Social Media Trainer's Bag of Tricks

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  • I love that picture with the tripod on top. The proverbial 'worth a thousand words'. You just keep on putting out the most timely stuff Beth. Thanks so much.

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  • Very timely - I’m working on a presentation now that I’ll be giving later this week, and I’m inspired! I’ll be incorporating that great idea: ask people to ID one idea that they will implement when they get back to the office, and what they will need to know in order to do it successfully.

    One other thought would be to ask participants to check back in with the wiki/community about their experience implementing the idea once back at the office. Seems like it would close the learning loop, and help others learn as well. What do you think? Other ways to ask folks to share their post-workshop experience?
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  • This work is very interesting ! Very good information! Thank you for his sharing. Greetings . :-) Bernard
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  • For those of you are “novice” – you might find some of this hard to digest in a webinar setting. And for those of you who are expert or advanced, you might find this session too basic.So, for those with experience, please share what you know in the chat/backchannel. For novices/beginners, please ask questions.
  • A couple caveats – I created a webinar wiki – that has my slides and links to resources. I included some excellent tutorial links – screen casts – so you if you want to get granular about how to set up and deploy some particular tools – it’s there for you.
  • We could probably have a huge debate as to whether we give laptops, smart phone, or social media in the classroom a pass or fail. There are different views for sure. But some have found that access to the web and by extension social media can enrich classroom discussions. It’s individualized to the learning style and the learner.
  • are definitely benefits to using social media and the various techniques I’m going to share – like the backchannelMeasure the temperature in the room and adjust as you goTools like Twitter and Delicious help you harness the wisdom of the crowds for case studies, examples, and links – makes your research more streamlinedHelps you extend the learning – before, during, afterwardsAfterwards is particularly important because you’re helping participants to what they learned into practice.That


  • 1. The Trainer’s Social Media Bag of Tricks Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  • 2. My passion is teaching and learning …. Photo by Steve Goodman
  • 3. Social Media Engaging Content in many places Crowdsourcing network Sharing Conversations Fundraising Learning and content creation
  • 4. Beth Kanter, CEO, Zoetica
  • 5. What We Will Cover 1. Can social media really enhance training for learners and instructor? 2. How to think like a social instructional designer 3. My 6 favorite social media tools for trainings and a few secrets to using them What we are not going to cover!
  • 6. Quick Poll • What’s your level of experience using social media? Overcoming Goldilocks Problem
  • 7. Quick Poll • What’s your experience designing and delivering trainings?
  • 8. Twitter hashtag: #engage365
  • 9. Why do most training fail?
  • 10. More Engaging, Pay More Attention, Improve Retention
  • 11. Access to the web/social media can enrich classroom discussions Not everyone believes that is true Not scientifically proven Individualized to the learning style and learner
  • 12. Social media can help you be a more an effective instructor!
  • 13. How To Think Like A Social Instructional Designer • Audience/Lesson Plan Before • Materials development • Instructional technique During • Reading the room • Evaluation After • Leave behinds
  • 14. Quick Poll • What social media tools have you used as part of trainings?
  • 15. Google Forms • Online survey to spreadsheet tool What • Easy to collect info • Create private browsing page Why • Pre and Post Surveys • Shareable Class List Apply
  • 16. Delicious • Social bookmarking sites – your browser favorites available to everyone What • Harness the wisdom of the crowds when researching – saves time Why • Easy to share and collaborate • Research and materials development Apply
  • 17. Easy to share and collaborate
  • 18.
  • 19. Easy to share and collaborate
  • 20. Leverage Wisdom of the Crowds for research
  • 21. Wiki • Wiki: An editable web site What • Easy way to create a hub for your training materials • Be more green – less paper copies Why • Living resource – learners can participate • Electronic flip chart • Materials Apply
  • 22. Solo space or shared space Private or not Basic Layout/Information Design
  • 23. Solo Space: Wiki Portfolio
  • 24. Workshop Hub
  • 25. Electronic Flip Charts
  • 26. • Slideshare: A social network to share slides. What • Connect with SME • Don’t need to start from scratch Why • Easy to share your decks • Distribute Slides • Research for materials development Apply
  • 27. Very rich source for research because you can view decks from conferences, colleagues, and other SME in your topic.
  • 28. • Social network site What • Ease of use, speed Why • Quick research Apply • Back Channel during session
  • 29. The Backchannel is a live chat during a workshop or presentation. Twitter is often used for this purpose, but so are online chats.
  • 30. Some tips from the book: 1.) Plan your key points as tweets 2.) Ask someone to be your backchannel advocate if you find it distracting to speak and tweet 3.) Use a hashtag and aggregator 4.) Take Twitter breaks to review responses 5.) Listen to what is being said and respond 6.) Incorporate the use of Twitter into an learning exercise: If you’ve used Twitter as a backchannel, what’s your best tip? #engage365.
  • 31. • Digital cameras and online photo/video sharing and live streaming What • Creates content for future workshops Why • Improve practice • Documentation of workshop, learning process, and promotional Apply
  • 32. Tips •Don’t use a vacuum cleaner approach • Document process and ah ha moments • Video interviews of how people will apply what they learned • Hand camera to eager student
  • 33. Social Media tools can be really useful in the trainer’s tool bag, but it also changes your practice -Fully research audience -Make your instructional concepts more social media friendly -Plan for engagement -May need to improvise your delivery more and be flexible to tweak in real time Integrate one new tool/technique a month
  • 34. Book Giveaway
  • 35. Thank You! Beth’s Blog