Rural & urban insight series ppt


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It is a toolkit for companies, academicians, management and students which can help them understand the distinct rural and urban characteristics of India at various levels include block & town & decoding the geographical heterogeneity of India.

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Rural & urban insight series ppt

  1. 1. Rural and UrbanInsight Series2013A strategic toolkit to decipherIndian geographies
  2. 2. What? A web based query F enabled database providing in- depth knowledge about the rural and urban landscape of India at For whom? granular level. Corporate Sector WHY? NGOs- Decipher the geographical heterogeneity of India International- Compare and contrast rural from Organizations urban areas- Rate and rank the territories to Government enable information based decision making Academia
  3. 3. About the ProductA web based query enabled database providinggranular information regardingmarket, economic, demographic and social aspects ofvarious geographic and administrative territories ofIndiaEnables comparison and contrast of rural vs urban atdifferent levels
  4. 4. FeaturesThe all-powerfuldatabase comes in a States •35web applicationformat with inbuiltreports at each Districts •640geographical levelenabling quickunderstanding of Blocks •5986important aspects forany district, block ortown at one click. Towns •7838
  5. 5. What all the Series provide?A rounded view of each geography by covering external & internal factors Draw comparison and contrast between rural and urban regions from broad to narrow level Analyze the targeted area on basis of demography, social and facilities Indices to indicate relative importance of an area against others Strengths and weaknesses of selected geographies and their market potential
  6. 6. Advantages and PurposesSolved
  7. 7. For Corporate sector Planning & setting targets Planning entry strategy for new markets Localizing the marketing efforts by looking at different kind of demographic, income & social parameters Sales benchmarking Planning the distribution networks Designing media and communication plans at micro level
  8. 8. InternationalOrganizations NGOs Understand the geographic socio- economic structure of India  Target poor districts, backward Target the under-developed areas rural areas requiring funds  Targeting socially deprived areas Facilitate quick research across multi-functional departments Facilitate in-depth territory- specific research Work as effective development analysis toolkit Drawing localized policies Taking strategic decisions
  9. 9. Government Academic Policy support  Enables knowledge based Track under-developed regions learning for students for fund allocation  Help in solving marketing Development analysis toolkit case studies for MBA Provide inputs to regional policy students planning process  Social science students – Decentralized planning learn about development Track inclusion and access aspects at granular level across regions  Help professors to Assess rate of human incorporate facts in their development lectures  Help professors in their consulting activities
  10. 10. Products and Services Penetration  Trends of consumption rates and ownership of a range of consumer goods and services across the rural and urban markets of 35 states of IndiaIndustry ItemsFood & Grocery Flour, breakfast & cereals, bakery, dairy, Chocolates/confectionary, salt & sugar, Cooking oils, beveragesToiletries Toilet soap, hair oil, shampoo, hair creamPersonal Care Toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, etc., powder, snow, cream, lotion and perfume, shaving blades, shaving stick, razor, sanitary napkinsElectronics Electric bulb, tube light, electric fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, water purifier,Cleaning products Washing soap/soda/powderFresheners incense (agarbatti), room freshener
  11. 11. Snapshot of the Web Application
  12. 12. Steps to Subscribe Visit us online product/ Read brochure Request demo Request
  13. 13. About Vijya Research &AdvisoryVijya Research & Advisory is a consulting firm based in Noidaserving the core objective of facilitating reach out to differentsegments of the market in most efficient manner. It has thusbeen working to evolve different knowledge products andservices which help in achieving this goal.The first step in this pursuit is to understand the diverse Indianexistence, in terms of, its geographical spreads, demographicstructure, consumer characteristics, business & enterprisemovement, etc. Our products & services are designed to servestrategic requirements of the companies as well as drawingmarketing plans and measuring the outcomes.