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SQL 2012 Enterprise Information Management with DQS and  MDS by Karan Gulati
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SQL 2012 Enterprise Information Management with DQS and MDS by Karan Gulati


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Session talks about SQL 2012 Enterprise Informatoin Managment

Session talks about SQL 2012 Enterprise Informatoin Managment

Published in: Technology

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  • How many people are using MDS or DQS ? How many people are using something else for MDM ?Need to start w a little background…
  •“2013 Analytics & Information Management Trends” (in 2012 was “2012 BI and Information Management Trends”)Was top barrier in 2011 as well
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enterprise Information Management with DQS, MDS and SSIS
    • 2.     Data Warehousing Concepts  Master Data  Fact Data Enterprise Information Management (EIM)  What is it and why do we need it? Microsoft EIM, 3 technologies working together  DQS • Capabilities and Demo  MDS • Capabilities and Demo • SSIS  EIM=DQS+MDS+SSIS Questions
    • 3.  A data warehouse is a general structure for storing the data needed for good BI (Business Intelligence).  Data in a warehouse is of little use until it is converted into the information that decision makers need.  The large relational databases, typical of data warehouses, need additional help to convert the data into information.  In data warehouse we have two kinds of data and
    • 4.  Measures are the key performance indicators that you want to evaluate.  To determine which of the numbers in the data might be measures, here is a rule of thumb:   If a number makes sense when it is aggregated, then it is a measure. Examples  Salary  Utilization  Sales
    • 5.  Dimensions are the categories of data analysis.  Here is the rule of thumb:  When a report is requested "by" something, that something is usually a dimension.  Examples  Employee  Geography  Department  Products
    • 6. What is EIM – Enterprise Information Management The set of capabilities enabling the enterprise to get the right data to the right consumers, reliably, repeatedly, efficiently & with high confidence.
    • 7. SQL 2012 Enterprise Information Management Data Quality Services Knowledge based Data Cleansing and Matching Master Data Services Master and reference data Management Integration Services ETL and Data Integration Tool
    • 8. SQL Server Data Quality Services A knowledge driven Data Quality Solution
    • 9. What is Data Quality ?
    • 10. What is SQL 2012 DQS ? Data Quality Services (DQS) is a Knowledge-Driven data quality solution, enabling IT Pros and data stewards to easily improve the quality of their data
    • 11. Knowledge Bases • To prepare knowledge for a data quality project, you build and maintain a knowledge base (KB) that DQS can use to identify incorrect or invalid data. Domains • Knowledge in a knowledge base is maintained in domains, each of which is specific to a data field. Knowledge Discovery • A computer-assisted process that builds knowledge into a knowledge base by processing a data sample
    • 12. DQS
    • 13. SQL Server Master Data Services SQL Server Master Data Services provides a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications.
    • 14. Master Data People Things Places Abstract • Customers • Products • Stores • Contracts • Vendors • Organizational units • Wells • Warranties • Sales people • Recipes • Power lines • Time • Employees • Parts • Geo areas • Metrics • Partners • Storage bins • Warehouses • Securities • Patients • Documents
    • 15. Where is the real Boeing? Boeing Boeing Inc HR Doc Boeing (Renton) Aut_Boeing Boein’ Asset Mgmt Purchasing DB
    • 16. No single, trusted source of the truth No dimension maintenance capability Conflicting views of product, customer location, etc No system to maintain attributes Multiple stakeholders for the same record Inability to enforce data stewardship processes Inconsistencies cost – mistakes, incorrect reports, etc.
    • 17. MDS
    • 18. Conclusion Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) provides an a portfolio of solutions that enable organizations to trust the credibility and consistency of their data so they can make critical business decisions.
    • 19. Thanks EIM EBooks Master Data Services (MDS) Operations Guide Master Data Services Data Quality Services
    • 20. Stay Connected