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Php myths
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Php myths


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1. PHP Myths (Discuss about issues with PHP; Real and advertised) …

1. PHP Myths (Discuss about issues with PHP; Real and advertised)
2. How latest changes in PHP overcome them?
3. What are best practices and why it is important understand and follow them.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. PHP Reboot PHP Reboot 1 PHP Myth
  • 2. Special thanks to PHP Reboot 2
  • 3. Let me introduce myself PHP Reboot 3 Name: Kapil Sharma (Not comedian) Working in web technologies since 2004. Current: Tech lead at Ansh Systems. Hobbies: Programming, Dreaming. Vision: …
  • 4. PHP Myth What is Myth? PHP Reboot 4 A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. A widely held but false belief or idea.
  • 5. PHP Myth Common PHP Myths PHP Reboot 5  PHP is crappy and there are lot of crappy PHP Programs.  PHP is good only for web development.  PHP is interpreted language so it is slow.  PHP mix business and presentation logic.  PHP is insecure.  Development in PHP is slow.  You can’t scale PHP applications well.  You need to buy from Zend to make PHP work best.  PHP is not good at OOPs.  PHP is not good/sufficient for serious programmers.
  • 6. You are BAD PHP Reboot 5
  • 7. Why explanation PHP Reboot 6  As PHP developer, we ideally do not need to give any explanation.  However a student learning PHP or new developers might feel bad about them. Explanation is needed for them that they did not made any mistake by selecting PHP.  Explanation is needed to those stake holders who selected PHP as language for their product.  Explanation is needed to experienced PHP developers/ architects to remind them some of the possible mistakes that might be possible in PHP.
  • 8. What is Programming Language? And who we are? PHP Reboot 7  A programming language is just a tool to fulfill business requirements.  As programmer (regardless of programming language) your task is to solve business problem.  As programmer, we solve business problems by using tool (programming language) that fit best to solve problem.  If other language fit best to solve a specific problem, I recommend to go ahead and use that language.  So as programmer, defend PHP on valid points but do not offend any other language.
  • 9. PHP is crappy and there are lot of crappy PHP Programs PHP Reboot 8  Before we answer this myth, we must know PHP History.  Development started in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf for his Personal Home Page Tools.  1995: Open Sourced  April 1996: PHP FI (or PHP 2)  1997: Zeev Surakshi and Andi Gutmans begin rewrite.  1998: PHP 3. Renamed to ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’  1999: PHP 4 with Zend Engine.  July 2004: PHP 5  June 2009: PHP 5.3  March 2012: PHP 5.4  June 2013 PHP 5.5
  • 10. PHP is crappy and there are lot of crappy PHP Programs PHP Reboot 9  Disadvantages of being old language.  Lot of old books and old tutorial available on internet.  That old tutorial was correct at the time of writing but not now. However students and new developers are still learning from outdated tutorial.  This is the biggest concern for world wide PHP community. Our new members are learning wrong things.    Blogs  PHP-FIG  (Pune local PHP Community)
  • 11. PHP is crappy and there are lot of crappy PHP Programs PHP Reboot 9  Lets divide this myth in two parts: 1. Is PHP Crappy?  Depends on what is your definitions of Crappy.  Most of myths we discuss, falls under category of crappy.  To answer if PHP is crappy or not, lets go through remaining myths. 2. Is there lot of crappy PHP Programs?
  • 12. Is there lot of crappy PHP Programs? PHP Reboot 9  Unfortunately Yes.
  • 13. Is there lot of crappy PHP Programs? PHP Reboot 9  Unfortunately Yes. Reasons:  PHP is very simple and easy to learn.  That means; There are lot of amateur programmers.  Small companies, freelancer. (Lack of experience) Solution:  Conferences at global levels.  Free resources on internet.  Technical blogs, Twitter, Linked In.  Local meetups.
  • 14. PHP is good only for web development. PHP Reboot 9  This is fact but when PHP claimed otherwise.  PHP first full-form was ‘Personal Home Page’.  Is it a negative point? Not for me.  PHP does what it is supposed to do.  If you need desktop or mobile or embedded app or anything else, PHP is not for you.
  • 15. PHP is interpreted language so slow. PHP Reboot 9  Fact: PHP is interpreted language and interpreted language are slower then compiled language.  Myth: PHP is slow.  PHP was designed to be fast. With advanced technologies, execution time gap is reducing.  Again execution speed (difference of few milliseconds) matters for enterprise apps.  For enterprise apps, when you really need speed, PHP have many solutions to scale up your application.
  • 16. PHP mix business and presentation logic PHP Reboot 9  Myth  Yes it is possible to mix business and presentation logic in PHP but it is possible in other languages too.  Even though it is possible, PHP do not recommend that. PHP fully support MVC architecture and recommend to use MVC architecture.  So finally it depends on Programmer if he/she mix business logic and presentation logic. Solution:  We need to educate students and new programmers about it and PHP community is doing that frequently.
  • 17. PHP is insecure PHP Reboot 9  This is one of the biggest myth about PHP.  First understand, no thing is 100% secure on internet, regardless of programming language.  PHP provide all the tools to write secure web applications; as secure as possible in any other language.  So why there is security myth about PHP?  PHP did some mistakes in the past, which is not valid today.  One of biggest mistake of PHP was ‘register globals’.  Again this was not security vulnerability at PHP’s end but a potential risk which allow developers to write insecure program.
  • 18. PHP is insecure PHP Reboot 9 If ( isAdminUser() ) { $admin = true; } if ($admin ) { //load admin panel } Consider following code
  • 19. PHP is insecure PHP Reboot 9 If ( isAdminUser() ) { $admin = true; } if ($admin ) { //load admin panel } Consider following code Is there any issue with this code? NEVER TAKE ANY DECISION BASED ON VARIABLE WHICH MIGHT NOT BE INITIALIZED. 
  • 20. Development in PHP is slow PHP Reboot 9 Myth I say that myth but don’t know the source. Just a guess: Ruby on Rails or DJango (Framework in Python). Is that a fair comparison? Do not compare framework with programming language. PHP too have many frameworks, compare with them. One of the PHP strength is, you can develop applications in PHP very fast. Obviously you need experienced developers.
  • 21. Cant scale PHP application well PHP Reboot 9
  • 22. Need to buy from Zend PHP Reboot 9 Myth Zend is a company behind PHP. Like any open source company, they provide few solution to earn. Some major Zend offerings are: OP Code Cache. Support IDE (Zend Studio) Zend Guard (Obfuscation) Zend have products but they do not dominate market.
  • 23. Not good at OOPs PHP Reboot 9 Myth OOPs was introduced in PHP with PHP 5.0 in 2004 Yes OOPs support in PHP was not good at that time. By PHP 5.3, PHP developed very good OOPs support PHP 5.4 support traits, not still supported in many OOPs languages.
  • 24. Not good for serious programmers PHP Reboot 9 Myth PHP contributed maximum number of web based open source projects. Some of them are dominating in their respective fileds like: Joomla, Wordpress, Media wiki, Megento, SugarCRM (Just to name few) In my office, I work with many serious PHP programmers and communicate with many over internet. This is not a myth but rubbish.
  • 25. Is everything right with PHP? PHP Reboot 9 Do not shy, answer is ‘NO’ No thing is perfect in the world. Not do PHP. Yes there are quite a few issues with PHP. But what is most important PHP do what it is supposed to do and do it very well.
  • 26. If someone say PHP is bad PHP Reboot 9 Don’t be like that
  • 27. If someone say PHP is bad PHP Reboot 9 Lets Debate
  • 28. Real question PHP Reboot 9 Which programming language is better? How to become a better programmer?
  • 29. How to become better programmer? PHP Reboot 9
  • 30. How to become better programmer? PHP Reboot 9 Learning, study and most important; code. Share knowledge. Contribute to Open Source. Communicate with other developers. Read blogs. Remain updated with technology. Use twitter more then facebook.
  • 31. PHP Reboot PHP Reboot 9 PHP Reboot is an attempt to share news and new features of PHP and related technologies. My idea of doing this by regular meet-up like this one. Problem: We cant hold/attend regular meetups. Another way: share articles, news and tutorials through free PHP Reboot Magazine and blogs.
  • 32. Thank you PHP Reboot 9 Contact information Website: Twitter: @phpreboot Facebook: Email: Mailing list: