Rdm presentation john murtagh library conference sep 2012


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Rdm presentation john murtagh library conference sep 2012

  1. 1. Research Data Management at University ofthe Arts LondonJohn MurtaghLibrary Services Conference - September 2012
  2. 2. What is Research Data?The word “data” means differentthings to different people indifferent contexts.Different disciplines have and usediscipline-specific language aroundthe subject research data.Some people refer to everythingdigital as “data”. Others refer toboth analogue and digital materialsas data.
  3. 3. What is Research Data?ReuseIt can also be created byresearchers for one purpose andused by another set of researchersat a later date for a completelydifferent research agenda.ExampleCCTV footage may be archived (ordestroyed) by a security firm.However when used by aresearcher to study humanbehaviour or 21st centurysurveillance methods, the videofootage becomes data for thatresearcher
  4. 4. What is Research Data? • Research data is very much about when it is used as well as what it constitutes and the purpose for which it is to be used • Example A photographic image of an old building is an archived image. But when used by a researcher to study the history of a city, the image becomes data for that researcher
  5. 5. Why it should be managed?The management of research data isrecognised as one of the most pressingchallenges facing the higher educationand research sectors (JISC)• Research data generated by publicly-funded research is seen as a public goodand should be available for verificationand re-use (RCUK)• All UK Research Councils require theirgrant holders to manage and retain theirresearch data for re-use, unless there arespecific and valid reasons not to do so(RCUK)• Research data can also be the subjectof requests under Freedom ofInformation legislation or EnvironmentalInformation Regulations
  6. 6. The KAPTUR ProjectDCC Institutional EngagementKAPTUR will discover, createand pilot a sectoral model of bestpractice in the management ofresearch data in the visual arts18 monthsCollaborative(Goldsmiths, UCreative Arts, Glasgow School ofArt)Ends March 2013Various Outputs (environmental,technical, training)
  7. 7. Librarians: A skills gap?  Ability to advise on preserving research outputs (49% essential in 2-5 years;10% now)  Knowledge to advise on data management and curation, including ingest, discovery, access, Dissemination, preservation, and portability (48% essential in 2X5 years; 16% now)  Knowledge to support researchers in complying with the various mandates of funders, including open access requirements (40% essential in 2X5 years; 16% now) Research Libraries UK (2012) ‘Re-skilling for research: an investigation into the role and skills of subject and liaison librarians required to effectively support the evolving information needs of researchers’ http://www.rluk.ac.uk/content/re-skilling-research Research Information Network (2008) ‘Mind the skills gap: information-handling training for researchers’, London: RIN
  8. 8. A shift?“Building on existing competencies may only bepart of the picture”. Graham Pryor, DCCRe-skilling for research - observations on an RLUK reportA shift?Subject Librarians are entering a world “beyondinformation discovery and management,collection development and information literacytraining, to one in which they play a muchgreater part in the research process and inparticular in the management, curation andpreservation of research data”.
  9. 9. Further informationSlide 1 photo London Hatwalk by kenjonbroSlide 2 photo London Hatwalk by kenjonbro • Kaptur Project blogSlide 3 Banksy photo by nolifebeforecoffeeSlide 4 photo by David Lauder http://www.vads.ac.uk/kaptur/indeSlide 5 Beau Brummell – London Hatwalk by JohnMurtaghSlide 7 The Librarian by Giuseppe Arcimboldo • Twitter @UAL_Kaptur #kaptur_mrd #jisc_mrd • j.murtagh@arts.ac.uk