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Trip to Normandy

Trip to Normandy

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  • 1. Visit to Normandy
  • 2. Map Of Normandy Normandy information Some facts about Normandy Location and area:Normandy the region in the north of France is surrounded by the English Channel tunnel to the north and west and bordered by Ile-de-France and the Pays-de-Loire in the south. Area: 29837 km2 Main towns: Rouen - 390,000 people Le Havre – 250,000 people Caen – 117,000 people Language: French Currency: Euro Timezone: Central European in the summer Central European summer time. Flag of France: the Trikolore: white the colour of the king stands between the colours of Paris which are blue and red, symbolizing since the revolution the constrained power of the king.
  • 3. Geography and nature The hills in Normandy are rarely higher than 200m but the area ‘Swiss Normandy’ doesn’t get its name for nothing and the highest point in Normandy in the Forest von Ecouves is 417m high. To the west the landscape is dominated by the landscape type des bocage with hedges and forests breaking up agricultural countryside. The east is covered with endless fields, the Seine divides Normandy into Haute-Normandie in the east and Basse-Normandie in the west. The coast of Haute-Normandie is defined by chalk cliff and pebble beaches and Basse-Normandie has long sandy beaches with dunes. The Gulf- Stream particularly in the west makes for a mild climate allowing palm trees to grow. Culture Throughout its long and tumultuous history, Normandy has been the meeting place of different peoples whose splendid assortment of customs, dialects and traditions have contributed to the region's matchless cultural heritage. From its local dialects and place names, with their vestiges of Celtic, Roman, Frankish, Viking and Middle English, to its traditional costumes and architectural styles, Normandy can boast a truly unique regional culture, which has been further enriched by the many artists, writers, and composers it has attracted and inspired Behavior The Normandy locals are modest but proud. Do not treat them with disrespect or snobbishly. Best is not to wear expensive clothes and jewels, just casual. Don't put them down, don't show off. They'll like you more.... All of the above can be ignored when visiting Deauville and Trouville ! They are considered the 21st district of Paris. Most Parisians can be found here. The Normandy people do not like Parisians !! You will see the reason why if you visit these two cities. In most cases you can see from the last 2 digits of the car license plate where they come from. 75, 78, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95 are all from the Paris area. Locals are 14, 27 and 76. Most cars are from the Paris area. Languages French is the only official language in continental Normandy. English is also an official language in the Channel Islands. Tourism Mont St.Michel is after the Eiffel tower the most visited monument in France and the majority of the visitors are French (80%). The French like the seaside so mostly head to the coast. Visitors within
  • 4. Normandy divide up according to their tastes: The Basicila von Lisieux is a goal for pilgrim tourists, the Monet-House in Giverny attracts arts lovers and Rouen attracts city fans. The British, Normandy’s No.1 foreign tourists head for the D-Day beaches as do the Americans and Canadians. Normandy climate They say that in Normandy you can experience every type of weather in a single day, i.e. it's changeable and the reason is the sea with its changeable and uncalculable winds. The weather in Normandy is mild and more wet with few frosty days and a lot of rain which explains the lush green countryside. The average temperatures swing between 10 and 12 degrees C and even in August the hottest month of the year, the average temperature is around 18 degrees C. By token, the winters are mild and even in the coldest parts of Normandy like the south of Orne or the Pays de Caux, the temperatures don't really fall under 3 degrees. Clothes and equipment Two things belong in your baggage, a swimsuit and an umbrella. And next to sunglasses and suncream, you should pack a pullover and a wind cheating jacket. Walking shoes aren't a bad idea either. Shopping in Normandy The currency is France is of course the Euro, and here are some sample prices: Coffee – 2 Euro for an espresso at a standing bar Ice – 2-3 Euro for two scoops Wine 3-4 Euro for a glass Snack – 2-3 Euro for a cheese sandwich Petrol – 1,30 – 1,40 Euro for a liter of Super Bike rental – 10-15 Euro per rental day Normandy boasts the most exquisite works of arts and crafts. Woodworks, tapestry, pottery, umbrellas, make your pick. Local master craftsmen open their workshops to exhibit and sell their produces. Flambardiere’s workshop located on Omaha’s Beach Road. There is a kind of blue only found in Normandy, where? Stop by Coffignal Pottery workshop, not only can you buy some of their ceramic objects but also watch the process by which craftsmen produce that unique blue. Or learn about crafting umbrellas at Parapluis H20. If you are an Antiques shopper, the area offers an array of stores, specially in Bayeux. You’ll find those that specialize in porcelain, old lace, and old furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, or others that offer a variety of antique items including paintings, old weapons, jewelry and glass items. The stores are open every day with the exception of Sundays and they all close for lunch. One of the best stores with the widest selection of antiques is Brocante et Depot Vente de Bayeuz in Bayeux downtown. Calvados and Camembert cheese are popular souvenirs from Normandy.
  • 5. Money • The currency in France is the Euro (since 2002). • Credit and international payment cards are accepted almost everywhere. • French cards have a microchip so UK cards often take longer to process. • Check your card will work in cash machines before travelling and how much commission your bank will charge. • Eurocheques are no longer accepted. • Keep a separate note of emergency UK numbers in case of theft. • Approximate bank opening hours are 09.00 to 12.15 and 13.45 to 17.30. Banks are usually closed Mondays and close about 16.00 on Saturdays. Details of the trip: 7 day trip to Normandy,France 6th Nov,2010-12th Nov,2010 Famous for apple brandy called calvados and D-day City breaks Normandy's fine cities have something for everyone If you're looking for a taste of the country life or a holiday by the sea, or if you would just like to vary your pleasure, each of the region's historic cities has much to offer, whether you choose to stay for a weekend, a week or longer. A wealth of monuments and excellent museums, theatres and concert halls, fine public parks, a wide choice of shops and markets, friendly bistros and brasseries with shaded terraces from which to watch the world go past, to say nothing of some of the best restaurants in France : time goes quickly for visitors of all ages and tastes. Currency – Euro Exchange rate – 1 Euro = 61.0810 INR Airfare There is no direct flight from India to Normandy so we need to take a flight to Paris then from their we can board either a bus or train to Normandy.
  • 6. Cheapest flight is of Qatar Airways Roundtrip fare :Rs.35,887.00 Will arrive at 6.30 in the morning then we need to take train or bus to Normandy From Paris will board train to Caen – Rs.1126
  • 7. Hotel to stay and its rents La Vavasserie http://chambredhoteslavavasserieomaha.jimdo.com/
  • 8. TELEVISION & WIFI INTERNET 2 rooms: ACCESS * Linen & towels provided * Cleaning included PROMOTION !!!!! From 4 nights booked !!!!! until 58 € / night February 28, 2011 instead of 65 € / night Breakfast the site of the landing of June 6, 1944 Each nite Rs.3542.69 That is approx. Rs.14170.76 Iternary Day1 http://visitnormandy.org/Normandy.nsf/Visit/Normandy.htm http://www.francethisway.com/places/normandy-landing-beaches.php WORLD WAR II LANDING BEACHES: D-Day Beaches Since the hotel is near to the Omaha beach so first day visit will be following: The largest military landing in history took place in Normandy on June 6, 1944 with 130,000 troops landing that day on the beaches. Monuments, museums and bunkers are a living commemoration to the Battle of Normandy. The American Cemetery is located near Colleville-sur-Mer on a cliff overlooking Omaha Beach (one of the landing beaches of the Normandy Invasion) and the English Channel. It covers 172 acres and contains the remains of 9,387 American military dead, most of whom were killed during the invasion of Normandy and ensuing military operations. The graves face westward, towards the United States. This cemetery is very moving and is maintained in an incredibly beautiful manner.
  • 9. Day2 Visit Mont Saint Michel http://www.francetravelguide.com/visiting-mont-saint-miche.html
  • 10. Fare is 5 Euro for an adult from 18 to 25 years. That is Rs.305 Day3 Monet’s gardens in Giverny http://www.parislogue.com/monets-garden-at-giverny
  • 11. Entry Ticket 5.50 Euros That is Rs 336 Day4 Shopping Porcelaine, antiques, craft goods, fine food, trinkets ... some visitors to Normandy come just for the shopping, and indeed there is a wide choice of temptations for souvenir hunters and collectors alike. Towns have antique shops which not only provide an opportunity to find that rare book, piece of porcelaine or water colour, but above all, a variety of bric-a-brac and hand-me-downs that are a delight to discover and possibly acquire. There are regular antiques or bric-a-brac markets in the region : every second Sunday in the month at Lisieux, every third Sunday at Le Molay Littry (Calvados), for example, and specialist fairs are held in different towns and villages all summer (old books, toys, furniture). The
  • 12. French equivalent of a bring-and-buy sale, the "foire-à-tout" is a national institution, especially in small towns and villages, most of which hold a fair at some time in the year. Whenever you are in Normandy, you will be sure to find a flea market or antique fair near to you. French fashion is a by-word for luxurious elegance, and the skilled translation of unique couturier- designed clothes into ready-to-wear articles is a national industry, well-represented in Normandy, where a vaste choice of boutiques in the major towns offer the very best and latest in French fashion ideas, catering for all requirements from exquisite baby wear to clothes for adults which are the essence of French chic. Famous names such as Hermès in Rouen, offer their inimitable fashion clothing and accessories, while resorts such as Deauville are centres of fine living, and attract the rich and famous from all over the world. Rouen has long been a centre for the production of fine porcelaine, and has a museum devoted to it (Musée de la Céramique). Antique specimens of "Faience de Rouen" are sought after by collectors, but it is perfectly possible to find good quality modern examples in specialist boutiques or souvenir shops in most of the main towns. The elaborately decorated plates and dishes make very good souvenirs. As well as porcelaine, the region is a centre for other traditional crafts such as copper-working ,and although bed-pans and candle-snuffers have only a decorative value today, these and other objects are still carefully made with traditional skills. More practical, and equally decorative, locally-produced copper cooking pots and kitchen utensils make useful souvenirs that will find immediate use in any kitchen when the holidays are over, and can be easily found in hardware stores or souvenir shops Transportation Train Station open from 6am to 9pm
  • 13. Rouen : 1 hour,4 daily,11.30 euro Caen: 45 mins,15 daily,10.80 euro Buses every half an hour between train station and Paul Derou – 0.50 euros Total = 51825 Since we have traveling and meal charges so total will be around Rs.55000