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save animals,be a compassionate citizen
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save animals,be a compassionate citizen

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  • 1. Be a Compassionate Citizen, Save Animals By focusing on specific animals, the general message of protecting endangered animals is conveyed through the slogans. With a slogan like "Panda Love," any of the endangered species which are trying to be protected by the campaign are interchangeable: "Bald Eagle Love," "Snow Leopard Love," "Tiger Love" and so on
  • 2. Report any instances of animal cruelty or neglect that you maywitness. Neglect includes dogs that are constantly chained up orleft alone in a yard or cats that are pretty much left to fend forthemselves. Report stray or injured animals to your local animal shelter. Ifpossible, pick up the animal yourself and call around to see if arescue or no-kill shelter might have room before turning the pet into a city shelter. There are alternatives to city shelters includingboarding facilities that will charge lower rates for rescued pets untilhomes are found for them and people who foster pets. See articleon stray animal rescue (bottom link in Resources below).
  • 3. Many species are endangered today because ofthings like destruction of habitats, introduction ofexotic species and overexploitation. You can help saveendangered animals by learning why they areendangered and volunteering your time or money tolocal or federal organizations that help endangeredspecies. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fundhave already brought many animals back from theedge of extinction. You can provide your ownconservation efforts to help save the endangeredspecies.
  • 4. Volunteer your time or donate money at local habitats. Thiswill help you learn more about the endangered animals and give you the opportunity to take steps in preserving their habitat.
  • 5. All slogans, regardless of whatthey are promoting orselling, need to be memorable insome way. Most should usually beshort and to the point, so theobserver gets it immediately orcan read it a couple of timesquickly, which will help it stick intheir minds. When it comes toslogans for savingendangered animals, slogans canbe created for all endangeredanimals or a specificendangered animal species thatthe campaign is trying to save.
  • 6. Be environmentally aware.Purchase products that donate a portion of proceeds to help save endangered animals and their habitats. Find outwhich large companies make donations to organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and purchase theirproducts. Avoid using products that use endangered animals or destroy their habitats.
  • 7. Sadly, animal abuse is something that will always exist--especially since there arentenough laws in place toprotect animals and stiff enough penalties for animal abusers. Thanks to theInternet, however, people throughout the world are being made more aware of abusive practices toward animals.
  • 8. It may also be a good idea to single out specific species to protect through slogans. "Save the Whales" and "Save the Spotted Owl" campaigns have worked in the past and they are very direct and to the point. However, there are many other endangered species that need slogans thrown behind their survival. "Panda Love" might work to protect certain animals we should be loving andtaking care of and forget that we need to be making an effort to do so. "Cutest Otter Ever" references a pop culture slogan while also pushing the message, which is an inventive way to draw people into the message of the campaign.
  • 9. Share your love for animals Share your love for animals and how to properly care for them with children and enlighten adults about abusive practices thatwe are generally kept in the dark about, so that one day it will be a kinder world for animals.
  • 10. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper about petoverpopulation and unwanted, abused and neglectedanimals. Bring their attention to local pet stores thatsell dogs (the overwhelming majority are frompuppy mills).
  • 11. Donate food, supplies, money and your time and support to local shelters/rescues and national or world animal protection organizations; encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same
  • 12. Adopt pets from shelters and rescues before buying from a breeder, andnever purchase a dog or cat from a petstore. There are two great websites forfinding your dream pet: Petfinder.com and Adopt a Pet.com. Both list thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits and more up for adoption throughout North America. Just put in your zip code and what type of pet youre looking for--its that easy.
  • 13. Be a Comapassionate citizen Save AnimalsSpay or neuter your pet. This is first and foremost forcontrolling pet overpopulation.Avoid purchasing products that were tested on animals anddont donate to organizations that do unnecessary animaltesting (see Resources below).Dont support the fur industry, reduce the amount of leatheryou use and refuse to buy products made from real ivory.Dont engage in or support hunting for sport.Dont attend circuses or rodeos that abuse their animals.Attend circuses that dont use live animals at all.
  • 14. THANKS