Roller coaster mania


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STAR Education's first Roller Coaster camp is a success!

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Roller coaster mania

  1. 1. Roller Coaster Mania! July 9th-27th, 2012 California State University, Northridge
  2. 2. Project STEPS• 100 students from 4 • GEAR UP is a “discretionary middle schools in the San grant program designed to increase the number of low- Fernando Valley income students who are – Byrd, Sun Valley, Van Nuys, prepared to enter and succeed and Romer in postsecondary education” (US Dept of Education) • Grant follows the students from 7th grade to High School graduation and beyond, with grant funds also used to provide college scholarships
  3. 3. StaffSchuyler (Science) Amy (Math) Matt (Science) Jafney (Site Director TA) Chris (Math) Stanley (TA)Jenn (Site Director) Lauren (Tech) Paul (Tech) Heather (TA)
  4. 4. Daily Schedule • 8:15-8:30: Students arrive at CSUN • 8:30-8:45: Morning announcements and snack • 8:50-9:35: Rotation 1 • 9:40-10:25: Rotation 2 • 10:30-11:15: Rotation 3 • 11:20-11:30: Wrap-up and Highlights
  5. 5. Students arrived on buses and were given snack provided by STAR or Project STEPS. Students were divided into six groups. Each group had a cool roller coaster name! Students started in their home groups every day and each group had one rotation of math, science, and technology
  6. 6. Day OneMeet your Roller Coaster Group!
  7. 7. Crazy Catapults!
  8. 8. Water Balloon Sling Shots
  9. 9. Dr. John Gerards First Day! Dr. John Gerard of ACE has ridden almost 700 roller coasters!He came every Wednesday to talk about coasters and help students develop ideas for their own designs
  10. 10. Bungee Jumping Egg
  11. 11. Success? Oh no!
  12. 12. Coaster Design ProjectIn the math rotation, students worked in design teams to create their own coasters! Each group had a Project Manager, anArchitect, a Physicist, and an Engineer
  13. 13. Students had to research successful coasters, develop their own ideas,design the track and cars, determine the energy in theirsystem, calculate thecost of their coaster, and make scale drawings!
  14. 14. Calculations
  15. 15. Designs
  16. 16. Marshmallow Structures
  17. 17. Roller Coaster BuildingOn the last week, students took all of their knowledge and worked in groups to take their designs and build their own coasters! You won’t believe what they came up with!
  18. 18. Students used vinyl tubing, styrofoam tubing, cardboard, rubber bands, cups, and lots and lots of tape to build their creations.
  19. 19. Each group had a coaster name and competed for the“Overall Best Coaster Award”, plus others like “Scariest and Deadliest”, “Biggest Loop”, and “Best Use of Technology”.
  20. 20. Overall Best Coaster Award! “Rocketeer”
  21. 21. Six Flags Magic Mountain Many students had never been to Six Flags before and some had never been on a roller coaster before.This what by far the favorite activity and was a great end to the camp!
  22. 22. Thanks to the effort of many donors, students were able to take a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Bolliger & Mabillard is the world’s premiere roller coaster design firm. They are located in Switzerland and donated to out trip!“Partner to Education Award”