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Karan Feder curriculum vitae

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Karan Feder Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. KARAN FEDER Professional Experience: Fashion Design -Karan Feder Hollywood Chief Designer/COO Karan Feder Hollywood designs, manufactures, markets and sells moderately-priced infant, children, tween and junior fashion and fashion accessories. The company received the Children’s Business International Fresh Face Award recognizing the best in new design talent and was nominated for the prestigious Earnie Fashion Award. The company’s products were featured at prestigious retail outlets such as Barney’s New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fred Segal, Hot Topic, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Karan has a comprehensive understanding of the entire development process from design hand-off through production including knowledge of costing, line development and production coordination. Karan supervised the following operational and creative duties: a. Design direction b. Trend forecasting and fabric and trim sourcing c. Management of global sales and production staff to deliver samples and product on seasonal deadlines and within appropriate budgetary guidelines d. Negotiation of costs, minimums and lead-times with factories in the US, Taiwan and Mexico e. Coordination of calendar deadlines and line plans f. Management of submissions of artwork, 2d samples, 3d samples and production samples including all findings, trimmings, fabrications and packaging g. Design, project management and production of tradeshow appearances h. Management of sales accounts, fulfillment operations and marketing efforts i. Development of print, online, cause and in-store marketing initiatives j. Execution of valuable product placement opportunities and editorial coverage in major fashion trade papers and consumer publications -Karan Feder Studio Chief Designer/COO Karan Feder Studio is a consulting studio specializing in design, product development and operations. Karan has developed product lines and marketing strategies for the following firms: a. Aliz International: Product concept and design development for the company's licensed handbags (Queen of Bling brand, Liberace brand) b. Curtis Enterprises: Design and development of the Tony Curtis licensing program style guides c. Curtis Enterprises: Design and production of 10X20' trade show booth at Licensing International Expo for the Tony Curtis licensing program d. Fame Farm: Design support for licensing agency's clients and manufacturers e. Get Fresh: Development of gift-pack packaging and sample production for company's luxury premium bath products f. Hot Sauce Harry's: Product concept, package design and sample development for a licensed food product (Tony Curtis brand) g. Kashi Kicks: Product concept and creation of sneaker designs for a licensed line extension (Liberace brand); development of marketing campaign for the collection; designed promotional POP display for Liberace Museum and for industry trade shows h. Kashi Kicks: Product concept and creation of shoe designs for licensed line extension (Elvis brand) i. Kashi Kicks: Product concept, design development and sample production of brand extension into children's market with the creation of children's sneakers; development of wholesale marketing strategy, campaign and materials Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com
  2. 2. 2 j. Liberace Museum and Foundation: Product development, pre-production and production for the company's new licensed product line: men's and women's T-shirts, handbags and beach towels. The products featured graphic art created by Karan based on photographic assets from the Liberace archive. k. Liberace Museum and Foundation: Created 2 conceptual book projects for the company's new licensed product line. Books featured graphic art created by Karan based on photographic assets from the Liberace archive. Both book projects were commercially published. l. Liberace Museum and Foundation: Design of 10X10' trade show booth at MAGIC for the Liberace Museum and Foundation's licensing program; booth received a Best Dressed Booth Award m. Liberace Museum and Foundation: project development, project management and production of a museum shoe exhibition (Outside the Shoebox, Liberace's Fabulous Footwear) n. Limited Too: Design of a small handbag collection to feature the company's private label bath and beauty products for retail in the chain o. Qassa: Product concept and package design for licensed novelty candle collection (Liberace brand) p. Shop Fun Soap: Product development and graphic art creation for licensed bar soap collections marketed in the gift market (Martin Kreloff brand, King of Bling brand, Queen of Bling brand, Got Bling? brand) Professional Experience: Marketing -Fame Farm Licensing and Marketing Creative Director/COO Karan is responsible for operations and creative direction of a full-service boutique licensing and marketing agency specializing in brand development and extension for celebrity, name brand and corporate clients. a. Identification, development, and execution of strategic brand marketing plans b. Licensee identification, development, and acquisition c. Identification, development, and acquisition of strategic brand partnerships d. Development of print, online, social media and cause marketing initiatives e. Copywriting for press releases, promotional materials, marketing materials, consumer product packaging, and consumer products f. Creation, execution and administration of unique promotional initiatives g. Executive management of the licensee product development and approval process h. Supervision of the administration of licensee contract negotiations i. Supervision of licensee consumer product quality control process j. Supervision of licensee contract compliance k. Management of creative consultations with licensees l. Development of graphic design assets m. Administration and distribution of graphic design assets n. Development of archival graphic design assets o. Administration and distribution of archival graphic design assets p. Tradeshow management, execution and solicitation q. Development of retail strategies and partnerships r. Product development s. Contract development and negotiation Professional Experience: Costume Design -Freelance work for various studios & production companies as a Costume Designer or Wardrobe Supervisor As a Costume Designer, Supervisor or Costumer, Karan was responsible for: Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com
  3. 3. 3 a. Directly communicating with producers and director b. Breaking down scripts to assess costume requirements c. Developing costume budgets and controlling disbursement of funds d. Planning the design and development of the costume stock e. Supervising hiring and distribution of costume personnel f. Overseeing the acquisition of costume area supplies, equipment and coordination of wardrobe related transportation g. Management of the day-to-day operations of the wardrobe department h. Establishing the physical environment of the wardrobe department on and off location i. Supervising wardrobe purchases, rentals and manufactures j. Design and quality of the costume stock and for delivering the stock on time and on budget k. Wardrobe continuity maintenance, tracking, and record-keeping l. Dressing of the actors accurately and on deadline m. A partial list of credits include: Costume Designer: Unsolved Mysteries, Love Street, The Disputation (received Drama-Logue Award) Wardrobe Supervisor: The Golden Girls, A River Runs Through It, An Enemy of The People, General Hospital, Empty Nest, The Wonder Years, The Mitzi Gaynor Show touring company -Freelance work for various studios & production companies as a Costume Technician Karan has worked as a professional costume technician for a number of top notch costume shops serving the entertainment industry. A few of Karan’s credits include: a. Ice Capades Costume Shop (I.C. Costume Shop): millinery, beading, hand stitching, machine stitching and walk-around departments b. Paramount Pictures Costume Department: millinery department building hundreds of turbans for the film Coming to America c. Universal Studios: hand stitching and machine stitching work on the Star Trek costumes for the theme parks d. Center Theater Group Costume Shop: hand stitching experience with dance costume for the American Ballet Theatre and the Schubert Theatre e. Additionally, Karan is experienced with the techniques of dyeing, aging and distressing. Professional Experience: Costume Collection Management -The Wisconsin Historical Museum Research Associate to Costume Curator Karan was responsible for restoration, research, and classification of historic apparel and fashion accessories. She was additionally charged with the related research, production, and staging required for the Museum’s highly regarded exhibitions. Awards and Honors -ASD/AMD's Las Vegas Gift Expo Unique Display Award: Award recognizing the best display at the Las Vegas Gift Expo Product Gallery Trade Show, 2005, Liberace Museum and Foundation -Children’s Business International Fresh Face Award: Honoring the best in new design talent within the children’s wear industry, 1997, Karan Feder Hollywood Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com
  4. 4. 4 -Drama-Logue Award: Honoring excellence in theatre costume design in the Los Angeles area, 1995, Karan Feder -Earnie Fashion Award nomination: Honoring excellence in accessory design within the children’s wear industry, 1998, Karan Feder Hollywood -MAGIC Best Dressed Booth Award: Honoring excellence in booth dressing at the fashion industry’s largest trade show, 2005, Liberace Museum and Foundation Community Service -Costume Society of America Social Media Committee Karan serves on the Costume Society of America's Social Media Committee and additionally serves as moderator for the Costume Society of America's Communities for the Study of Dress and Fashion Forum. She is responsible for membership, administration, maintenance, regulation and direction for the online subscription-based Forum. -Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Alumni Association -International Academy of Design & Technology Fashion Design Advisory Board Karan developed and produced the Board’s first community based initiative branded as the IADT Design Series. The IADT Design Series program presents professional business leaders and working alumni from the Las Vegas fashion, costume, and design industries in a series of practical and inspirational moderated seminars structured to prepare students for the business of design. Karan is active in spearheading initiatives that create unique interactive opportunities between the student and the industry professional. -International Academy of Design & Technology Fashion Merchandising Advisory Board -Liberace Museum and Foundation Costume Collection Care Manager In this volunteer position, Karan was responsible for the care and maintenance of the Museum’s costume collection. Karan developed and established the Liberace Museum’s integral Costume Collection Management Policy and was the guest curator for two original costume exhibitions mounted at the Museum. -Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women Victim Advocate and Counselor Karan served as a victim advocate during court hearings and volunteered as a victim counselor for the organization’s 24 hour phone hotline. -Southwest Career and Technical Academy Fashion Design Advisory Board Professional Associations Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com
  5. 5. 5 -Academy of Television Arts & Sciences -American Association of Museums -American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works -Costume Designers Guild -The Costume Society of America Software Proficiency - Adobe Photoshop - Black Magic (Specialty graphics editing for colorizing black & white photographs) - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft FrontPage -Microsoft Office - Microsoft Word Education -Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising A.A., Fashion Design Advanced Studies Program Honor Society -University of Wisconsin – Madison Liberal Arts Studies Research Interests -Classic entertainment and performance costume -Las Vegas entertainment and performance costume -Historic entertainment image archives Publications Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com
  6. 6. 6 Books: -Karan Feder and Michael Feder, Elvis: Your Personal Fashion Consultant, (New York, NY: Abrams Image, 2008) -Karan Feder and Michael Feder, Joy of Liberace: Retro Recipes from America’s Kitschiest Kitchen (Santa Monica, CA: Angel City Press, 2007) -Karan Feder and Michael Feder, Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant (New York, NY: Abrams Image, 2007) -Karan Feder and Michael Feder, Marilyn Monroe: Your Personal Fashion Consultant, (New York, NY: Abrams Image, 2009) -Karan Feder and Michael Feder, Star Wars: Punch Out and Play, (New York, NY: Abrams Image, 2009) Museum Exhibitions -Guest Curator: Outside the Shoebox! Liberace’s Fabulous Footwear, Liberace Museum (Las Vegas, Nevada) 2007 - 2008 -Guest Curator: Outside the Shoebox! Liberace’s Fabulous Footwear touring exhibition, Liberace Museum (Las Vegas, Nevada) 2008 - present Professional References Annette Cortorillo, VP Sales Berkley Cashmere Berkley.Annette@gmail.com Carole Fishman, President Carole Fishman Event Management Carole9@cox.net Rod Russell, President 88 Key Productions RodRussell@embarqmail.com Shelley Mansholt, Owner Shelley Mansholt Public Relations Shelley@MansholtPR.com Steve Hoagland, President American Standees SHoagland@AdvancedGraphics.com Karan Feder 10624 S. Eastern Avenue, A-766, Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA 310-592-2777 PT Karan@KaranFeder.com