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  • Day Four Ra

    1. 1. The Global Pioneers | Dianética Santo Domingo First Dissemination Tour t o t h e D o m i n i c a n R e p u b l i c DAY FOUR
    2. 2. The future Today’s children will become tomorrow’s civilization. Bringing a child into the world today is a little bit like dropping one into a tiger’s cage. Children can’t handle their environment and they have no real resources. They need love and help to make it. [...] It will help the child enormously if you obtain understanding of and agreement to this way to happiness and get him or her to follow it. It could have an enormous effect on the child’s survival — and yours. L. Ron Hubbard The way to Happiness: Love And Help Children
    3. 3. Background Place: Dominican Republic, situated in the very center of The Caribbean. Milla (Mission Holder Santo Domingo) bumped into Cary (President Global Pioneers), while surfing at Facebook. That’s how she learned about the awesome dissem job that The Global Pioneers team (GP) were doing just a few miles away, in Haiti. Two seconds, four tenths after that, she decided that the team MUST come to our country, so by the end of July preparations for the largest Dissem Tour in the history of the Dominican Republic began. 372 emails, 30 phone calls and 2 work months later, the day so-yearned-for, August 27th 2009, finally arrived. The Global Pioneers team arrived, along with one thousand pounds of books and unmesurable amounts of purpose and intention.
    4. 4. The Way to Happiness, Human Rights and Monday August, 31st 2 PM Self-Analysis, Centro de Formación Integral Cigar Family, Bonao
    5. 5. Surrounded by breathtaking Nature, near Bonao city, is the Centro de Formación Integral Cigar Family, close to Fuente family tobacco plantations. There, about three years ago, we delivered a Study Tech Workshop to teachers and students.
    6. 6. At our arrival, the younger kids (3 to 6 year old) were sent home. Mike says goodbye to them. Remaining students are split by age groups. Charlie takes care of younger ones; Mike and Milla take care of the older ones.
    7. 7. The younger kids get group processing and then they are shown The Way to Happiness video. All give their own examples of how are they going to apply these precepts on their lives. As homework, they will apply some of the precepts that very evening, when they get home.
    8. 8. Older kids watch the same video and also the Human Rights one. Then, they are given a short introduction to the human mind and a few minutes of group processing, delivered by Mike.
    9. 9. It was a very productive afternoon. Students are happy, teachers and school psychologist are happy and us... needless to say! After the closing, two teachers came to ask another two lectures like this, for their own kid’s schools.
    10. 10. “Family pictures” with the Centro de Formación staff. Principal receives from Mike a materials set: Books and DVDs for the Center, addressed to students of all ages.
    11. 11. In brief.... 256 Attendants to 2 Seminars 256 People on group processing 50+ Books and DVDs in the hands of the public 171 Processing hours delivered
    12. 12. The four-day summary, in brief.... 719 Attendants to 10 Seminars, lectures and meetings. 560 Books and DVDs in the hands of the public. 701 People on group processing 82 Co-auditing groups started 432 Processing hours delivered
    13. 13. And, again, it is just the beginning!
    14. 14. Epilogue... That night we went to dinner together at Manolo’s. We were also celebrating the completion of a cycle so productive, so full of adventure and, above all, so promising for the near future, both for our country, and for each one of us. During its stay in our country, the GP team met opinion leaders and a very high- ranking official (which is why they look so elegant in the picture). These persons were enlightened on the various technologies of L. Ron Hubbard on the Way to Happiness, Study Technology, Drug Education, Human Rights and Dianetics. The GP team was well received by all of them. Today, a week after his departure, a little birdie told us that they can’t possibly wait to come back. And that, of course, will happen very soon.
    15. 15. Thanks. The list of people to whom we owe the success of this action is longer than the ones read at the Oscars. We’ll try to summarize it, even when we are aware that some of them will remain unmentioned: To the Governor’s Office and Director’s Office of UASD Library. To the Director’s Office of INTEC Library. To the staff of CIFCF, Bonao and to the Director’s Office of IDDI, Inc. To all Scientologists of Florida who helped finnancing the Tour through their generous donations for books, materials, and airfair and room and board expenses for the GP team. To the Flag staff who supports The Global Pioneers team. To The Global Pioneers team and their families. To Roberto, from Miami. To Isabel, Mabel and Myriam, from New Jersey. To Altagracia, Juan José, Nathalie, Leo, Edison, Gregorio, Xiomara, Fernando and Salomón; from our public. To the Santo Domingo Mission Staff and their families.
    16. 16. Very well done! There is something you can count on. We will continue doing our job. [...] And someday, who knows, if we are lucky and do our job, this won’t be the most insane planet in the universe. It will be the most splendid, where men of good will can live in well-founded confidence and peace. L. Ron Hubbard The value of Scientology, January 1969
    17. 17. Made in a Mac | Text and presentation by Milla | Pictures (mostly) by Brad | Song It’s In Every One Of Us, composed and performed by David Pomeranz © 2009 CS MSD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Dianetics, the Dianetics symbol and the L. Ron Hubbard signature are trademarks and service marks owned by RTC and are used with its permission. THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and the "Road & sun" design are trademarks owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library in the USA and in other countries. Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for its permission to use a selection of the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.
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