Linkedin course: Everything you need to know about Linkedin


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This LinkedIn course is designed for anybody that wants to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow their Business and build their online identities.
*What is Linkedin?
* How to make a Great profile in Linkedin?
* How to rank yourself #1 in Linkedin in your field.
* Best practice for Linkedin
* What you need to know about Linkedin Groups
* What you need to know about Linkedin Jobs
* How to communicate effectively on Linkedin
* How to be effective in Linkedin
* Set your Privacy Setting in Linkedin
* common Mistakes in Linkedin

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Linkedin course: Everything you need to know about Linkedin

  1. 1. LinkedIn Course Build your Professional Identity @KareemSamara
  2. 2. What is Linkedin? Business Oriented Social Networking Site. The Biggest In The World. Search & Connect. NOT Job Search Site, BUT Often Used That Way.
  3. 3. Understand it
  4. 4. Why Linkedin?
  5. 5. Brand & Position Yourself. Discover new business and professional opportunities. Largest business & professional Social Network. +200 Million Members. 2 new member every second . 11th Most Traffic Website. Global Network, with local reach. Communicate with decision makers & Influential people.
  6. 6. Personal VS Professional Stay in touch VS Make useful contact. Be entertained VS Keep up to date for your career. Kill time VS Search for opportunities. Share content VS Maintain professional identity. Spent Time Invest Time
  7. 7. Before implementation
  8. 8. Goal
  9. 9. What is your primary GOAL on LinkedIn ? • Attract Business clients. • Hire people. • Get better job. • Stay connected & Communicate with them. • Expand your network.
  10. 10. Who do you want to connect with? & Why? • Classmates, Alumni & Colleagues. • To introduce you to your prospect person. • Customer: to generate leads and drive sales. • Influencers: to build a reputation with them.
  11. 11. Finding your career passion
  12. 12. Profile
  13. 13. Why you need a great profile? • Your profile is the hub of all your activities. So: - It Must be Completed. - It should build: 1. credibility. 2. trust. • It’s essential for LinkedIn search. • Good for your presence on the search engine.
  14. 14. Optimizing your Profile
  15. 15. Profile view
  16. 16. Search view
  17. 17. Groups view
  18. 18. The First Impression
  19. 19. How to build your identity on Linkedin?
  20. 20. Professional Photo. How can you help them “Title”. Keywords “Current & Past job”. Establish credibility “Education+ Experience”. Build trust “Connection”. Recommendations & Endorsement. Customize URL.
  21. 21. Tell your story in 60 second. “or less” • What do you do? • What problem do you solve? • How are you different? • Why should I care? • What do you want me to do next- call to action? Ex.: Profile  Fill Experience, Education & Activities Sections “with details”.
  22. 22. Enhance your profile Designs! Pics! Videos! Docs & Slides! Sound!
  23. 23. Two most popular activities on linkedin are: 1. Search. 2. Profile view. 4.2 billion Professionally-oriented searched in 2011. 5.7 billion Professionally-oriented searched in 2012. How to appear on those searches?
  24. 24. Keywords
  25. 25. Why Keyword is important? What keywords do you want to rank for?..... Brainstorm. Ask your co-workers. Ask your customer. Ask your competitor. Ask linkedin.
  26. 26. STOP.. Don’t stuff your profile with keywords
  27. 27. Network
  28. 28. How Linkedin Works?
  29. 29. Your Friends’ Friends’ Friends Your Friends’ Friends Your Friends
  30. 30. Importance of Networking
  31. 31. How to grow your network on Linkedin?
  32. 32. You contact “Add” them. They contact you: Your “off LinkedIn” activities. They found you via search. They see your activity on groups. Recommendation from LinkedIn member (Connections).
  33. 33. You contact “Add” them. E-Mail Alumni & Classmate. (Live – Work – Do)! Colleagues. People You May Know. Your Connections’ Network. Advanced Search. Who’s Looking at You. Join Groups.
  34. 34. Groups
  35. 35. How to categorize your 50 Group? Job – Industry – Customer How to choose the best 50 Group? Number of Member Demographic Group activities
  36. 36. Communication Message Share updates Like & Comment Other Channels
  37. 37. Jobs
  38. 38. How to search for a Job? Keyword & Title Company Country Student Jobs Saved & Alert Search
  39. 39. Stream
  40. 40. Listen to Your Network - Your Stream Updates you see on your home page. Hidden Activities The frequency of the email.
  41. 41. Add Value to your Network Share relevant content: News, Articles, Videos. (about your industry!) LinkedIn Today. Tips, how to. Questions. Events. Jobs.
  42. 42. Privacy
  43. 43. Profile settings: Your activity Broadcast. Your feeds. Viewed your profile. See your connection.
  44. 44. Top Tips
  45. 45. Make time. Get noticed. Reach out. Spread the word. Get into groups. Follow companies. Persist (without pestering).
  46. 46. Common Mistakes
  47. 47. You have an incomplete profile. You're not building out your connections! You don't belong to the right groups! You always ask for favors. You used to send mass emails. You only use it if you need a job!!!!!!
  48. 48. One More Thing
  49. 49. Its not about what you know, Its about who you know
  50. 50. Questions
  51. 51. Thanks @KareemSamara