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Designing A New Learning Environment - Final Project Assignment
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Designing A New Learning Environment - Final Project Assignment






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Designing A New Learning Environment - Final Project Assignment Designing A New Learning Environment - Final Project Assignment Presentation Transcript

  • ePub Based Micro-Learning ExperiencesDesigning A New Learning Environment: Final Project Kapil Apshankar | Stealth Lab | December 2012
  • 1. PremiseePub based micro-learning is based on some hypotheses:1. E-ink based e-readers will become highly available, affordable, mass market commodities.2. Every K-12 student in public school systems will be able to afford (and have) a basic e-ink e-reader.3. Classroom learning through conventional textbooks can be complemented and/or partially replaced by: • ePub based micro-learning experience • Micro-textbooks that can be adopted in a modular format throughout the academic year • Micro-learning experience will be more flexible and adaptable to students pace and needs • Micro-learning experience can help accelerate students’ learning • Micro-learning experience can be individually tailored to every student
  • 2. • E-ink based digital ebook readers (e.g.: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook) continue to fall in price every year. • They are also becoming more accessible, available, affordable and ubiquitous with every passing year.
  • Source: ZDNet• The same trend is clearly seen across all ebook readers.• A US$ 20 basic ebook reader could be a reality by Q4 2013.
  • 3. • ePub as a publishing format is becoming mainstream. • With tools like Calibre available, importing to and exporting from ePub format is now very easy • ePub documents render easily and consistently across all e-ink e-readers.
  • 4.• Self-publishing is considered as relevant a channel as big publishing houses• The next wave of self-publishing will be around liberating educational content, textbooks and classroom teaching/learning materials.• Courses offered on websites like Skillshare, Udemy and The Great Courses have already started the trend,
  • ePub based micro-learning will create a unique ecosystem…Create micro- Select andlearning content and customizetextbooks appropriate content for every student Authors Teachers Market My One place tracker for students, Place Learning teachers andFree and federated parents to trackmarketplace for progress, customizeePub content buying content and updateand selling devices
  • ePub micro-learning targets three audiences… Teachers• Create customized micro-learning for every student• Choose to replace and/complement conventional textbooks using ePub based micro-textbooks and learning content• Author micro-learning content that works for them and profit from their expertise and experience Students• Follow a highly customized trajectory and learning path through the academic year• Include subject areas that interest them• Prevent summer learning loss by staying connected with learning experience every day, through out the year Parents• Collaborate with children and their teachers in creating an individual learning plan every month• Help their children with the learning experience• Collaborate with other parents online
  • Relevance of ePub micro-learning in K-12 classrooms1. Every student will have a low-cost e-ink reader.2. ePub micro-learning can replace large textbooks with smaller, focused, modular learning content3. A wide spectrum of teaching/learning methods can be seamlessly stitched together using a single device – Flashcards – Textbooks – Summary sheets – Interactive quizzes – Cram notes
  • Example of a micro-learning experience 1. Modular text 2. Progressive images 3. Flashcards for new concepts, vocabulary and terminology 4. Summary sheet 5. Interactive quiz
  • Why ePub based micro-learning is better?• Low cost, affordable devices• Easy to maintain, easy to replace hardware• Zero-distraction learning environment – unlike high end tablets like iPad etc.• ePub based learning is content rich, unlike app-based learning• Teachers can create, publish and use content that works for them• Collaboration potential for teachers, students and parents• Free and federated marketplace for ePub content will bring cost of learning materials down significantly• Individual plan for every student which can be customized on demand• Real time progress tracking, updates and feedback for teachers, students and parents
  • Business Model Canvas for ePub Based Microlearning Experiences Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Customer Segments Relationships1. Active Teachers 1. Customizable2. Retired Teachers individual learning 1. Parents3. Industry Experts 1. Build ecosystem plans 2. Teachers 1. K-12 public school4. Subject Experts 2. Build dashboard students 2. Flexible, modular 3. Authors5. Graduate, Doctoral 3. Create marketplace 2. International learning 4. Students and Post-Doctoral 4. Create modular students Students micro-learning Experiences 5. Education Leaders 3. Students from low6. Parents content 3. Federated learning income families7. Students content creation 4. Students without 4. Potential inverted access to formal Key Resources classroom model Channels classroom education 5. Home-schooled 1. ePub uploads students 1. Low cost e-ink e- 2. ePub downloads 6. Accelerated learning reader device 3. eReader devices students 7. Differently-abled availability 4. Online dashboard students 2. Federated ePub marketplace 3. One-place dashboard Cost Structure Revenue Streams1. Paid micro-learning content for students 1. Subscription based micro-learning content model Social & Environmental Cost Social & Environmental Benefit1. Not applicable 1. Better enhanced learning experience for everyone http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com
  • How the ePub micro-learning experience ecosystem can evolve…• MOOC integration• Integration with existing learning content e.g. Khan Academy• Potential for creating social learning• Potential for creating a collaborative learning environment• 1:1 training, teaching, coaching and mentoring• Multiple languages, native language support