3D Direct Mailers


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3D Direct Mailers

  1. 1. <ul><li>3D Direct mailers </li></ul>
  2. 2. A direct mailer for the Retail Outlet Dealers of HPCL Racer 4 Lubes. Offering them to win gold. We have given it a look of a ‘Safe’ with a magnetic handle on it., which locks/unlocks it when rotated
  3. 3. A direct mailer for the Retail Outlet Dealers of HPCL Racer 2 Lubes. Offering them to win a holiday abroad. Mailer is actually a Photo Album. 4-5 photograph leaf are inserted showing foreign locations in the background. The outline of human figures leaves the scope og imagining himself there.as with blank space left in place of humans, also a dialogue box saying “wow what a great feeling” so that he can assume himself there
  4. 4. ‘ Nestle Food Services’ launched their new logo and new name to ‘Nestle Professional’. A direct mailer cum invite for the event. The theme was ‘Orchestrating a new symphony’ Each box contains a different miniature of musical instrument. Followed by a VCD which has a musical message of the Managing Director, with Guitar in his hand.
  5. 5. Diwali Greeting Card from Fenesta , makers of UPVC Windows and Doors. ‘Keep the world out’ is their key message. A very cost-effective interactive greeting card with simple die cut window in the centre. On opening it, the crackers (noise and pollution) turn into candle (light)
  6. 6. Fenesta invited some elite people with their family to ‘Golf Clinic’ followed by lunch An original Tee was sent to associate the mailer to the activity and yet keep it cost -effective
  7. 7. Invite for the launch of New ‘Audi A4 LED’. The unique feature of the car is a series of LED lights in the head lamps. We took these LED lights as an idea and pasted ‘American Diamonds’ on the picture of the head lamp . These showed through die cuts highlighting the USP- LED lights
  8. 8. A simple colorful invite with die cuts. Which turns in to a ‘Diwali Lantern’ when opened. Diwali Greeting Card from Fenesta , makers of UPVC Windows and Doors.
  9. 9. An invite for the theme party for the employees of Alcatel Lucent Theme was ‘The day of the Mask’ . Front cover had the picture of a mask with perforation. Which could be cut and worn like a mask.
  10. 10. Invite cum DM on the launch of Audi’s showroom in Gurgaon. ‘ No word in this dictionary can describe the driving experience’ was the key idea. Invitation details were on the jacket of an Oxford dictionary which was inside the box as a complimentary gift for invitees.
  11. 11. Nestle wanted a docket for its ‘NHW Conference’ to promote its nutrition Health and Wellness products among Doctors. Theme of the event was Symphony. Mailer also companied with a cd contains MD’s musical message.
  12. 12. Thank you