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Struggle and survival
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Struggle and survival


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  • 1. Struggle and Survival Part 1
    Karee Ann Klein
  • 2. Martin Ocelotl
    Ocelotl was an indigenous priest
    Born in Puebla Mexico in 1496
    He was considered a religious progidy
    He predicted the coming of “bearded white menwho would wrest control of the land from the emperor
    He was sentenced to death, but was released in 1521 before the fall of Tenochtitlan
    He began practicing as a shaman in Tetzcoco
    He converted to Roman Catholic
    He was put on trial during the Spanish Inquistiton
    He was accused of practicing witchcraft
    He was found guilty and banishedfrom Mexico
    They sent him to be imprisoned in Spain
    His ship disappeared at sea
  • 3. Isabel Moctezuma
    Isabel was an Aztec princess
    She was born Techuichpotzin circa 1509 or 1510 in central Mexico
    Daughter of the ruler Moctezuma II
    Considered a legitimate heir
    Her father read in a horoscope that she would have may husbands, which was contrary to the Aztec culture for women
    Moctezuma II died in 1521
    He asked Hernan Cortes to care for his children, including Isabel
    She was captured by the Aztecs and reunited with her people
    She was married many times
    She first married her uncle, Cuitlahuac when she was about 11
    He died of smallpox
    She was then “claimed” as the bride of her cousin, Cuauhtemoc
    Last Aztec emperor
    He was killed when the Aztecs fell to the Spaniards
    She the married Alonso de Grado
    Member of Cortes’s army
    Died in 1528
    She married Pedro Gallego
    Died in 1531
    Conceived a son
    Finally married Juan Cano
    Gave birth to three sons and two daughters
    She also had a child with Cortes, her father’s murderer
    She received a rich inheritance, an encomienda
    She died in 1550
  • 4. Opechancanough
    Relative of Chief Powhatan and Princess Pocahontas of the Powhatan tribe
    Born around 1514 in Virginia
    Trained from boyhood to be a leader of the Powhatans
    He became chief of the Powhatan Confederacy in 1618
    He built up the military along with the help if Nemattanew
    He decided to annihilate the English
    Launched an attack and they went to war
    Came to a peace agreement in 1632
    In 1644 Opechancanough launched one final attack on the Englishmen
    War lasted two years
    He was killed by an Englishman in 1646
  • 5. Squanto
    Squanto was part of the Patuxet tribe
    Lived around present day Massachusetts Bay
    He was lured by Englishman Thomas Hunt onto a boat, along with 20 other Native Americans
    Hunt used his connection with John Smith, who had good relations with the Indians
    He planned on selling the Indians as slaves in Spain
    He was rescued from the slave trade
    Lived in London for a while
    Learned English
    Squanto returned to his homeland in 1619
    Most of his people had died from disease
    Settled in Plymouth with the Pilgrims, which was his former village
    Life with the Pilgrims
    He became a guide, interpreter, and diplomat for the Pilgrims
    Taught them how to farm the land
    He was crucial to the survival of the settlement
    He died in 1622
  • 6. Beatriz de Padilla
    Beatriz de Padilla was born Lagos, Mexico circa 1620
    She was born into slavery
    Housekeeper and mistress of don Diego de las Marinas
    Granted freedom and moved to Mexico City
    Never married, but mothered two sons and two daughters
    She had many affairs with important men
    She was arrested in 1650
    She was accused of poisoning her secrete lover and the father of her first son, priest Diego Ortiz Saavedra
    She was also accused of using magic to make the lord mayor of Juchipila go insane
    A slave, Catalina, confessed to making up the accusations and Padilla was set free
    She returned to the household of Juchipila