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Recently we conducted a one credit course in Mount Carmel, wherein the students were exposed to a new way of learning using activity. The response we received was simply amazing.

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Mount Carmel

  1. 1. 2011iLearnMore 1.0 at Mount CarmelCollege (Autonomous), Bangalore Sparsha Learning Technologies STEP, IIT Kharagpur 3/11/2011
  2. 2. 2|PageiLearnMore was introduced in the Department of Electronic Sciences, Mounts Carmel College(Autonomous), Bangalore as part of a two credit course for the final year BSc Electronics students.The key course objectives for the students were the following – 1. Understand key concepts in Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics 2. Build circuits to apply the concepts 3. Improve problem solving and design skills in Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics 4. Build applications to integrate concepts with real life 5. Use virtual learning platform such as iLearnMore to learn 6. Participate in a student centric learning processThe course was conducted using simulation based learning methodologies and delivered using theiLearnMore platform of Sparsha. The students learning versions of ilearnMore customized for thecourse was installed in the simulation labs and every week the students in batches of two worked onmodules which were focused on understand, apply and design cognitive skills. 30 students and 3faculty members participated in the course. The pedagogy aware simulation content was speciallyprepared by Sparsha and reviewed by faculty of Mount Carmel College ( Autonomous ) included topicssuch as Active and Passive Filter design, Zener regulator design, CE Amplifier design, Wein bridgeoscillator design and digital electronics application such as design of synchronous counters andcounter decoding.For every module, a student went through the follow steps through iLearnMore. 1. Understand the underlying concept of each topic by following the learning wizard 2. Apply the concept by building the circuit as proposed by the learning wizard 3. Design and generate models for higher order problem solving 4. Take Assessments to test higher order thinking skillsThe learning wizard in iLearnMore guided the student through the above steps and the studentsparticipated in a real self-learning and discovery process. The entire process of learning was studentcentric with the teachers as facilitators and helping the students whenever required. Sparsha wantedto evaluate the course outcomes with the following metrics 1. Did the students understand, apply and design circuits in a fun and interesting? 2. Did the pedagogy help the below average, average and the above average students? 3. Did the teachers have to spend any extra time in learning the tool and delivering the course? 4. Was the entire learning student centric? 5. And finally would the students like such a methodology for their regular courses?At the course completion, Sparsha collected feedback from both students and teachers to measure theoutcomes. The collected data was analysed and the following results were established.Student Feedback Results
  3. 3. 3|PageTeachers’s Feedback Results
  4. 4. 4|PageThe results clearly showed that the intended course outcomes were achieved. The effectiveness wasproved by students when we asked them if they would recommend the tool to their friends. Notsurprisingly, they saidAbout iLearnMore and Sparsha Learning TechnologiesiLearnMore is a learning platform from Sparsha Learning Technologies which uses technology toincrease learning and retention in students and increase teaching, learning and assessment efficacyusing active learning methodologies.Sparsha is headquartered at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – Science and TechnologyEntrepreneur Park (STEP) and has an extended R&D center at PESIT CORI (Crucible of Research andInnovation), Bengaluru. Sparsha has support centers in Coimbatore, Pune, NCR and Madurai. ContactSparsha at for details.