American colonies<br />Karee Ann Klein<br />
Glorious Revolutions<br /><ul><li>King James I favored the Catholics
This alarmed the Protestants
King James had a son, which promised a Catholic dynasty
The Protestants contacted Prince William of Orange
They asked him to bring an army to overthrow the king on behalf of the Protestants
William invaded England
James fled to France
Found sanctuary in the court of Louis XIV
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American Colonies


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American Colonies

  1. 1. American colonies<br />Karee Ann Klein<br />
  2. 2. Glorious Revolutions<br /><ul><li>King James I favored the Catholics
  3. 3. This alarmed the Protestants
  4. 4. King James had a son, which promised a Catholic dynasty
  5. 5. The Protestants contacted Prince William of Orange
  6. 6. They asked him to bring an army to overthrow the king on behalf of the Protestants
  7. 7. William invaded England
  8. 8. James fled to France
  9. 9. Found sanctuary in the court of Louis XIV
  10. 10. William took the crown
  11. 11. Promised religious freedom to the Protestants
  12. 12. His political party became known as the Whigs</li></li></ul><li>Men and Money<br /><ul><li>England was at war with France
  13. 13. William overthrew James II
  14. 14. England had to build a better army than France to compete
  15. 15. Increased taxes on the people
  16. 16. At one time they were the lightest taxed people in all of Europe, and now they were up there with the highest
  17. 17. English fought the Nine Years War
  18. 18. To uphold Protestant regime
  19. 19. Maintain England’s hold over Ireland
  20. 20. Preserve the American Colonies
  21. 21. Defend their new allies the Dutch
  22. 22. Parliament created a permanent funded national debt that paid annual interest to private financiers
  23. 23. To manage the debt, they created the Bank of England</li></li></ul><li>War of the Spanish Succession<br /><ul><li>There was peace for five years starting in 1697
  24. 24. By 1702, Louis XIV had rebuilt his military and made plans to expand
  25. 25. Louis claimed the throne of Spain for his grandson, Philip de Bourbon
  26. 26. This threatened to reunite the Spanish and French and throw off the balance of power in Europe
  27. 27. England revived the alliance against Louis XIV
  28. 28. King William and Queen Mary of England had died
  29. 29. Queen Anne, Mary’s younger sister, resumed the throne
  30. 30. England was succesful in Europe, but the English colonies were not
  31. 31. The Carolina attacked the capital of Florida and failed
  32. 32. For fear of loss, Queen Anne cashed in her victories before their luck ran out</li></li></ul><li>Pirates<br /><ul><li>England used piracy to attack the Spanish
  33. 33. Queen Elizabeth I protected and invested in pirate enterprises
  34. 34. Pirates were called “privateers”
  35. 35. Hired to loot enemy ships during wartime
  36. 36. New York, South Carolina, and Jamaica hosted pirates
  37. 37. British reassessed their support of piracy at the end of the 17th century
  38. 38. Pirates began looting ships from their own country
  39. 39. Pirates became a liability
  40. 40. Pirates became countercultural outlaws
  41. 41. “A merry life and a short one” became their motto
  42. 42. Crews codified their own rules
  43. 43. Crew members divided the loot among themselves
  44. 44. Operated as a democracy</li></li></ul><li>News<br /><ul><li>Colonists were concerned about hearing news from Europe
  45. 45. “We are here at the end of the World, and Europe may be turned topsyturvy ere we can hear a word of it” – William Byrd
  46. 46. Colonists felt isolated
  47. 47. By the 1730’s ships came more frequently
  48. 48. Ships brought letters, pamphlets, and newspapers from England
  49. 49. They were able to learn more about the wars at home
  50. 50. Newspapers became popular in the Colonies
  51. 51. Boston News-Letter appeared in 1704 as the first enduring colonial newspaper
  52. 52. Copied official items from the London press
  53. 53. Very little local stories</li></li></ul><li>English Emigrants<br /><ul><li>British ships brought many emigrants
  54. 54. Most of them were not English
  55. 55. Emigration increased during times of peace
  56. 56. Many soldiers and sailors were demobilized
  57. 57. Work was difficult to find
  58. 58. Many emigrants became indentured servants
  59. 59. Crime surged
  60. 60. People stole to live
  61. 61. Government imposed the death penalty for “grand larceny”
  62. 62. Stealing anything that cost more than a shilling
  63. 63. Many criminals were transported to America
  64. 64. Planters employed the convicts as field hands, equal to a slave</li></li></ul><li>Growth and Limits<br /><ul><li>A vast array of churches developed in the colonies
  65. 65. At least 2/3 of colonial adults attended church
  66. 66. Denominations
  67. 67. Congregationalists ranked largest with 450 churches
  68. 68. Anglicans ranked second with 300 parishes
  69. 69. Quakers ranked third with 250 churches
  70. 70. Presbyterian were fourth with 160
  71. 71. Hosted some Catholic churches
  72. 72. Hosted a few Jewish synagogues as well
  73. 73. Churches fought over beliefs</li></li></ul><li>Dependence<br /><ul><li>Paris felt that French America was a disappointment
  74. 74. New France and Louisiana annually cost the crown more money than what they sent back to France from the fur trades
  75. 75. Heavy cost to maintain forts
  76. 76. Expensive gifts to appease the Indians
  77. 77. Indians needed the French
  78. 78. They had become dependent on metalware, firearms, and gun powder
  79. 79. “Every necessary thing in life we must have from the white people” – Skiagunsta, Cherokee chief
  80. 80. French tried to get Indians to trade with only them
  81. 81. They discouraged trade with the British
  82. 82. Found that the French needed the Indians more than the Indians needed their trade</li>
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