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  • 1. Ch. 12: Evaluation of Print Media
    • Classification of Magazines - Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) divides the publications into three broad categories based on the audience to which they directed .
  • 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Magazines as Advertising Media
    • Magazines (along with news papers) have been in existence as advertising media for more than two centuries.
  • 3. Magazine Circulation and Readership
    • Circulation
    • Readership and total audience
    • Primary sources of information on magazine audience are:
  • 4. Purchasing Magazine Advertising Space
    • What factors do you think will influence the price of the magazine advertising space?
  • 5. Newspapers: Classifications
    • Newspapers are the second major form of print media and represent the largest of all advertising media in terms of total advertising volume.
  • 6. Types of Newspaper Advertising
    • Display advertising
    • Classified advertising
    • Special ads and inserts
  • 7. Purchasing Newspaper Space
    • Information (e.g., size and characteristics) on newspaper audience are available from commercial research services (e.g., SRDS) and studies conducted by the papers themselves.
  • 8. Ch. 13 Support Media
    • Support media are referred to by several titles, among them alternative media , nonmeasured media , and nontraditional media .
  • 9. Out-of-Home Media
    • Outdoor billboards and signs, transit ads, station posters, and skywriting are just a few of the alternatives that can be used.
    • - Transit Advertising: inside cards, terminal posters, and outside posters.
  • 10. Promotional Products Marketing & Yellow Pages Advertising
    • Promotional products marketing
    • Yellow Pages Advertising - A Special Advertising
  • 11. Other Media
    • Where have you seen ads recently?
    • Product placements in Movies