Nurture with Content: Accelerate the Middle of Your Funnel


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Presented by Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign, during Content Marketing Bootcamp San Francisco. #contentcamp

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Nurture with Content: Accelerate the Middle of Your Funnel

  1. 1. Nurture with Content:Accelerate the Middle of Your FunnelMeagen Eisenberg – VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign @meisenberg
  2. 2. The next 30 minutes§  What does your content funnel look like?§  What do you need to build out your content? §  People §  Technology §  Process§  Content development cycle§  Demo middle of the funnel content§  Measure of success§  Results
  3. 3. What does your funnel look like?Deliver the appropriate marketing mix at the correct buying stage to accelerate revenue Middle of the funnel Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement Advocate (Trial starts here à)
  4. 4. What do you need to buildout your content?
  5. 5. People§  Marketing §  Web team§  Sales§  Customer success & support§  Analysts§  Thought-leaders§  PartnersPeople Technology Process
  6. 6. Syndicate targeted content at the right stages§  Marketing Automation §  Targeting and Platform (MAP) personalization platform §  Marketing database §  Web form optimization §  Email platform and response §  Website optimization tracking §  Lead scoring and nurturing §  Sales enablement tools §  Website-activity for website triggered nurturingPeople Technology Process
  7. 7. Are your forms collecting the correct information fortargeted content delivery and nurturing?§  SiriusDecisions says 5 or less§  What are the key fields? §  Name §  Title §  Email §  Phone §  Company§  What are the necessary hidden fields? §  Industry §  Company size §  Location info (City, State, Country)People Technology Process
  8. 8. Why content delivery at middle of the funnel?•  Align sales cycle with buy cycle•  Reduce “lead wastage” – plug the leak!•  Notify sales when prospect exhibits “ready to buy” signals•  Move from trial to buy•  Cultivate prospects with longer term buying horizons•  Align resources to lead value People Technology Process
  9. 9. Content design and delivery isart wrapped in technology
  10. 10. Understand your content needs - map your buyer’s journey to your sales cycle Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement AdvocateRows1.  Buyer’s journey2.  Lead score and stage (A -> D, pre-qual, attempt, qualified, etc.)3.  Definition of your agreed stages with sales4.  Gates to get through for buyer5.  Content and tools to achieve next stage6.  Existing content, tools & resources7.  Identify content gaps People Technology Process
  11. 11. Mind the gap
  12. 12. Content development cycles§  How do you get content? §  Create vs. curate§  How do you use content? The Solution Sale §  Top of funnel – focus on buyer’s interest and thought- leadership such as third-party whitepapers, videos verses your product content §  Middle of funnel – case studies, peer reviews, demo/ experience, differentiation (ex. security), how-to videos and whitepapers for trial §  Late-stage funnel – product briefs, house whitepapers, why you are the best solution§  How often do you refresh it?
  13. 13. Perfection is attained, not when no more can beadded, but when no more can be removed. -Antoine de Saint Exupéry 1900-1944
  14. 14. Show me
  15. 15. Business trial content nurture experience
  16. 16. Business trial content nurture experience
  17. 17. Business trial content nurture experience
  18. 18. Business trial content nurture experience
  19. 19. Business trial content nurture experience
  20. 20. Business trial content nurture experience
  21. 21. Business trial content nurture experience
  22. 22. Business trial content nurture experience
  23. 23. Business trial content nurture experience
  24. 24. I would have written ashorter letter, but I did not have the time -Blaise Pascal 1623-1662
  25. 25. Content system to accelerate the funnel with content delivery programs Need Learn Evaluate Negotiate Purchase Implement Advocate (Trial and demo starts here à) ProTrial Biz Customer Welcome NARTrial Biz Customer Default Welcome EMEA BizTrial Default EMEA BizTrial EMEA Web Customer Department: Marketplace/Connector: NAR Pro Free DS for Salesforce RE/NAR Pro HR MS Dynamics Web-activity SugarCRM DS Ink triggered Industry: Box Mobile Rate + Review Google Drive Credit Unions Google Ent Apps Insurance Usage Rewards Education Alfresco Yahoo – coming soon HiTech Anti-churn: Connector base Banking Reengagement No usage (EMEA) Healthcare Lost to Low usage Competitor Developer CC Expiration DocuSign Confidential 25
  26. 26. Measure what matters – youcan’t manage what you don’tmeasure
  27. 27. Measure of success – what’s working and not?§  It’s NOT just Email analysis (A/B testingand email / content engagement) §  Opens, clickthroughs, form submissions, forwards §  Unsubscribes§  Was end goal of content/nurture programobtained? §  Did you increase trial conversions to buy? And reduce time to buy from trial? §  Did you reduce churn?§  Did you reduce the sales cycle byleveraging content?§  What opportunities were influenced by yourcontent assets? §  Measure opportunity revenue with campaign tracking §  Blind form submits
  28. 28. Results from smart use of content§  Lead and deal acceleration machine§  Marketing efficiencies – small group can operate at large scale§  Documented processes and robust reporting§  Growth in business - Increase in conversion rates, pipeline and revenue, reduction in churn§  Strong partnership between sales and marketing§  Marketing execution and input valued at the executive level
  29. 29. Content is King at all stages of the funnel, especially middle
  30. 30. Content Marketing Bootcamp February 21, 2013 San Francisco, Californiahosted by