The Birds
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The Birds






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The Birds The Birds Presentation Transcript

  • The birds
  • What do we know about birds?
    • Birds are vertebrate animals. They have a skeleton inside their bodies.
    • They are warm-blooded animals.
    • Their body temperature is constant.
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  • Protection
    • Birds have feathers to protect their bodies.
    • They have three kinds of feathers:
    • body feathers,
    • down feathers,
    • flight feathers.
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  • Movement
  • Breathing
    • Birds breathe through lungs.
  • Feeding
    • Birds feed on plants, other animals or both plants and other animals.
    • Special features
    • They have beaks, but do not have teeth.
  • Reproduction
    • Female birds lay eggs.
  • The Song Thrush
  • There are many kind of thrusts, but the song thrust is the best known. The song thrush has a brown back and a spotted breast.
  • The song thrush has a sweet voice. In spring you can hear its song early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
  • Feeding
    • Song thrush eats:
    • worms,snails,insects.
    • The song thrush has sharp hearing.
    • It listens for the movement of a worm under the groung and then swoops and picks it up quickly in its beak.
    • If the weather is mild, the song thrush begins to build its nest in February of early March.
    • It builds the nest in the fork of a tree.
    • The nest made up of roots, moss and grass.
    • The eggs are greenish-blue with brown spots.
  • The owl
  • There are many different kinds of owl. barn owl, towny owl, little owl
  • Barn owl
  • Tawny owl
  • Little owl
    • The owl has a flat face with large round eyes. It can see very well in the dark.
  • The owl’s body is covered with feathers to protect it from the cold night air.
  • The owl is a bird of pray, so it has sharp claws on its feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    • Owls are nocturnal animals.
    • They sleep during the day and hunt at night.
  • The owl does not built a nest like other birds.
  • The owl lays and hatches its eggs in a different ways from other birds.
    • The owl lays on egg at a time and sits on it for a few days before laying the next. So the eggs do not hatch out on the same day.
    • The owls ara called owlets.
    • They also eat rabbits, worms, incects and birds.
    • Owls are very useful birds because they kill a lot of mice and rats.
    • Owl hunt very quietly.
    • Their feathers are so soft that they make no sound when flying.