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My presentation on Salesforce1 platform at Chennai Salesforce developer user group meeting. I have slightly modified and reused the presentation by Sandeep Bhanot at SF Salesforce Developer User Group meeting

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Salesforce1 - Salesforce DUG Chennai

  1. 1. Chennai Salesforce Platform Developer User Group
  2. 2. Intro to Salesforce1 Feb 16, 2014
  3. 3. Speaker Karanraj Salesforce Developer @karanrajs # SFDUGChennai
  4. 4. Introducing Salesforce1 Download Salesforce1 App today #SFDUGChennai
  5. 5. Unifying the Salesforce Mobile Experience Chatter Mobile Feeds People & Groups Files Native Experience Salesforce Classic CRM data Analytics T asks & events Native phone features # SFDUGChennai Salesforce Touch CRM access Custom apps Agility of HTML5 Logger & Forcepad Sales productivity tools T ask management Call logging
  6. 6. The Salesforce1 Customer Platform Salesforce1 App Salesforce1 Platform APIs r Heroku1 Salesforce1 Platform Services ExactT arget Fuel
  7. 7. Salesforce 1 for Administrator All your past investments... All Your Apps All Your CRM All Your Customizations All Your Devices #SFDUGChennai in the future Notification Platform Drag and drop UI customization Publisher Actions
  8. 8. Salesforce 1 for Administrator 1. Navigations 2. Declarative tools to customize Salesforce1 • Left Navigation • Setup->Mobile Administration->Mobile Navigation • Page and Compact layout • Expanded lookup Additional info for parent records 3. Notifications in Salesforce1 #SFDUGChennai
  9. 9. Publisher Action • Global Publisher Actions • Object Specific Actions Pre-defined values #SFDUGChennai
  10. 10. Salesforce 1 for Developer Programmatic customization #SFDUGChennai
  11. 11. Mobile Visualforce Visualforce Page in Left Navigation 1. Create a mobile Visualforce page 2. Assign to Visualforce custom tab 3. Add the tab in S1 Mobile Administration ->Mobile Navigation #SFDUGChennai
  12. 12. Mobile Visualforce Visualforce Page in Publisher Action 1. Create a mobile Visualforce page (Standard controller) 2. Assign to publisher of specific object ->Java script pub-sub to interact 3. Include the action in the page section #SFDUGChennai
  13. 13. Mobile Visualforce Visualforce Mobile cards & Flexi pages You can include the VF page in S1 related list section(similar to Expand lookup) Flexible Pages allow you to add custom list items to a page You have write XML file Deploy it using Ant or Eclipse or Workbench #SFDUGChennai
  14. 14. Tips • • • • • • Use responsive page design Use <apex:page docType="html-5.0" ..> Avoid Visualforce tags( pageblock, pageblock table, form ) Salesforce mobile design template or Bootstrap or any other jQuery mobile app Java script Remoting Use HTML 5 for device features like taking photo and Geolocation
  15. 15. Canvas App Canvas App in Salesforce1 You can include canvas app in the following sections 1. Left Navigation 2. Publisher Action(Global Action) 3. Visualforce page #SFDUGChennai
  16. 16. Salesforce1 Style Guide
  17. 17. Try it yourself!   Sign up to start developing – FREE Developer Edition:  Follow the Salesforce1 Dev Guide -  Test it out in the app – Download the Salesforce1 app – Open in your mobile browser: • https://[--yourinstance--] #SFDUGChennai
  18. 18. Salesforce1 Resources  Dreamforce Sessions –  Developer Guide –  Blogs: – 6 things you need to know: – Mobile cards: – App Boogie Fever: #SFDUGChennai
  19. 19. Thank You
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