Struggle and Survival Part 1


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Struggle and Survival Part 1

  1. 1. Struggle and Survival Part 1<br />Karee Ann Klein<br />
  2. 2. Martin Ocelotl<br />Ocelotl was an indigenous priest<br />Born in Puebla Mexico in 1496<br />He was considered a religious progidy<br />He predicted the coming of “bearded white menwho would wrest control of the land from the emperor<br />He was sentenced to death, but was released in 1521 before the fall of Tenochtitlan<br />He began practicing as a shaman in Tetzcoco<br />He converted to Roman Catholic<br />He was put on trial during the Spanish Inquistiton<br />He was accused of practicing witchcraft<br />He was found guilty and banishedfrom Mexico<br />They sent him to be imprisoned in Spain<br />His ship disappeared at sea<br />
  3. 3. Isabel Moctezuma<br />Isabel was an Aztec princess<br />She was born Techuichpotzin circa 1509 or 1510 in central Mexico<br />Daughter of the ruler Moctezuma II<br />Considered a legitimate heir<br />Her father read in a horoscope that she would have may husbands, which was contrary to the Aztec culture for women<br />Moctezuma II died in 1521<br />He asked Hernan Cortes to care for his children, including Isabel<br />She was captured by the Aztecs and reunited with her people<br />She was married many times<br />She first married her uncle, Cuitlahuac when she was about 11<br />He died of smallpox<br />She was then “claimed” as the bride of her cousin, Cuauhtemoc<br />Last Aztec emperor<br />He was killed when the Aztecs fell to the Spaniards<br />She the married Alonso de Grado<br />Member of Cortes’s army<br />Died in 1528<br />She married Pedro Gallego<br />Died in 1531<br />Conceived a son<br />Finally married Juan Cano<br />Gave birth to three sons and two daughters<br />She also had a child with Cortes, her father’s murderer<br />She received a rich inheritance, an encomienda<br />She died in 1550<br />
  4. 4. Opechancanough<br />Relative of Chief Powhatan and Princess Pocahontas of the Powhatan tribe<br />Born around 1514 in Virginia<br />Trained from boyhood to be a leader of the Powhatans<br />He became chief of the Powhatan Confederacy in 1618<br />He built up the military along with the help if Nemattanew<br />He decided to annihilate the English<br />Launched an attack and they went to war<br />Came to a peace agreement in 1632<br />In 1644 Opechancanough launched one final attack on the Englishmen<br />War lasted two years<br />He was killed by an Englishman in 1646<br />
  5. 5. Squanto<br />Squanto was part of the Patuxet tribe<br />Lived around present day Massachusetts Bay<br />He was lured by Englishman Thomas Hunt onto a boat, along with 20 other Native Americans<br />Hunt used his connection with John Smith, who had good relations with the Indians<br />He planned on selling the Indians as slaves in Spain<br />He was rescued from the slave trade<br />Lived in London for a while<br />Learned English<br />sldkjfs<br />Squanto returned to his homeland in 1619<br />Most of his people had died from disease<br />Settled in Plymouth with the Pilgrims, which was his former village<br />Life with the Pilgrims<br />He became a guide, interpreter, and diplomat for the Pilgrims<br />Taught them how to farm the land<br />He was crucial to the survival of the settlement<br />He died in 1622<br />
  6. 6. Beatriz de Padilla<br />Beatriz de Padilla was born Lagos, Mexico circa 1620<br />She was born into slavery<br />Housekeeper and mistress of don Diego de las Marinas<br />Granted freedom and moved to Mexico City<br />Never married, but mothered two sons and two daughters<br />She had many affairs with important men<br />She was arrested in 1650<br />She was accused of poisoning her secrete lover and the father of her first son, priest Diego Ortiz Saavedra<br />She was also accused of using magic to make the lord mayor of Juchipila go insane<br />A slave, Catalina, confessed to making up the accusations and Padilla was set free<br />She returned to the household of Juchipila<br />