Portfolio Karel Peelman 06/2011

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Portfolio Karel Peelman 06/2011

Portfolio Karel Peelman 06/2011

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  • 1. LE carpet by Karel Peelman
  • 2. New carpet design with innovative materials for Limited Edition Old stu ed animals carpet What happens with the thousends of stu ed animals when we grow up? This shows an innovative solution. This carpet is a patchwork made of them. These are the softest fabrics that are given a second life. Ideal for a kids room, for playing on this softest carpet. Also in the living room for sitting or walking on is it a real pleasure. It gives a nice trendy look to your room without sacri cing real animals.Recycled electrical wires carpetMade from recycled electrical wires from old pc’s, stereos, printers,... Itgives a second life to the cables that otherwise would go to theenormous mountain of e-waste.Available in bright colors with prints optional.The back is silicons, so it’s exible to transport an made it an excellentoutdoor carpet.*Winner of the Limited Edition contest 2011Karel Peelman
  • 3. WaterboilerScetches on paper with stencils and Scetchbook Pro3D model in NX 7.5 and rendering in 3DsMAXKarel Peelman
  • 4. Karel Peelman
  • 5. GearboxObjective was to design a gearbox that can be placed on a smallmotor and lift 100 kilos in an 90°angle to the motor.The gears standing half in lubricate oil. This have to be easy to re lland lose.In the exploded view all the parts are shown.Sheet metal cover for pc coolingModel + unfolding of the sheet metal coverKarel Peelman
  • 6. ALADIN NAPKIN KEEPER Floating Aladin napkin keeper for Alessi (3DsMAX) Karel Peelman
  • 7. PEPPERMILL FOR MATTEO THUNLight elegant design.Made from wood and the mechanism of a Peugeot mill.The ball is magnetic to the body for an easy re- ll.Karel Peelman
  • 8. SCETCHESSome scetches I made on paper with stencils andmarkersKarel Peelman
  • 9. Karel Peelman
  • 10. ECONNECTECOPOP is an innovative system for Twice. Objective was to make an ecological stand construction system with the use of re-board. With only 2 di erent pieces can all the stands be build. They are cut and folded of recycled aluminium wich was the green -est choice for the amount of 4000 pieces (ecolizer). The re-board stays intact and is really easy to connect & transport. Cables t in to gutters. The maquette is made of cadapac and aluminium. A sample is made in re-board and aluminium. Karel Peelman
  • 11. Karel Peelman
  • 12. KOKONBABYSITTER BALANCEBy placing the eggform in a spe-cial angle on the base searchesthe babysitter very long for hisbalancepoint. With one puchswings it for several minutes. Iinvented a system that needs nobatteries by winding up wichmakes it swing autonome for over7 minutes.First scetches and engineering.The mechanism is made from oldclocks and lasercutting.3DsMax model and motion simu-lations.The nal prototype is made ofbenched wood and fabrics for thepillow.Karel Peelman
  • 13. The New Coastal Tram Concept for the new Belgian coastal tram (paper, stencil, scetchbook pro & photoshop)Karel Peelman
  • 14. Karel Peelman
  • 15. Karel Peelman
  • 16. Karel Peelman
  • 17. Thanks for visitingKarel PeelmanIndustrial Product Designerkarel.peelman@howest.be+32 474 / 63 88 87