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  • I just found your Blog today and I am in awe. I work for a State Domestic Violence Coalition and do a great deal of adult education. I love the way you make your materials freely available. Thanks for your openness and valuable information.
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  • Things I Carry

    1. THINGS I CARRYBeth KanterMaster
    2. A master trainer creates curriculum, delivers training, and trainsother trainers
    3. I train nonprofit organizations around the world!
    4. I’ve Trained Nonprofits on Every Continent of the World!
    5. I been working in the nonprofit sector for 35 years and I love my work
    6. I trained trainers to deliver digital media training to nonprofits in the Arab World ….
    7. I had the pleasure ofmeeting amazing peoplefrom training participantsto the Princess of Jordan(I’m presented her with acopy of my book, TheNetworked Nonprofit.)
    8. I get to see amazing places in the world like the Dead Sea ….
    9. Learn about the different cultures
    10. My books and trainings get translated into other languages ….. Slow down Perfect Explain Jargon Korean & Portuguese Versions of my book
    11. Teaching Young Women in Rwanda Professional Online Networking
    12. Work with young leaders like Germaine and Favorite who want to use technology to make theircountry, Rwanda, a better place for women
    13. Learn from other Master Trainers like Rajens and Fernanda in India
    14. I’ve flown a lot ofmiles and travelledto faraway places… so what I pack inmy bag is essentialto my work ….
    15. Here’s what in my trainer’s bag of tricks…
    16. 1. My Book It is the content I’m teaching, plus I’m donating my royalties to send this young Cambodia woman to college -
    17. 2. Notebook, Pen, and Markers
    18. 3. Plug Converters
    19. 4. Clicker
    20. 5. Timers and Bells Sometimes you need back up …. Keeping time is important part of training and the bell is a speed geeking exercise I do …
    21. 6. Markers, Index Cards, Masking Tape, and Sticky Notes I design trainings for interaction and good learning experiences ..
    22. 7. Cameras My Olympus works in low light and my small Nikon is light to pack - also take photos and videos with my mobile phone
    23. 8. The Ugli Doll The Ugli doll is used for closing exercises – this ugli doll has been in the hands of nonprofit leaders around the world!
    24. 9. The Bag …. The bag was made by women’s cooperative in Cambodia – the sales of the bags help them earn a living and take care of their families ….
    25. Thank you! on TwitterTalk to me about facilitating atraining for you nonprofit!