCONNECT THEM! O DO NOT PLUG THEM INTO THE FRONT! O DO NOT PLUG THEM INTO YOUR iPOD (bring your own) O Misuse of headphones will result in headphones being removed.
  • 8. Internet O Computers are to be used for school assignment purposes ONLY. O You do not own these computers. They are District property. O Playing games instead of working is a bad idea. It’s also bad for your grades. O I use lab management software to keep students on task. If you choose to play instead of work, I will block all internet usage except whatever web pages you need to get the assignment done.
  • 9. Grades O Check grades often! O Web-based O Mobile App O iPhones and Androids.
  • 10. Bathroom Breaks O Ask first. O Take the Red Pass (Red = Restroom) O You will not be allowed to go the first 15 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes. O DO NOT ASK TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AND COME BACK WITH FOOD. (No matter how good you think you are, you can’t convince me they now sell food in the bathrooms.)
  • 11. Saving Files O When your software crashes and you haven’t saved, you get angry. O When you get angry you go for a long run. O When you go for a long run, you take a wrong turn. O When you take a wrong turn you end up alone on a highway in the desert. O When you end up alone on a highway in the desert you think you see an oasis. O When you think you see an oasis you drink sand. O DON’T DRINK SAND. O SAVE OFTEN!
  • 12. N Drive O All work for this class is to be saved in your student folder in the N Drive. O We don’t save to H drives in here. You will max out your H drive in no time flat. O N Drive folders for each student will be created by the end of the week.
  • 13. Turning in Work O Work is collected by: O electronic upload O screen check O physically handing in materials O Listen carefully when I go over projects. I will always: O Go over HOW I expect you to turn in your work O WHERE to turn it in and O WHAT to name it. O Don’t be lazy and ask me the HOW, WHERE, and WHAT when it is time to turn in the assignment. O If you do, I will tell you to go look on my web page. Or go scan the QR code.
  • 14. Naming Files O Naming convention: period #last name_projectname Example: Karen Adams is in 3rd period and the project name is talking carrot. The teacher asked the students to send her the SWF file. 3adams_talkingcarrot.swf
  • 15. End of Class Period O End each class period by O CLEANING your own work area O logging off (next class will rat on you because they can’t log in.) O returning materials used O returning to your seat O NO STANDING AT THE DOOR close to bell time. O Consequence for standing at the door: you are the last to leave. (sometimes the entire class is delayed leaving)
  • 16. Leaving the Room O Push in your chair O This is important for several reasons: O Makes it easier to get to your seat O Keeps room neat O You are taking care of the Animation Lab YES NO!
  • 17. To get the MOST from this class O SHOW EFFORT. O Turn in your work on time. O Check your grades often! O Come in for tutoring. O Positive Attitude.
  • 18. That’s all folks! Let’s have some animation fun this year!!!