Beginning python programming


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Basic overview of python for newbie

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Beginning python programming

  1. 1. Beginning Python Programming Kantesh Raj (@kanteshraj)
  2. 2. Quick QuestionName major programminglanguages taught at school orcolleges ?
  3. 3. According to my knowledge● C● C++● Java● PHP / ASP.NET (Few Places)
  4. 4. Then.... Why we need python?Lets do a simple activity for this
  5. 5. ActivityWrite a code for “Hello World”in any language you like, otherthan python
  6. 6. Hello World Program in C#include <stdio.h>main(){ printf(“Hello World”);}// No. Of Lines Of Code: 5
  7. 7. How many lines of code you wrote ?
  8. 8. Now,Hello World program in Python
  9. 9. print “Hello World”
  10. 10. What is Python?● Python is dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.● It was developed in 1991
  11. 11. Who is he?
  12. 12. Who is he?Guido van RossumCreator of Python
  13. 13. Python● Interpreter Based language● Designed to be easy to learn and master -> clear syntax -> Very few keyword● Highly portable -> Run on all platform(OS)● Large set of library -> libraries for huge number of software
  14. 14. Can Do● System Administration● GUI programming● Web Application● Database Apps● Scientific Application● Games● Android App development
  15. 15. Getting Familiar with python● Extension for python file : .py● For example
  16. 16. No Semicolonsprint “Hello Everyone”print 2+2
  17. 17. Indentation● File: print “Hello” print “World”● File: print “Hello” print “World”
  18. 18. No variable data type declaration x=5 print x print x*9● Python will do it for you :)
  19. 19. Input from keyboard● Function for that: raw_input()● It always return string type● Example: x=raw_input(“Enter number”) print x y=int(x)+2 print y print “the final value is ”+str(y)
  20. 20. It will make your work easy● bpython● ipython
  21. 21. Demo 1Program to take input from userand print “python is awesome”, ifuser enter number less than 5otherwise print “Hello ALiAS”.
  22. 22. Demo 2● Write a function for printing value from array using for loop.● Use above function in other program by help of import.
  23. 23. Demo 3● Program to create a file in python and write “this is python basic session.”
  24. 24. Demo 4● Python program for listing file in home directory
  25. 25. Where to refer ?● Python Website: documentation● Dive into python:ebook● How to think like a computer scientish: ebook
  26. 26. PyCon
  27. 27. Any Question ?
  28. 28. About Me● Name: Kantesh Raj● Twitter: @kanteshraj● Blog: Thank You