A Comparative Look at Two Web-scale Discovery Services


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More libraries adopt 'Google-like' search tools as they continue to make information more accessible to their users. This presentation looks at two of those products.

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A Comparative Look at Two Web-scale Discovery Services

  1. 1. A Comparative Analysis of Serials Solutions Summon and WorldCat Local Web-scale Discovery Services
  2. 2. What is Serials Solutions Summon?  Also known as Summon or SSS A web-scale discovery service that enables a familiar web-searching experience of the full breadth of content found in library collections, from books to videos to e-resources.
  3. 3. What is WorldCat Local?  Also known as WCL WorldCat Local is a web-scale discovery solution which provides a main entry to a library’s print and digital collections. WCL provides another way to discover some of the resources available beyond a library’s holdings.
  4. 4. What do these services provide? Content layer SSS WCL  Contains over 500 million items  Over 6,000 publisher’s content  90,000 + journal & periodical  Access to more than 1.267 billion items from authoritative content resources titles  Predominant in newspaper & scholarly journal articles  Includes various other content type such as:  Over 952 million articles      Books Thesis & dissertation Conference proceedings Music scores Audio visual materials  Resources from 70,000 libraries worldwide  Books and eBooks; full text articles from journals and newspaper  Media (films, CDs, images  Government documents  Maps
  5. 5. What do these services provide? Discovery Layer SSS WCL  Embodies ideal features of a next  Provides a front-end user interface     generation library interface Delivers a single point of entry into all the content offered by a library Exceeds federated search Federated searching & Google-ish tendencies Uses relevance ranking and onesearch box to search across articlelevel information.       featuring WorldCat menu and singlesearch box Quick links to help information & different kinds of searches Advanced search option that allows for more precise searching & limiting Initial browse display is ordered by a ranking algorithm that preferences local records Each record includes icons that give users visual clues as to the material’s format Faceted searching Supports multilingual interfaces
  6. 6. SSS Discovery Interface – Basic Search Page
  7. 7. SSS Discovery Interface – Advanced Search Page
  8. 8. SSS Discovery Interface – Results Page
  9. 9. WCL Discovery Interface – Basic Search
  10. 10. WCL Discovery Interface – Advanced Search
  11. 11. WCL Discovery Interface – Results Page
  12. 12. How large a collection will they handle? SSS WCL  Handles libraries with very “OCLC has long been the major bibliographic database for libraries and currently represents the holdings of over 10,000 libraries throughout the world” (Breeding, 2007). X Includes over 84 million records, representing about a billion individual library holdings. large collections For Example: “The Darmouth College collection within Summon currently includes 303 million items, or 56% of the total Summon holdings” (Darmouth College Library, 2009).
  13. 13. Is there a union catalog? SSS WCL  SSS provides a very large  Includes links to catalogs of     centralized index Gives access to content sourced from a multitude of commercial databases and publishers SSS is built around a single unified index that returns a single, unified sets of results Summon indexes holdings from other library’s collection It is up to a library to make the option to “Add Results Beyond your Library’s Collection” available to their patrons local libraries, presenting a list of the libraries that own an item  Stands as the largest libraryoriented bibliographic database in the world  WCL searches the entire WorldCat database, exposing users to a much broader universe of content
  14. 14. Who owns the data? SSS WCL  Acquires content chiefly  WCL partners with several content owners to provide over 1.267 billion items. Such partnerships include: through agreements with content owners primarily:  Journal & newspaper publishers  eBook publishers and  Third party aggregators such as  Proquest, Lexis Nexis, Academic, Gale (4,000 + publishers)  Other sources include:  Libraries subscribing to Summon, which contribute library catalog records and other locally digitized content.  Journals (MEDLINE, ERIC, ArticleFirst)  eBooks (NetLibrary, Ebrary)  Special Collections (OAIster, Archive Grid)  Open Access Content (Hathi Trust, JSTOR, NDLTD)
  15. 15. Does The Service use MARC? SSS WCL  Summon is able to discover  Uses MARC as the match items in a library’s physical collection by importing the library’s MARC records into Summon’s index.  Libraries are responsible to provide updates.  Alternatively, libraries may subscribe to Serial Solution’s 360 MARC updates product. point between its and the user library’s local system for retrieving real-time availability and for placing holds.  Requires that OCLC control number be indexed in the same field of all MARC records and be prefixed in the same way.
  16. 16. In The Cloud SSS WCL  Markets its Software-as-a-  A powerful library application Service (SaaS) product as a cloud computing solution  Through SaaS, Summon owns the application and delivers it via the internet  Assumes responsibility for maintaining, updating and protecting (backing-up) the data resources. of cloud computing  Service is delivered to library from OCLC through the Web  Libraries therefore have  No hardware to purchase  No software to install  No computer system to operate.
  17. 17. Z39.50 Protocol SSS WCL  Enables connection into a  Operates through the OCLC wide variety of databases, web-resources and libraries’ OPACs using Z39.50, xml and HTTP connections Connexions Cataloging interface, and involves setting up Z39.50 access to the underlying Library Management System.
  18. 18. Basic Package SSS WCL  Advanced, blank and discipline-  One search for all content  More than 2 billion items from        scope searches Spotlighting images Facets and Filters Results beyond library’s collection Citation counts and links Catalog details page/pop-up RSS Feed Save items and citation excerpt the world’s libraries  Provides entry point for a global network of high quality materials  Increased visibility for libraries collection through partnerships with Google, yahoo!, and 50 + social networking and book selling sites  Built-in open URL resolution to power A-Z lists links
  19. 19. Advanced Package – Add-Ons SSS WCL       Basic package is its Database Recommender Best Bets Related Searches Auto complete Embedded chat and reference widgets  Custom Text Editor  Search Box and Widget builder  Integrated research guides advanced package.
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