Day Two


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  • Day Two

    1. 1. The Global Pioneers | Dianética Santo Domingo First Dissemination Tour t o t h e D o m i n i c a n R e p u b l i c DAY TWO
    2. 2. Words Thought is complex, but language is rich and in itself carries the largest burden of culture and enlightenment in any high-level civilization. It is there for use, not abandonment. The task is to reconcile the use with the potential comprehension. [...] Words are not just a dry academic subject. They carry the tide of progressing civilization. They are for use in your livingness. They capsule the knowledge and content of the world. L. Ron Hubbard Words Clearing: Education & Understanding
    3. 3. Background Place: Dominican Republic, situated in the very center of The Caribbean. Milla (Mission Holder Santo Domingo) bumped into Cary (President Global Pioneers), while surfing at Facebook. That’s how she learned about the awesome dissem job that The Global Pioneers team (GP) were doing just a few miles away, in Haiti. Two seconds, four tenths after that, she decided that the team MUST come to our country, so by the end of July preparations for the largest Dissem Tour in the history of the Dominican Republic began. 372 emails, 30 phone calls and 2 work months later, the day so-yearned-for, August 27th 2009, finally arrived. The Global Pioneers team arrived, along with one thousand pounds of books and unmesurable amounts of purpose and intention.
    4. 4. Study Tech Seminar Saturday, August 29th 9 AM Library of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)
    5. 5. With the help of the promo we created and thanks to the great coordination work done by the Director of the INTEC Library, the Seminar was a success. Starting withe the welcome speech and the introduction of the speakers...
    6. 6. Following with the Group Processing delivered by Mike, the Barriers to Study introduction by Cary and closing with the distribution of the Basic Study Manuals. All students and teachers were fascinated about this new tool.
    7. 7. An extra treat... So it was that after the closure, the Library Director, Ms. Lucero Arboleda, was more than willing to grant us permission to use the room for a second round: a Self-analysis Seminar, for those who wanted even more. And, yes they wanted! Thus, Pilar, Marisol and Manuel stayed to deliver it (unfortunately, no pictures this time) and the rest of the team went to Villa Gonzalez village, in the middle of the green, fertile Cibao Region ....
    8. 8. Self-Analysis Seminar Saturday, August 29th 2 PM Library of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC)
    9. 9. Self-Analysis Lecture and Group Saturday, August 29th 5 PM Processing Villa González Haitian community Christian Church, (near Santiago)
    10. 10. After some two hours of the amazing summer-green of our countryside, we arrive at the church. There, Mike delivers a short lecture about the human mind and then Group Processing. Milla translates.
    11. 11. In brief.... 158 Attendants to 2 seminars and 1 lecture 150 People on group processing 100 BSM, Self-Analysis y Dianetics DVDs in the hands of the public 2 Co-auditing grups started
    12. 12. And, again, it is just the beginning!
    13. 13. Made in a Mac | Texts and presentation by Milla | Photography by Brad © 2009 CS MSD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dianetics, Dianetics symbol and L. Ron Hubbard signature are trade marks and service marks, owned by RTC and are used with its permission. Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.