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Team building by kapileshwar kumar
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Team building by kapileshwar kumar


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this slide is about the impact of teamwork

this slide is about the impact of teamwork

Published in: Business

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  • 1. “ Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work”
  • 2. This research will subsequently help us to know how to evaluates ourselves as team and learn bemore productive towards organizational objectives. the members of the team will understand to promote partnership and work together to ensure that the team members more importantly and the service users are receiving the best quality if service it will allow to ordinary people to achieve extraordinary result
  • 3.  What are the difference between team & group
  • 4. Twelve tips for successful team building:• Clear expectation • collaboration• Contest • Communication• Commitment • Creative innovation• Competence • Consequences• Charter • Coordination• Control • Cultural change
  • 5.  Benefits of teamwork Characteristics of best team leader Characteristics of best team members Characteristics of effective team
  • 6.  How it can aid in decision making? How does it affect communication? What are the benefits of members? What are the benefits of organization?
  • 7. • Members care for one another• Members know what is important• Members communicate with one another• Members grow together• There is a team fit
  • 8.  What is team-building?• About team• About team ability What do it? Team are here to say The more team able, the better library
  • 9.  How to do it? Know the team Know what the team must do Condition the team for work
  • 10. Know the individuals skills and ability strength, weaknessKnow what the team needs to do Match talent to team purpose try it: course correctCondition the team for work coach individuals and the team mentor team condition
  • 11.  Develop a realistic assignment Match up team talent Provide effective leadership Secure adequate resources Coach individuals and team
  • 12.  Leadership styles that promotes team building is positively associated with Productivity profitability
  • 13.  Need commitment and cooperation of every employee Requires meaningful employee participation in planning, solving problems and developing ways to improve
  • 14.  Every employees has potential to be a leader Success often depends on your ability to be an effective team member
  • 15.  Employees are in a unique position to give guidance and support to their supervisor Bosses needs assistance and support to achieve success